With all the shit swirling in the Great American toilet Chuck Schumer picks the most important issue of all!!! #noballs #clueless

From the Huffington Post:


Of course, I want soccer players to get paid.  However, having non nutjob federal judges is much more important and so is impeaching the Pumpkinheaded Bitch.

I have this vision of Chuck Schumer in his office with the doors locked and his hands over his ears chanting ‘I can’t deal, this is too much, Mommy help me’ over and over again.

How do you unpiece of shit a piece of shit like RepubliNazi Steve King??

From Salon here:


It’s not a stretch or exaggeration to call this jizzball a Nazi.  He’s a full on American Nazi and now he’s making a comeback and casting himself as a victim for being stripped of his committee positions for making racist comments.

He can think being a white nationalist is a perfectly okay thing/term but he’s not the only person up in here and a lot of people who aren’t white are gonna fuck with him.  When he says white supremacist, he’s saying non-white folks are underneath him/them.

So fuck this racist fucker, maybe he’ll pop a stroke or maybe have a heart attack while he’s masturbating to pictures of Adolf Hitler.

The profiteering pro-Trump pastors are shameless, fake Christians.

From NBC News (I think, I snip so many headlines):


I was happy to see some Christians walk out on Pence when he gave a commencement speech at their religious college in Indiana.  I can’t stand that fake Christian son of a bitch.

This specimen Frankling Graham is another piece of work.  These are people who really need to be denounced for the power seeking, immoral, unethical scumbags they are.

If there was a pastor who acknowledged Trump’s racism and immoral bullshit but thought he could be saved I could accept that.

But to call for a special day of prayer for a racist adulterer, generally fucked in the head dirtball is unforgivable.

Hey, hey fuck the Winnie the Pooh bitch that runs totalitarian China

From CNBC:


As much as millions of Americans loathe Trump and I surely do, this is a good thing he’s done exposing the Chinese government to be the collection of cocksuckers that they really are.

They are American allies in the loosest sense of the word and there’s much to be hated in the economy and government Xi Jin Ping has built.

Of course, our fabulously amoral tech overlords have overlooked the ill behavior of their manufacturing base and now have created a shit situation for both sides.

I’m sure Tim Cook at Apple is psyched to see this headline as it’s gonna hit its business.