Trump brings another corrupt scumbag on board!

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump’s new acting attorney general was part of a company accused by the US government of running a multimillion-dollar scam.

Matthew Whitaker was paid to sit on the advisory board of World Patent Marketing, which was ordered in May this year to pay a $26m settlement following legal action by federal authorities, which said it tricked aspiring inventors.

This is just what we need, another crooked hack!



Lil’ fucker Kavanaugh knows he is despised by a giant swath of America

Headline from the Guardian:

Brett Kavanaugh to be denied inaugural walk down supreme court steps

‘Security concerns’ prompt abandonment of traditional appearance on courthouse steps after swearing-in ceremony

If Brett Kavanaugh was left alone in a crowd of 1,000 women and no cops he would get his limbs ripped off his torso.

He’s a fucking liar and a piece of shit and I’m so far from being the only American that feels that way.

Remember the lameness that will most likely follow a blue wave….

From the Guardian here:

Democrats have no significant plans to tackle climate change if they gain control of Congress, the Guardian’s Emily Holden reports.

Makes you wonder what they’ve been doing for the last two years out in the wilderness.  They sure as shit haven’t been resisting el trump-o.

If you want to compare Kashoggi to Kavanaugh!

Headline from the Guardian:

Erdoğan: toxic materials and evidence of repainting found in Saudi consulate

Just as all signs point to the Saudis killing Kashoggi in their embassy in Turkey, all signs point to Kavanaugh being a sexual predator, and alcoholic, and a fucking liar.

So President FuckFace can blow whatever fudge bubbles he wants but he shouldn’t be comparing these two situations if he thought before he toilet tweeted.

Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t know his left nut from his right one.

Headline from the Daily Beast:

Trump Jr. Boosts Smear Tying Missing Journalist Jamal Khashoggi to Islamic Terrorism

The Trumpers are desperately trying to find some reason why it was okay for the Saudis to kill a journalist and chop him up into pieces and smuggle him out of their embassy.

They don’t mind being associated with fascist assholes but this sort of Hollywood shit makes them look like the pieces of shit they really are.

For the record, the young head of Saudi Arabia is rapidly moving up the list of biggest assholes in the world.  And he’s moving quite quickly.

What sort of leader thinks it’s okay to chop up journalists you don’t agree with?

What sort of American President thinks Donald Trump Jr. has one pubic hair of credibility on this issue?

Fuck all these hyper-aggressive Repub dicknutz

A tasty blend of headlines this morning:

Brett Kavanaugh: Grassley Demands Christine Blasey Ford’s Therapy Notes

Lindsey Graham: Sen. Klobuchar Owes Kavanaugh an Apology

Chuck Grassley Spreads Weatherman’s Creepy Letter Smearing Kavanaugh Accuser

Man, what a collection of cosmic douchebags.

If you had a real candidate for the Supreme Court and not this alcoholic baby faced rapist you wouldn’t have to stoop to this shit to try push this shit across the finish line.

Let’s hope the Grim Reaper comes for Chuck Grassley soon, as he is an ill reptilian piece of shit.

Fuck you and your baby faced predator. So rapists in charge is MAGA?

Headline from the Guardian:

Trump defends Kavanaugh as fate of hearing unclear: ‘I feel so badly for him’

First off, Trump is fucking demented.

Secondly, I’m happy to see him slit the throat of his own Presidency by choosing this predator.

Thirdly, bitch, the elections is 6 weeks away and a lot of those voters are women.