Looks like fake liberal lion Nancy Pelosi is a little racist

From the Guardian here:


If a Republican made this demeaning remark about Ocasio-Cortez he/she would be considered racist so I’m not sure why it’s different for Pelosi.

I’ve never thought this was a good and decent person, Pelosi that is.  Somehow she has bullshitted fake liberals who want their money and to be cool too.

On Good Friday, let’s crucify Pence’s fake ass brand of Christianity!


Even the evangelicals know he’s a piece of shit.  Not just Satan worshipping socialists like myself.

Let us take this holy day when Jesus was murdered by the Romans and acknowledge that Mike Pence’s faith is garbage and he’s a liar.

That’s why he works with Captain LiarPants, two ill peas in a pod.

Beto goes for the shake and bake Democratic ‘no lobbyist’ option!

From the Intercept here:


This is fake liberal bullshit to be honest.

And Kamala Harris and Mr. ‘Cookin” Booker are pulling the same shit.

Click through and behold the word games these folks play.

This is a great reason to vote for Bernie, he doesn’t bullshit like this.

I guess the richest man in the world gets a pass on adultery and gets to give ‘advice’

From CNBC:


It does make you wonder if Bezos’ children are as enamored of this life advice from their dad who broke up their family to bang a big titted bimbo tv reporter.

But no matter, nobody really holds rich people accountable anyway because they’re better than the rest of us.