A story about technology….

Over the summer we visited some folks in upstate New York.  I talked with a man, and we started talking about New York City politics.  And I openly shared my distaste for our current mayor, Michael Bloomberg.  This man (not Michael Bloomberg) was in a NYC public park when he saw a police officer roll up on two minority youths enjoying some beer.  They saw the policeman approach and put the beer bottles in paper bags.  The officer started to write a summons for whatever law they were breaking by drinking alcohol in a public park.

As they argued about the summons, the officer printed out a picture of them drinking the beer without bottles.  He had a PDA that received pictures from the helicopter hovering over the park.

Am I alone in thinking this is a bit scary?
How many cameras are there in New York City?
We’ll never know, as the law enforcement will never say how many.
Why are we not really concerned about how much privacy has been stolen by technology?