Oh the babies on Wall Street throw their toys out of their strollers!

From CNBC:


If the stock market can’t blow a bubble then they’re going to crash the whole thing to pressure Uncle Sam to do what the babies want!

The stock market doesn’t want higher interest rates as it pulls folks out of stocks into other investments and decreases momentum for the giant stock bubble.

Crashing the market is a great way to put pressure on politicians and Federal Reserve officials.

Throwing a tantrum can be quite effective — look at the present White House occupant and see how effective it can be.

How could Kellyanne Conway possibly think she’s a good Christian?

Headline from Salon:


Her boss locks immigrant children in cages.

Her boss is all for predatory lending and ill banking practices.

Her boss stokes racial division at every turn.

Her boss treats women poorly.

How could she possibly think that working for such a man would be a good Christian thing to do?

It’s absolutely twisted and insane.

So did Obama suffer Presidential harassment?

From CNN here:

Donald Trump just co-opted a new buzz phrase he hopes will define the next two years in politics: “Presidential harassment.”

Oh this is just so fucked in the head.  Here we have a man who tortured Obama over his birth certificate over a period of years.  He harassed him daily on Twitter with lies, accusations and utter bullshit.

And Republicans in Congress did not torture Obama?  They essentially broke rules whenever possible just to fuck with Obama and refused to hold a hearing on his final Supreme Court pick.

This is straight up bullshit.  Maybe if these dudes get uncontrollably harassed they would realize what a counterproductive dick move it is.

Fuck Trump bigly and harass his orange ass til the cows come home.

Big Tech fights for trans but not for plain ol’ women #Kavanaugh!

Headline from the Daily Beast:

Big Companies, Including Google and Facebook, to Fight Trump Over Anti-Transgender Policies

I guess being a woman isn’t hip enough for Facebook and Google to get involved.

I continue to be shocked at how arbitrary and frankly retarded the politics of these big tech companies are.  It’s just a mash of bullshit and arbitrary stands.

We love immigrants, we won’t stand up against Kavanaugh, we will will fight for trans people, we don’t give a fuck about black folks, we want a universal basic income but we don’t want to pay any taxes.

It’s just word salad.

Where is Israel and Netanyahu to denounce this anti-Semitism?

Headline from Slate:

House Majority Leader Deletes Tweet Saying Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer Are Trying to “Buy” Elections

Hmmm, three rich Jews accused of stealing democracy sounds similar to refugees coming over the border and ruining America.

It’s always the fault of the other.

Isn’t it interesting the scumbags who run Israel aren’t interested in denouncing this anti-semitism?  Because they have a dirty deal with the Republicans to get all their fascist goals accomplished such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and cutting aid to Palestinians.

Israel Inc. selectively denounces anti-Semitism because they have the ethics of cockroaches.  Same as the dirt ball evangelical Christians who have a similar dirty deal with El Trump-o.

Fake religious assholes to be sure.

Keeping digging your political grave, you orange haired piece of shit

From the Daily Beast here:

Trump has rejected any responsibility for the crimes and, instead of dialing down his rhetoric or criticizing the domestic terrorists, who seem to share some of his views, he has attempted to pin the blame on the press since reports about the bombs emerged last week.

The pipe bomb shitbird was living in a Trump decorated van you asshole.

And the shooter in Pittsburgh was all worked up into a lather over Jews working with refugees and who’s been stoking the anti-refugee vibes??

This is the media’s fault?  I don’t think so.