Real Rare Red Volume 2 Side 1 (MP3)


Side 1:

Milenberg Joys
Milenberg Joys
Milenberg Joys (Alternate Take)
If You Hadn’t Gone Away
Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Chinese Blues (Alternate Take)
The Girl Friend
Hello Aloha! How Are You?
State Street Shuffle
Lulu Belle


Sylvain Leroux: Quatuor Creole (Review)

Purchase here if you feel the urge:

Exerpt from review here:

“The band works together for a lively Afro groove that will appeal to all with a sense of time. The quartet format gives it an intimate quality but the music rollocks and rocks steadily with tribal and Afrobeat influences front and center.

Sylvain sounds convincing and very together on his instruments; Karl Berger is right there with nicely ethnic touches and his good sense at piano as well as expectedly rangy and compelling vibes; Sergo Decius plays very hip congas and hand drums, making this session pop; and Matt Pavolka gives the groove that all-important woody bottom with taste, drive, dexterity and a nicely fat tone.”


Sylvain Leroux: Quatuor Creole (Review)

Review by Hrayr Attarian here at All About Jazz.


Flautist Sylvain Leroux’s debut, Quatuor Créole, is an enchanting mélange of Guinean sounds, French influences and jazz inflections. In that aspect it is essentially Creole, but not necessary a work of New Orleanian or Haitian folkloric music.

Leroux plays the tambin, a West African reed flute, and a dozon ngoni, a lute from the same region—often alternating between the two on the same track.

You can buy this music and support this musician here:

Hardcore music listening Friday, March 3, 2012

Deep in the Music is not a white folks’ music blog.  We love jazz, we love the blues and the funk and the soul.  We actually think white folks, as a rule, need to be around other cultures and musics so they don’t sink into an ocean of bologna and Wonder Bread sandwiches and Justin Bieber.

Head over here to Grooveshark to stream Boston sax player George Garzone‘s new recording Filing the Profile.  I’ve seen Mr. Garzone play with his almost legendary Boston group the Fringe and I really like his tone and his improv.

C’mon all you indie rockers, you know you’re bored with your genre check out some folks who can play their instruments AND tear it up.

@@ If you would like to start your weekend out with some avant-metal you should go here to Invisible Oranges to stream Wizard Rifle‘s new record Speak Loud Say Nothing.  It’s a little proggy, and punky with some metal headbanging but it purposely jumps around.

I’ve always been more focused on creativity and energy rather than genre/lifestyle sounds, so I’m always happy to hear a band not keeping themselves in a specific genre slot.

New music Thursday Feb 16 2012

@@ From the front page of Spotify, some 1976 old school roots reggae music I dig by Page One and the Observers:

@@ Honey Ear Trio made a bunch of best of lists for 2011, and I’ve posted a video below.  I wish the raucous free jazz got the same amount of press as this Republican brunch jazz gets.  If you were an 18-year old would you want to traffic and support something with this vibe?  I know you yuppies out there are all over this like stink on a monkey.

@@ By the way, you can not fuck with Alice Coltrane.  She was badass (in some ways deeper than her husband John Coltrane), and when you hear this video, this is part of the reason we need a better sounding format than mp3.  It’s ass.

@@ Earth has a new record called Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 2.  I dig Earth a lot.  I don’t know how you can hear their music and see how close it is to jazz, whether it’s composed or not.