You just grab a cruel bullshit idea and you ride it and ride it and ride it!

From Business Insider:


And what if it is true and some folks can make more on unemployment than working??  Well billionaires have done very well during this crisis so why shouldn’t others?

It’s some old ass Puritan idea from a bunch of former slaveholders to shame and jawbone ordinary people to work work work work whether it’s safe, whether it’s profitable, and anything that stands in the way of that must be destroyed!

Fuck Mitch McConnell.

No masks, no economy! Americans don’t want to live.

From the New York Times:


Look at that 43% jump in deaths on average in the last 14 days.

What can you conclude besides the idea that a lot of Americans don’t have much to live for and would rather risk it for a day at the beach than stop spreading this disease and cratering society’s economic future???

The sketchy ass police/law enforcement on the bridge into Troy, NY on June 7th were bulletheaded fuckers.

From the Daily Gazette:


We parked across the river from the Troy protest and walked over to Riverfront Park in Troy.  The town across the river from the bridge we walked over is Watervliet, NY.

The above excerpt is correct in saying there was no overt police presence at the Park, but on the Watervliet side of the bridge there was a huge police presence.  They looked to be county police, but they made no efforts to identify themselves.  Some were dressed in camouflage which is fucked.  Some of them wore military helmets and you could see in the parking lot near where they were posted they had vehicles with all sorts of military weapons in them.

The cops themselves were aggressively fucking with peaceful protesters going to the protest.  Some dude who wouldn’t identify himself was saying the whole bridge was going to close including to foot traffic.  They said there were two other bridges each a mile on either side of the bridge and they said those might be closed to all traffic including pedestrians.

Total fucking lies.  Some 65+ year old lady freaked out when she heard this dude say this and ran to repark her car to factor in this bullshit.  We watched the bridge from the park where we were assembled and it never closed to foot traffic.  They were just being dicks.  None of the other bridges were closed, they were just being dicks.  If a law enforcement official hit this page they should realize what an absolute collection of fascist meat somebody put up on their bridge.  They rolled out a couple giant snow plows and blocked vehicle access in one direction into Troy.  It looked fucking pathetic and stupid and racist.

This is only bringing sympathy to the protests, it’s the same shit the NFL did with Colin Kaepernick, flip the fuck and prove the point of the original protest.

Fuck these police and fuck the people who put them up there.

The adventures of stingy cock Bezos continue!

From Business Insider:


I guess this bald bitch just doesn’t understand how shitty this looks.  I hope somebody beats some sense into this asshole with a 2X4.

Partly because he has a hive full of devoted assholes acting just like him, stingy techno fuckers, fuck you.

I don’t think I would piss in Bezos’ mouth if his throat was on fire.

I hope protesters are ready for a tsunami of propaganda as to why economic justice is pie in the sky!

After the charges are filed against cops in Minneapolis and some sort of uneasy peace will emerge between law enforcement, politicians and protesters discussions will turn to economic justice.

And that’s when shit is going to get very sticky very fast so I hope whoever is leading these protests is able to fight back against very cynical propaganda from finance and economist types.

For example, a lot of African American jobs were displaced when manufacturing was shipped overseas and a lot of African American wealth was destroyed by financial fraud in the first decade of this century.

The protests and discussions over these topics will not be conducted with honesty by the people who made it happen.

Quote of the day! re: prey for billionaires!

From here:

I think Jeff Bezos is going to offer the COVID-19 test as part of Prime membership. I think that’s where we’re headed. So you’re right. It’s kind of scary to think that the University of California used to be relying on the generosity of California taxpayers and the vision of the regents of UC. And it might end up that they rely upon the generosity of Satya Nadella or Tim Cook.

The problem with the billionaires is that many of them are damaged human beings.  Elon Musk, though I’m a fan of Tesla, appears to be a damaged human being a lot of his shit doesn’t make sense.

Jeff Bezos appears to have the emotional intelligence of a 3 year old.

I don’t want these pieces of shit in charge.  Look at the damaged piece of shit in the White House and tell me there isn’t a cost to having a damaged fuck sitting in seats of power.

The world’s richest man is a stingy cock!

From Business Insider (I think):


Begging the question how much loot does this bald bitch need?

Really, he could purchase a little goodwill for once but no, he’s gonna pick nits every fucking time to build his fortune which is already historically massive.

He’s like that fucking dragon in the Hobbit, Smaug, but just ugly ass and bald.