NFL and owners sit in their dirty diaper and spin around!

From CBS Sports here:

“This wasn’t something that was dominating conversations in that locker room up until this week,” said one agent who is close to several players on that team. “It wasn’t something guys were really talking about that much, inside the locker room or to their agents. At first, some guys were frustrated by what Jerry said (Sunday), because this hadn’t really been a big issue or distraction for them, and by the middle of the week I know some were pissed. It was almost like he started daring somebody on his team to take a knee. At least that’s how some players started to look at it.”

Since the beginning the NFL and owners have handled this issue piss poorly.

The right thing to do is to acknowledge Kaepernick and all NFL players and all Americans have the right to protest and they should have let him protest and exercise his right.

And they shouldn’t have punished him for protesting, they fucked that up big time with the bullshit about why he didn’t get a job this year.

And here we have someone who is a football agent stating that it’s like the owner was daring his players to take a knee.

Not only are these NFL owners unethical shitbirds, they’re extremely incompentent.  They should have scolded their racist crybaby fans and let the players protest but they couldn’t — they just had to completely fuck the situation up.


As long as Wall St gets its tax cut they will tolerate f*cking anything!

Headline from Slate:

After Prompt From TV Personality, Trump Threatens to Abandon Puerto Rico

What a fucking piece of shit Trump is and those who let him act like a piece of shit because they’re getting a tax cut out of it are just as ill pieces of shit.

This corruption between Trump and Wall Street and corporate America is sickening — where are the philanthropic billionaires.

Where’s Zuckerberg trying to connect the world?  Oh yeah, he’s taking a fucking virtual tour of Puerto Rico to show off his new product.

Those people who loathe Trump (and he should be loathed deeply at this point) should turn their anger and loathing to those powerful people in our society that just stand by and let him do whatever he wants to say or do.

It’s disgusting.

Sean Spicer will be teaching clown classes at Harvard!

Headline from the Intercept:


I thought Harvard was more competent than that but apparently not.

It would have been less damaging to admit they couldn’t withstand pressure from CIA fuckers and they had to let Manning go.

But to say this manner of shit to here is ridiculous!

Quote of the day!

From the Nation here:

From Clinton to Obama, Democratic administrations took their cues from Wall Street financiers and the multinational corporations that were gutting US jobs and wages. Dems too often dismissed these dislocations and stagnant wages as unfortunate but temporary. For better wages, workers simply needed more education. But the displaced didn’t need an economist to figure out what was happening to them. They saw it in their pay stubs and swollen credit-card debt. A lot of them voted for the crackpot last fall.

This under discussed world view of the Democratic Party, embodied by the Clintons, has not been given its full airing in relations to Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

Do you think people cared more that she was a woman or that her husband had gladly helped to implement pro Wall Street/multinational policies?

It’s very convenient to blame gender and maintain class as it is now but I’m voting for class over gender and race as factors in Trump’s win while acknowledging there was sexism and racism in Trump’s campaign.

But there was racism in Bill Clinton’s campaign and folks don’t seem to want to talk about that.


Hilz Clinton acknowledges Trump made her look weak

From CBS News here:

“After we heard him admitting and laughing about sexually assaulting women and being able to get away with it because if you’re a star, you can do anything. So in my debate prep, we practiced this,” she said. “The young man playing Trump would stalk me. And I practiced keeping my composure. I practiced not getting rattled. Well, it’s one thing to practice it. It’s another thing to be in front of, you know, 50 million, 60 million, 70 million people and having him scowling and leering and moving up on me. And– it– it was so discombobulating.

“And so while I’m answering questions, my mind is going, ‘Okay, do I keep my composure? Do I act like a president?’ Or do I wheel around and say, ‘Get outta my space. Back up, you creep’? Well, you know, I didn’t do the latter. But I think in this time we’re in, particularly in this campaign, you know, maybe I missed a few chances.”

Yes, taking the high road and not lashing out at known sexual predator made Clinton look weak.

She allowed him to stalk and victimize her on national tv.  A lot of people are going to be sympathetic to her and a lot of people won’t vote for somebody who shows weakness like that.


Look at all the Obamacare regret bubbling up!

Headline from CNBC here:

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner: We perhaps screwed up passing Obamacare with only support from our party

A few days ago it was Obamacare architect Max Baucus saying it was time for single payer and now we have another Democratic senator saying it didn’t go down as it should have.

I don’t agree it was about passing something with only Democratic control, the law was based on a doomed premise that for profit insurance companies would be trustworthy partners in administering Obamacare.

Their interest is profit and sick people could give a shit about profit.

I guess we’re moving past Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she is a master legislator because Obamacare would be one of her signature accomplishments and it looks like the bloom is coming off the rose!