After decades of pissing on the masses Biden pretends like he doesn’t believe in ‘trickle down’ economics!

From Business Insider:

Looks like Biden might get an Oscar this year for best actor in a society that’s rapidly turning to shit.

Here we have a politician who has spent the vast majority of his career making the lives or ordinary Americans more difficult.

And no he’s tired of it?

I don’t buy this.

Has anyone seen a mention of anything except voter suppression in Georgia laws? #noop

From Politico:

Not a single Republican at the federal or state level has mentioned any single provision of this new bill that accomplishes anything but making it harder to vote.

If there’s something in there like broadcasting all vote counting 24/7 while it happens then they should stand up say what it is because this sounds like a reverse gaslight.

They’re denouncing something as gaslighting — voter suppression and evil, while actually gaslighting.

There’s a lot of gas being lit these days, oy.

So much for Republican respect for law enforcement!

From the Guardian:

Calling cops ‘donut boys’ is something antifa or anarchists would call the police so once again all the definitions are completely fucked up when you have a Republican state leader calling cops ‘donut boys’.

I’m sure they’re not donut boys for that Republican when those cops are beating on the people he wants beaten on.