Music for 5/22/21!!! Fringe Candidate, Ziew

@@@ Fringe Candidate: Fringe Candidate (N/A, 2017) Some midwestern hardcore/hard rock I got to via the home recording magazine Tape Op. A singer that’s pissed but you can hear what he’s on about. They really get closer to the hardcore ethic with the fourth tune, the boy who cried Hitler. Excellent frantic puck action. These guys do a good job of riding the fine line between crusty anti-social aggro and songs and music and being able to hear what’s going on. I really like the tune Attention Merchants and as mentioned earlier the balance here is really good for me. It’s a familiar formula but I’m not bored or disengaged, I want to go burn somebody’s house down.

@@@ Ziew: Stop Being Poor (Showtime, 2021) I think it’s entirely possible for folks on both sides of this ‘debate’ to enjoy and find solace and comfort in this tune. It is ironic and show its face but not enough for the Ted Cruz types out theres to surf right through the joke of it and say it with some mustard on it. Sonically it’s a blend of krautrock and stripper hip hop. I can’t wait for Donald Trump to hold a rally with this blasting in the background.

Everybody should mail a bag of shit and/or piss to Jeff Bezos!

From the interwebz:

We need a better vision fo rhow we create value for employees without paying them what they should get for the work they do.

He left a part out.  I would hazard to say that he’s more interested in creating the impression of value for his employees while he’s back at his cave nuzzling his girlfriend’s giant breasts!

It’s not hard to pay people, you pay them money and they’ll take it.

And then you don’t run them so hard they end up shitting in bags.