The Dogon Duo re-issue

I’m remixing and remastering a 2005 session with Andrew Lamb and Warren Smith.

I’m serially releasing it on Bandcamp.  Each week I will put up a new track for folks to download for free.  After a week I will make the free track for sale and put up another free track.

This was a duo sax/drums record done in a small cathedral here in Brooklyn NY.


The Rarities: So Rare Side 1 (MP3)

Sweet Adeline International Champions, 1970.


Side 1:

Fine and Dandy
Song of the South
All Aboard for Dixie Land
My Man
Do You Know the Way to San Jose
I’ll Never Stop Loving You
For All We Know


Coach: Lyle Pilcher
Tenor: Jarmela Speta
Bass: Carol Schoening
Lead: Connie Garcia
Baritone: Christine Huebschen

Papa John Creach: I’m the Fiddle Man Side 2 (MP3)

Poem by Charlie Daniels on back cover:

As young as this morning
As old as the hills.
Rising, falling, running, crawling. A shout and a whisper,
the black, the white and the blues, the colors of his rainbow,
torrents and mist, corn whisky and champagne, catfish and
caviar, Blue Monday, Black Friday, Sunday School and poolrooms,
Barbeques and banquets.
Pull the bow across the strings — my hat is in my hand.

Side 2:

I Know Where I’m Going
You Left Your Happiness
Fiddlin’ Around

Papa John Creach: I’m the Fiddle Man Side 2


Nashville Steel Guitar Side 2 (MP3)

Featuring Pete Drake, Little Roy Wiggins, Don Helms, Jimmy Day, Herbie Remington and others.

Side 2:

Ting a ling  (Little Roy Wiggins)
Liberty Drive  (Jimmie Day)
Southern Sunday (Pete Drake)
Wiggins Wiggle (Little Roy Wiggins)
Theme Time (Don Helms)
Steel After Hours (Pete Drake)
Steel Guitar Special (Al Petty)


Landlermusik Und Jodellieder Aus Der Schweiz Vol. 2 Side 1 (MP3)



Side 1:

Die Dragoner Kommen
Morge Frueh Wenn D’Sunne Lacht
Auf Der Lauchernalp

You know you love the yodel music.

Sylvain Leroux: Quatuor Creole (Review)

Review by Hrayr Attarian here at All About Jazz.


Flautist Sylvain Leroux’s debut, Quatuor Créole, is an enchanting mélange of Guinean sounds, French influences and jazz inflections. In that aspect it is essentially Creole, but not necessary a work of New Orleanian or Haitian folkloric music.

Leroux plays the tambin, a West African reed flute, and a dozon ngoni, a lute from the same region—often alternating between the two on the same track.

You can buy this music and support this musician here:

Active Music Listening Wednesday July 18, 2012

YTD recordings listened to: 448
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 245
Not good music:173
Buys: 13 (not all 2012 releases)
Possibles: Glenn Hansard, Ebo Taylor, Sigur Ros, Le Super Borgou De Parakou, Left Lane Cruiser/James Leg, Cedric Pescia: John Cage Sonatas, Chatham County Line, Dennis Bovell

I listened to three Bandcamp recordings.

@@@ Dennis Bovell: Mek it Run (Pressure Sounds, 2012).  I checked out AllMusic and it does appear that these are baked tapes from the 1970’s that have been remixed.  There is most definitely a modern sound to the tapes, but not in an annoying way and there is enough bass nastiness on the record for the biggest bassheads out there.  This being Lynton Kwesi Johnson’s former bass player he wouldn’t let you down with thin ass mealy faced dub.  I need to check this release out but this could make my best of the year list.

@@@ Darling Farah: Division (2011)  I don’t usually dig the hardcore club music and I loathe the sort of electro pop dance that is so unfortunately everywhere, but I dug this minimalist four on the floor club record as I thought it was rhythmically more complex than what I usually hear and it has a weird ass funkiness to it.

@@@ Bethia Beadman: Made of Love (Self-released, 2012).  Found this record over here at The Quietus.  An unorthodox and somewhat slippery voice over a minimalist indie backing band.  The second tune, Glow Baby Glow has a pretty impressive epic guitar intro that comes down into a slow moving hipster song about she burns and he basks inthe glow.  It’s all right.

@@@ Nas: Life is Good.  (Def Jam, 2012).  Good beats and then odd arrangements with big string and horn intros and big vocal intros followed by Nas hitting the microphone.  So it’s an odd combination of cheese and gangsta.

The Kendalls: Old Fashioned Love Side 1 (MP3)


Side 1:

It Don’t Feel Like Sinnin’ to Me
Try Me Again
Sweet Desire
When Can We Do this Again
Plain Old Fashioned Cheatin’


New Music Listening Tuesday June 5, 2012

YTD recordings listened to: 317
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 172
Not good music:133
Buys: 12 (not all 2012 releases)

My main spiel these days focuses on the listener.  It would not matter how crappy and deceptive the music business and its marketing arm are if listeners were more active in searching out the music they like instead of passively consuming what’s put on the plate in front of them.

I listened to 2 Bandcamp recordings and didn’t love either one, but I don’t wail on Bandcampers.

@@@ The Bamboos: Medicine Man.  I’ve never seen a funk/soul record with multiple singers.  I could be totally wrong about this.  To me a cohesive soul/funk non-compilation record requires that one singer to last the collection of songs together.  It is soul music after all — I don’t need to hear the souls of ten five different singers, I want to get deep with one.  The band is good but not groundbreaking, but here’s a clip of tune I dug all right.

@@@ DZ Deathrays: Bloodstreams.  A little glammy/dancefloor, a little metallic, a bit of punk.  My guess is these guys come out of Los Angeles — it has that nihilistic oh yeah feel.  Not really my cup of tea.

@@@ Bap Kennedy: Sailor’s Revenge.  I would call this baroque folk with a Bob Dylan-y voice and a good helping of fiddle.  Pretty, but does not grab you and pull you in and keep you there.

@@@  The Hives: Lex Hives.  Points for high energy, all the points come off in the second tune where they rip the riff from ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’.  Musical plagiarism should not be tolerated.