Fake news/propaganda is caused by capitalism — why is this never mentioned?

From a survey of folks in the journalism game here:


The drive to survive as a journalism company creates pressure to grab headlines and sensationalize stories.

Trump is a victim of fake news as well as a primary driver of fake news because he’s a lying bitch.

Nobody, nobody is talking about how have a for profit media is altering the flow of information in our society.

Because everybody in America thinks capitalism is the best ever and can’t ever be criticized.

Has Bezos’ affair pussy given him the vapors?

From CNBC:


So it’s almost 239,000 miles from Earth to the moon and we’re gonna make all the shit we need and bring it back to Earth?

Homie needs some oxygen.

Are we going to ship millions of laborers to the Moon and feed them, house them and then ship all the shit to make our shit and then ship the finished shit back to Earth?


I don’t think people should buy shit from this guy, he’s out of his mind.

Look at all those fees!

From CNBC here:


Some Americans are forced to use their high interest credit cards to finance health related bills.

Other Americans are just dumb and lazy as $113 billion a year is more than a wheelbarrow full of money.

This all sounds very nerdy but the balance of power between various classes of our society comes out of whack when that much money gets sucked out of one bunch of folks into the pockets of another smaller, more predatory bunch.

Good ol’ Corporate Joe Biden! Wall St. loves him!

Headline from CNBC:


Somehow mainstream Dems have forgotten to tell Americans that Obamacare was designed to help people and be profitable for insurance companies at the same time.

In order to do that they made this crazy ass box of band aids called Obamacare which has some strengths but also many weaknesses.

So Wall Street is for Obamacare over Medicare for All because healthcare remains a profitable sector of our society.  I protest that and think caring for Americans’ bodies is a duty of the government and a societal responsibility.

Uncle Joe is gonna make the healthcare funds flow!