Regardless of your view on Trump’s entertainment value, the Orange Chaos Pig will rip you off or even kill you, no doubt.

From Business Insider:

He made it pretty clear he doesn’t give a fuck. Proudly he doesn’t give a fuck, so the idea of allowing companies to dump employees off their insurance is part of the not giving a fuck lifestyle.

It’s not called a maximum wage! We know dis.

From Business Insider:

Well, the .5% of people who control that minimum wage don’t really give a fuck whether 80% of Americans think the federal minimum wage is too low until their houses are in danger of being burned down.

$7.25 minimum wage in the USA in 2021? Positively fucking midieval.

Trump fucking blows but it wasn’t all his fault!

Well, well, well.

One might want to look into the collapsing media industry trying to keep itself afloat economically by ramping everybody up on a team sports version of politics.

Trump called it fake news, but it’s more than that.

So fuck Trump and I hope his racist ass drops dead yesterday but not everything in our society is his fault.

Semiconductor companies ask Uncle Sam to fix their outsourcing fuckup.

From Yahoo News:

This seems a bit fucked. I wouldn’t mind if normal people were getting substantial funding to stabilize their financial condition and increase their economic opportunity, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be minimal there.

Also, nobody made these companies outsource all their production and nobody made them mistakenly think that supply chains in and out of Asia were going to be fine forever.