Music for 4/14/21!!! Syd, Masabumi Kikuchi

@@@ Syd: Missing Out (Sony, 2021) I got to this via the UK music mag Crack Magazine. Major label electro so I’m expecting the full cheese explosion in the chorus. It opens with a delicious thick slice of pie of synth over which Syd does a breathy, dare I say classy horny singing performance type thing. The chorus is not kicking out the cheese, it’s goes into a ‘you’re missing out’ mantra thing. Lots of Prince feels here and I dig the sounds but I could use a little more in the arrangement. Hey that’s just me. For a major label this is quality. I don’t need a lot more, I’m not a greedy bitch but a bit more would be better for me.

@@@ Masabumi Kikuchi: Little Abi ( , ) I saw this Japanese jazz musician shouted out on the twatter. Oh typical internet bullshit. There’s a posthumous record of this musician coming out and I’m listening to the pre-release track called Little Abi but I can’t find it on the GooglePimpTube. Not that they’re obligated GooglePimpTube, lord knows they have a lot to do to destroy the world. It’s a solo piano jam and it’s pretty straight and contemplative. The playing is impressively light in touch and without putting anything perjorative into this statement it’s really nice background music. I’m more a fan of foreground music, music that grabs you and pulls you in.

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