Powerful white dudes can help powerful white dudes get away with this shit

From CNN here:

At the same time, thousands of young men (disproportionately people of color) have been convicted of sexual assault for conduct similar to or lesser than what is alleged against Kavanaugh — conduct that in some cases also occurred when they were teenagers. Nonetheless, they were arrested, prosecuted, convicted and jailed with sentences in double digits of years, not months. Prosecutors did not decline these cases because the perpetrators were teenagers at the time.


Tough shit, fuck off, your whole Presidency is unfair you crooked bitch

From the New York Times:

Trump Calls Kavanaugh Accusations ‘Very Unfair’

Is it gonna be fair if this weasel-ly little douchebag ends up on the Supreme Court but Trump gets taken out of office for a variety of crimes?

Is it fair if these two assholes are up there for 30 years and they got in there via an illegitimate, cheating ass President?


Wall St. makes mad money off Big Weed but punishes Elon Musk for smoking it!

This is the problem with having a bunch of money grubbing dickheads in charge of your society.  The only consistency they maintain is in making money.

I’m not into pot, I’m not protesting this as a partaker of weed.  You can’t be investing and trading and helping to build a large weed infrastructure in our society and then shit on a CEO who smokes some of the product you’re funding.

Get a fucking clue.


One of America’s most powerful Christians is a hypocritical bullshit artist

From the Daily Beast here:

Recently, some of Vice President Mike Pence’s essays from the 1990s resurfaced, in which he made the case for a moral president and suggested that a lascivious president with a penchant for lying should resign or be impeached.

Oh my, let’s just let that smelly Pence fart sit out there and stink with the rank and rotten hypocrisy it’s loaded with.


Oy, the irony of racist bald shitbird Stephen Miller being an immigrant Jew!

From Politico here.

You have to go read the article as I can’t find a good excerpt that explains the gist of the story.

I will summarize — the little shriveled up punk ass cunt Stephen Miller is an Eastern European Jew!  A self hating Jew and an immigrant hater.  Twisting the racist fears and bullshit of Americans for political gain.

Hopefully he dies soon and when he does I think he’ll be on one side of Satan with Trump and then Bush/Cheney will be on the other side of Satan.  They will play cards for eternity but it’s gonna be hot.

Somebody tell the Proud Boys that the puppet master is a self hating Jew!

You can’t make this shit up.  Big shout to my friend Daniel for sending me this link, what a glorious way to start the week.