Trump should read the Bible instead of wiping his ass with it!

From the New York Times:


I’m not a huge Bible guy but I don’t see anything in there that supports Trump, his actions, the actions of his religious supporters, none of it.

Cruelty, no love for his fellow man, helping the weak, lifting your brothers and sisters up, sharing, etc.

None of it, it’s an empty symbol in the hands of an empty man and those religious people out there are following a man who believes in nothing but his own power and glory.

Bill DeBlahBlahBlahsio plays both sides and gets the love of neither side.

From USA Today:


I believe DeBlasio really screwed the pooch trying to say protesters were at fault for cops driving a vehicle into a crowd.

Not a great look, but since the very beginning of his tenure in NYC DeBlasio seems intimidated and bullied by the cops.

DeBlasio is the sort of pretend liberal who when push comes to shove shits his diaper and doesn’t really want to bring on the change.  He vowed to end stop and frisk but it’s still happening and it’s called something else.

Sometimes the cops are wrong and need to be held responsible.

Lil’ Trump blower Sen Tom Cotton — I say no quarter for fascist douchebags.

From Huffington Post:


“No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters,” the Arkansas Republican senator tweeted

Fuck this douchebag bigly.  Why doesn’t he get in the crowd and suppress it himself?  See how that goes.

Between this dude and Rand Paul who is a whole nother flavor of dickwad, Trump is growing quite a garden of fascist idiots who want to cash in on his bullshit.


White supremacy and social control is run by crazy white people lies like this one!

From the interwebz:

Crazy white people shit.

These fuckers, and this fucker Winklevoss is a Harvard educated fucker who knows fellow propagandist Mark Fuckerberg and all of this brouhaha about fact checking and fake news and lying is super important.

How do you control people?  You lie to them.  How did Donald Trump win the election in 2016?  Whipping shit up with crazy ass propaganda related shit like Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor in Washington DC.

When Trump says mail in voting creates voter fraud and it’s unfair to Republicans he’s using unproven conspiracy theories to advance his political agenda and Mark Fuckerberg is allowing it.

The ruling class needs to keep lies and bullshit legal, it’s an essential part of the system.



This Hong Kong official is a fucking lying stooge! #FreeHongKong

From the interwebz:


This is bullshit.  The protests in Hong Kong have been massive with popular support across all generations.

This is a classic move used by people in power all over the world — a few bad apples, and we’re just taking care of a small number of terrorists.

Saudi Arabia does this, China does this, the U.S. does this….

I hope a bad apple beats the shit out of this clown.

Super rich douchebag Zuck continues his fake ass, trash march dragging us into the toilet.

From the Daily Beast:


He got paid tens of millions to get Trump elected.  He built a huge corporate spying machine for corporate America.  He has now morphed into some demented crackhead defender of free speech, a la Alex Jones.

Who would want to be in the same boat as Alex Jones?

This fuck is a classic whitey — delusional as fuck, making tons of money while he thinks of himself as virtuous.

Total fucking trash.