Real Rare Red Volume 2 Side 1 (MP3)


Side 1:

Milenberg Joys
Milenberg Joys
Milenberg Joys (Alternate Take)
If You Hadn’t Gone Away
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Chinese Blues (Alternate Take)
The Girl Friend
Hello Aloha! How Are You?
State Street Shuffle
Lulu Belle


The Dogon Duo re-issue

I’m remixing and remastering a 2005 session with Andrew Lamb and Warren Smith.

I’m serially releasing it on Bandcamp.  Each week I will put up a new track for folks to download for free.  After a week I will make the free track for sale and put up another free track.

This was a duo sax/drums record done in a small cathedral here in Brooklyn NY.


The Rarities: So Rare Side 1 (MP3)

Sweet Adeline International Champions, 1970.


Side 1:

Fine and Dandy
Song of the South
All Aboard for Dixie Land
My Man
Do You Know the Way to San Jose
I’ll Never Stop Loving You
For All We Know


Coach: Lyle Pilcher
Tenor: Jarmela Speta
Bass: Carol Schoening
Lead: Connie Garcia
Baritone: Christine Huebschen

Sylvain Leroux: Quatuor Creole (Review)

Purchase here if you feel the urge:

Exerpt from review here:

“The band works together for a lively Afro groove that will appeal to all with a sense of time. The quartet format gives it an intimate quality but the music rollocks and rocks steadily with tribal and Afrobeat influences front and center.

Sylvain sounds convincing and very together on his instruments; Karl Berger is right there with nicely ethnic touches and his good sense at piano as well as expectedly rangy and compelling vibes; Sergo Decius plays very hip congas and hand drums, making this session pop; and Matt Pavolka gives the groove that all-important woody bottom with taste, drive, dexterity and a nicely fat tone.”


Papa John Creach: I’m the Fiddle Man Side 2 (MP3)

Poem by Charlie Daniels on back cover:

As young as this morning
As old as the hills.
Rising, falling, running, crawling. A shout and a whisper,
the black, the white and the blues, the colors of his rainbow,
torrents and mist, corn whisky and champagne, catfish and
caviar, Blue Monday, Black Friday, Sunday School and poolrooms,
Barbeques and banquets.
Pull the bow across the strings — my hat is in my hand.

Side 2:

I Know Where I’m Going
You Left Your Happiness
Fiddlin’ Around

Papa John Creach: I’m the Fiddle Man Side 2


Nashville Steel Guitar Side 2 (MP3)

Featuring Pete Drake, Little Roy Wiggins, Don Helms, Jimmy Day, Herbie Remington and others.

Side 2:

Ting a ling  (Little Roy Wiggins)
Liberty Drive  (Jimmie Day)
Southern Sunday (Pete Drake)
Wiggins Wiggle (Little Roy Wiggins)
Theme Time (Don Helms)
Steel After Hours (Pete Drake)
Steel Guitar Special (Al Petty)