Music for 5/7/21!!! Raven Chacon, Black Pumas, Diana Burco

@@@ Raven Chacon: Overheard Song (Innova, 2021) I got to this indigenous artist’s track via the somewhat hip and somewhat pretentious Brooklyn club National Sawdust. Slotted as classical music this track opens with a solo drum beat. Almost 2 minutes in the metal bell percussion comes in and a whooshing wind sound which might be electronic in nature. It took a long time to build to this point and I was going to dencounce it but she has a pretty good percussion storm brewing. An electric guitar comes in 1 minute from the end and gets distorted in the left channel. Third tune kicks in and it’s a mass of squealing guitar feedback that I’m enjoying. I like this without loving it and think it would be an impressive set of sounds for a live performance.

@@@ Black Pumas: Colors (ATO, 2020) I got to this band via an email from the home recording magazine Tape Op. It’s not really a home recording magazine, it’s a magazine about recording and it’s outstanding toilet reading. Slotted as soul it opens with a descending acoustic guitar arpeggio melody accompanied with a swelling organ before it goes pretty full Al Green flavored soul. Sonically wide across the stereo field which I think works really well, oh my this is really Al Green flavored business, ah well whatcha gonna do? The lyrics are concious which I associate more with Curtis Mayfield. Very stylish kicked in keyboard solo as the tune ramps up for the last minute. Well recorded, great energy, could use a new sound or two but otherwise solid business.

@@@ Diana Burco: La Negra Del Sur (SOMOS, 2021) Latin music off this week’s WRIR playlist email. Epic production here, especially on her voice, but the mix is fully pimped. There’s an MC in English saying ‘black from the south’ and she’s got a little cumbia accordion up in here and it’s a pleasant mash of pretty established sound. But again pimped sonically which is interesting and a bit performative. Ups for the accordion player, he tears it in the solo though he/she/they could be a bit higher in the mix. The MC returns for a full rhyme sesh and I’m not a huge fan, it’s all right. It goes through my ears as a song that straddles the line of fully stuffed business sometimes with good results and sometimes not.

Music for 5/6/21!!! Dimash Kudaibergen, Ben Seretan, Sufi Parveen

@@@ Dimash Kudaibergen: The Crown (Beige and Black Golden, 2021) I got to this Kazakh singer’s music and the clip below from a financial blog of all places. I thought he was gonna rock it in English but we’re getting the Chinese. The main point in listening to this is to recognize that cheese is an international business, everybody loves cheese. Kudaibergen can sing for sure — a supple voice in places and epic in others. The chorus, oy the chorus, boom! a cheese comet across the sky. In places they bite a song really hard, Careless Whisper I can’t believe I pulled that off the hard drive! There’s a bridge where he just loses his shit, it’s massive and he goes Mariah Carey like full range diva show. Wow is all I can say here, wow.

@@@ Ben Seretan: Cicada Waves (NNA Tapes, 2021) A solo piano/ambient recording I got to via an email from the label. I like the atmospheric elements, the churring and static of nature — the piano I’m agnostic about. It’s a lot of ringing chords with small melodies layered on top. I like it, I think it would be good music to get a non-happy ending massage to. It’s not often the insects are the stars of a record so cherish it.

@@@ Sufi Parveen: Kanha (Hinduraag, 2021) I got to this modernized Sufi electronica devotional music from music critic Ted Gioia. My first impression is I don’t like it very much at all. I like the singing but the sounds are Casio-esque and it detracts from the overall power of the music. I love South Asian music so this hurts to relay my disappointment here. The second tune is much better than the first but I’d rather listen to old school carnatic music over this unfortunately.

Ah, have some word salad with your bullshit.

From Business Insider:

I guess JP Morgan’s CEO feels that young people and hustlers should be able to steal and rob people face to face and not remotely.

More importantly what a fucking crock of shit, these ruling class prognostications make no sense but because the head of JP Morgan makes the statement you better shit yer pants cuz he’s on fucking fleek.

Episode 8: Cosmic tidbits vs. Pu Pu Platters!

Musical excerpts featured in this episode:
DJ Voices and Deep Creep (up on Soundcloud and Youtube)
Yaadcore, Jah 9 and Subatomic Soundsystem ‘Police in Helicopter’
Matt Wilson ‘In the Moment’
Feral Ohms ‘Value on the Street’
Shannon and the Clams ‘It’s Gonna Go Away’
Henry Tobias and David Ormont ‘Monkey Business’


Music for May 4, 2021!!! Willow Kayne, Squid, Billie Eilish

@@@ Willow Kayne: Two Seater (Sony Music UK , 2021) All three of today’s listens are from this week’s Line of Best Fit. I mean you can’t take a shit without running into Billie Ellish’s new track but it was namechecked on that email. Comes on with the growling bass, then a shuffle beat, and then Ms. Kayne comes with the descending melody. Occasional guitar spikes, and unfortunately it explodes out into cheesier pop territory in the chorus. Love the verse, like the attitude, could leave the chorus by the side of the road.

@@@ Squid: Paddling (Warp, 2021) A pre-release track that opens with a lot of space, a nerdy clean guitar then a beat and a drone. It’s building to something but I hear an updated version of the Doors’ L.A. woman with different instruments. Are you a lucky little lady in the, I forget the rest of it. Then we get a singer and some background vocal action and the metamorphosis into a janky Devo flavor pack is complete. I appreciate the weirdness of it though I confess to not shitting my pants over it. Nerd rock has never made me shit my pants. There’s also an art school proggy thing going here. It builds to a boil and I like it more — I can see a lot of hipsters digging this. I’ve never hipstered, way too square for that.

@@@ Billie Eilish: Your Power (Interscope, 2021) A pre-release track from Billie Eilish. There’s obviously a big push behind her, she’s a big star, so you can’t take a shit without seeing her on the interwebz. The acoustic guitar is beautifully records, but the vocal is presented with too large a reverb patch and lessen the impact. Eilish is doing a breathy delivery, it’s not over the top but it’s there. More sounds creep into the mix and it’s manicured. I like this much more than her debut where she was sporting her tongue and working a teen sex thing. These lyrics I’m guessing, are considered pretty important but as I mentioned the presentation. Now you think, hey fuckface you’re making a big deal of this but to me this is the cheesing of America. Why not go for something simpler and more direct, why does everything have to be so theatrical and over the top?