Software that misidentifies black folks — that’s a feature and not a bug!

From the Guardian:


I don’t know if this is Amazon software that is making these ‘mistakes’ but they are balls deep in this technology which is another great reason to stop doing business with the bald vampire and his ill bitch henchmen.

Misidentifying and punishing the wrong black people is a long ass tradition in America as it helps those in charge keep all the brown folks in line.  Imagine living with the fear that you could be arrested and convicted on software that incorrectly identified you — how do you fight back against that?

It’s total 21st century American techno-fascist bullshit.

NFLer Eric Reid is correct, Jay Z is despicable

From the interwebz:


I only wish white folks would take out the trash the way Eric Reid is doing here with Jay Z.  Jay has shown his true colors here and it’s not black and white, the shit is green and he will put green over black any day of the week if he’s allowed to get away with it.

He’s a fucking green supremacist.

Speaker Pelosi continues to sling her centrist, needle threading bullshit

From the Twatter:


Boy I don’t think she could have been much softer with Giant Penis Netanyahu, oh sorry, Giant Racist Penis Netanyahu.  The great State of Israel, a quasi-apartheid nation with anti-democratic racists in charge.  All in all it makes sense to soft peddle the Israeli government, they’re so cool and reasonable.

And she gets a couple of half hearted kicks on the Orange Skull.

All in all an old lady’s performance with very little fire and satisfaction to be had.

Netanyahu and Co. now caught up in their racist, petty, anti-democratic web of bullshit!

From the Daily Beast:


Really?  It wouldn’t be embarrassing to Israel if they weren’t so busy blowing Trump and engaging in racist, high school bullshit.

Why should she kiss the ring in the way that Trump and Netanyahu want?  Much better to make them look like the bully ass punk bitches they are.