What I don’t like about Kirsten Gillibrand

From the New York Times:


So Gillibrand is using a feminist bent to her campaign for President and I applaud that.

I do not applaud what she did when she was working for high end law firm in NYC long before she became Senator.  I think this shows some ethical weakness, working on behalf of the tobacco industry.

I don’t like this it all and I don’t think it’s sexist or unfair to criticize her for this.

And, in conclusion, all candidates should be fairly and equally criticized for their actions.  It doesn’t matter their gender, class, or race, if you want that job you should have your shit hung out and discussed.

The Soul of a People Side 1 (MP3)

More old school Jewish music for Chanukah 2012, out on Time Records, no date.


Side 1:

I Love You Much too Much
Vus Geven is Geven un Nitu