Translation: Once you share with friends publicly Facebook can pimp you however they choose!

From the Intercept here:


Major league balls these assholes have at Facebook, major league balls.

This stinks of a barely concealed ghetto hustle.  They want you to share with friends because it’s supposed to make the world a better place but the truth is they want you to share with friends so they can pimp your ass to corporate advertisers.

With all the shit swirling in the Great American toilet Chuck Schumer picks the most important issue of all!!! #noballs #clueless

From the Huffington Post:


Of course, I want soccer players to get paid.  However, having non nutjob federal judges is much more important and so is impeaching the Pumpkinheaded Bitch.

I have this vision of Chuck Schumer in his office with the doors locked and his hands over his ears chanting ‘I can’t deal, this is too much, Mommy help me’ over and over again.