Ahem, is Elon Musk the only one who thinks he’s above the law?

From CNBC:


Here we have a situation where laughable double standards apply.

We’re looking at the possibility that our President conspired with a foreign power to influence an election and this financial reporter (who loves Trump!) is shitting on Musk for smoking weed on a podcast and for arguing with analysts on conference calls.

One of my main points against Obama’s Presidency is how he contorted the law and conducted a secret death robot war in many countries across the globe.  How can law allow a country to lob missiles at people whose names they don’t even know?  How is that not acting above the law?

I’m more than open to holding Musk accountable but there should be some perspective and some holding of others accountable as well.

Even some Wall St folks think Wall St. is tanking the market for their own agendas!

From CNBC here:


They want a weaker outlook to serve their political or economic agendas.  They’re tanking the market to keep interest rates from continuing to go up.

Wall St. hates tariffs and they want them to stop.

Wall St. stock investors hate higher interest rates and they want them to stop rising.

And they can crash the market to get what they want.

Wall St has made up a slow down to force Uncle Sam to stop raising interest rates

From CNBC:


Rising interest rates cost consumers but they cost investors more.

There can be no continued blowing of stock bubbles when interest rates are making other investments more attractive so they’re making up a slowdown for their own self-interest.

If you think this is some sort of conspiracy or fantasy, ha!

These motherfuckers will say or do anything to keep their pockets full.



Fuck you, Cuomo, you thug ass piece of shit re: Amazon!

From Crain’s Business here:


Regular readers know of my great love for Andrew Cuomo.

He is such a great man, kind, compassionate, and most of all, compassionate.  He cares so much he tries to hide it beneath his loving scowl.

I’m sure he would never end run the democratic process for Amazon — would he really blow the Bald Vampire when he loves Joe Sixpack so much?

It’s hard to conceive of.

Pelosi made this Obamacare boondoggle that she crows about constantly!

From the Twatter:


Finally somebody brings up the the worst part of Obamacare — a bunch of deceptive ‘agonizingly similar’ healthcare plans all designed to screw you over.

Forever time consuming, overly complicated and something created by Pelosi and Obama and all their cronies.

It’s a total crock of shit.