The tax cut is a giant con/stock market circle jerk

From CNBC here:

Indeed, T-Mobile,Home Depot, Bank of America and Mastercard all announced significant repurchase intentions this week. Home Depot led the way with a $15 billion buyback after it raised its long-term sales target.

While the recent spate of buyback announcements is a small sample size, it brings back memories of the last time Congress tried to bring back cash overseas through a tax holiday.

What a bunch of hypocritical, fucking liars.  Nothing about this tax cut is about normal Americans.  They’re going to take that money and buy their own shares back to make themselves rich.

This is just legalized corruption by a bunch of corporate jerkoffs.



Roy Moore is a true blue racist, piece of shit rapist fuck

From Salon here:

When Moore was on the campaign trail before the Republican primary, he said that America was at its finest when African-Americans were still kept as slaves.

“I think it was great at the time when families were united,” Moore said. “Even though we had slavery, they cared for one another.

That remark came during an appearance in which he called Native Americans and Asian-Americans “reds and yellows.”

This dude is like an evil cartoon character and I hope he drops dead.

Why were American families more united when slavery was around?  Because they lived in perpetual and justified fear that they were about to be killed like the slaveowners in Haiti?

That’s the only sensible thing I can make of this puke but it’s probably not what he meant.  He’s being ‘nostalgic’.

Sipping mint juleps watching folks out in the fields……

What fueled the initial rise of the Nazis?

From here:

A huge segment of the population of the United States is filled with hatred so intense they actively want a vastly more authoritarian government that will shove that hatred down the throats of the left. They want fascism. They’re hungry for it, whether they call it that or not. In the kind of Orwellian doublespeak this administration has become famous for, they call it “liberty” or “freedom” or “American values”, but they’re talking about hard authoritarianism. They’re talking about fascism.

While there is a large racial component to the Nazi legacy, it is the economic humiliation heaped on Germany after World War I that triggered the initial Nazi rise.

So while I see tons of folks arguing whether Trump’s are acting out of racist motivations it is the economic humiliation created by globalization that sparked Trump’s initial rise.  Make America great again can either be I want my fucking job back or make America white again, but the problem with the latter is America has never been fully white.

If you ask me what is so far up the ass of hardcore Trump supporters it is the economic humiliation they’ve endured.  Trump cashed in on that.  They have foul, foul asshole views on race but if they had good paying union jobs he wouldn’t have risen.

Quote of the day re: Alabammy!

From the Root here:

While the policies of the party may be more progressive and black-friendly, the Democratic leadership is often as prejudiced and shortsighted as its Republican counterparts, and next week’s Senate election is the perfect example.

The Democratic Party is trash. It is the reason Hillary Clinton lost. It is the reason Donald Trump is president. It is the reason I might be represented in the United States Senate by a grown man who probably went to see Twilight in the theaters and stood by the candy counter asking teenage girls if they wanted a Sugar Daddy.

Music for 12/7/17!!! Protomartyr, Vince Staples, King Krule

@@@ Protomartyr: Relatives in Descent (Domino, 2017) Take an art school lounge-y singer and put him in a hipster Devo type of band with a quasi frantic drummer and you pretty much have the opening tune of this record. The second tune, Here is the Thing, is slightly more aggressive and I dig the drummer a whole bunch while thinking the guitar player needs a Red Bull or two. A little crunch would work for me, but that’s just me. The crunch comes up on the fourth tune but I don’t feel it. I got to this via the Guardian’s top 50 of the year, they’re now on the 20-30 top recordings.

@@@ Vince Staples: Big Fish Theory (Def Jam/UMG, 2017) I don’t think I caught this hip hop record during the year but it made it to the Guardian’s list so it triggers a listen. Ooh, this first tune is hot with a blend of club sounds, glitch and tight focused rhymes. The second tune switches to a midtempo party track though Staples’ superior microphone work keeps it moving briskly. The third tune, Love Can Be…. goes full dancefloor with fat kick four on the floor, synth bass, and funky non-skitter beats. Whoever did the beats on this record has crazy ass skills, but I dug the first tune most. (Clipped below)

@@@ King Krule: The Ooz (True Panther, 2017) Also off the Guardian’s best of 2017 list. A mash of various influences in this first tune — downtempo, jazz/blues/soul guitar vamps, and lounge. It’s a mood for sure — unsettled, hip, and alienated but in a completely non-rock aesthetic. Let’s peep more! The second tune unfolds in a similar lush, dark vein. It’s trippy and dissatisfied. The third tune, Dum Surfer (clipped below) has 2 million views on YouTube which is not a little gets the full peep. It’s an interesting stew and I can’t say that I love it or hate it. I don’t like all the reverb on the vocals but I like the beats and the guitar. Check it for yourself.

YTD recordings listened to: 782
Good music, not recommended for purchase: 421
Not good music: 323

Buys: 9
Honorable Mentions: 7

Possibles: Retox, Defeater, Jonwayne, Okkyung Lee, The Ballantynes, Slidhr, The Chewers, Toxic Holocaust, Susie Iberra/Roberto Rodriguez, Lenguas Largas, The Coral, T.O.M.B., Lozen, Erase Errata, Mastery, Leviathan, Hartley C. White, Weed, Cold Water, Janelle Monae, Luther Dickinson, Graeme Barrett, Fast Asleep, Goldlink, Cavanaugh, Gentleman Surfer, Satoko Fuji, Moken, Juan Atkins, Lantern, Twin Peaks, Djelimady Tounkara, The Oh Sees, Denny Zeitlin, MILF, Unfun, De La Soul, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Magrudergrind, A Tribe Called Quest, Noname, Gouge Away, Anna Hogberg, Klara Lewis, Krullur, The Lowest Form, Hard Proof, James Brandon Lewis, Yotoco, Jungle Fire, Sandoz, J.I.D., Oddisee, Forro in the Dark, RAM, Fiver, Dona Onete, Succumb Succumb, Gloom, Priests, Propaganda, This is the Kit, Roberto Gonzalez, Integrity, American Lips, Sudan Archives, Tuba Skinny, The Expanders, Benjamin Booker, Irreversible Entanglements, Converge, Boubacare Traore, Les Filles De Illighadad, Curtis Harding, Les Amazones D’Afrique

The Bald Vampire giveth and he taketh away!

From Bloomberg here:

  • Analyst finds basket of goods has risen 1% since September
  • Amazon unveiled much-ballyhooed price cuts after deal closed

That fuck didn’t buy Whole Foods for charity!

Or for consumers!

He bought the shit to make money and if he can make money playing a shell game with prices then that’s what the Bald Vampire is going to do.

He’s going to stay up all night slicing and dicing his prices with his favorite algorithms and then he’s going to count his money.