Trump & Co. turning holding immigrant kids into Guantanamo Bay!

Headline from NBC News:

Trump admin wants ability to hold migrant kids indefinitely, upending decades-old ban

I’ll bet you 50 bucks they’re doing this because they deported some of the parents and can’t locate them now.

This is some tragic and fascistic shit rolled up into one.

Everybody involved in this is gonna burn in Hell for sure.


Quote of the day for my hero McCain!

From the Root here:

And we know that his choice to select the squirrelly and thick-witted Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 paved the way for Trump’s ascension, the way a fart leads way to a shit.

Chuckie Schumer tucks his dick and balls!

From the Daily Beast:

Frustrations boiled over this week after Schumer and McConnell struck a deal to fast-track the confirmation of seven nominees, with a side agreement to consider eight more next week. Party operatives, including former high-ranking Senate officials (one of whom worked for Schumer), were left befuddled over what they viewed as the New York Democrat’s acquiescence.

C’mon this is standard operating procedure.

Fold like napkin and pretend that you haven’t.

Chuck Schumer is such a pussy.


Trumpy is like a frog being lowered into a pot of boiling water!

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump ramped up his attack on the media on Thursday night, criticizing the press as “fake, fake, disgusting news” and describing journalists in attendance as “horrible, horrendous people”, despite UN experts warning earlier in the day that his actions were putting journalists at risk.

If you can’t fight the facts of a FBI investigation that is closing in on you then I guess you have to muddy up the waters by taking a shit on the media.

It is ironic that often times the errors and sensationalism in the press is done to sell papers and clicks on the net.  If we had a press that was not a commercial enterprise maybe it would not be sensationalized and distorted for commercial purposes.

Of course, this isn’t Trump’s opinion — he’s demonizing them for his own personal reasons.  To distract from facts, ones that are coming his way.  I predict he’s going to dispute these facts by attacking the press as the messenger of those facts.

You might headin’ on up to jail, Senor Cheese Doodle!

From CNBC:

Trump triumphant: ‘We’re going to go a lot higher’ than 4.1% GDP growth

I was very skeptical of this Russia investigation.  It has been used by the Democratic Party to paper over their breathtaking incompetence, but the more I read about what is being investigated, and there’s a lot being investigated, the more I think the Cheese Doodle is not long for the Oval Office.

So let him celebrate now about GDP because I’m not sure how much longer he’s gonna be here.

Our incompetent (and racist!) tech overlords!

From here:

The American Civil Liberties Union tested Amazon’s facial recognition system — and the results were not good. To test the system’s accuracy, the ACLU scanned the faces of all 535 members of congress against 25,000 public mugshots, using Amazon’s open Rekognition API. None of the members of Congress were in the mugshot lineup, but Amazon’s system generated 28 false matches, a finding that the ACLU says raises serious concerns about Rekognition’s use by police.

Excerpt 2:

The test also showed indications of racial bias, a long-standing problem for many facial recognition systems. 11 of the 28 false matches misidentified people of color (roughly 39 percent), including civil-rights leader Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and five other members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

You can not make this shit up!

And this system is being used by police departments in the U.S.

Who is watching the watching man here?  That’s the question.