Fuck, he really is Putin’s bitch!

Headline from CNBC:

Trump praises Putin’s ‘incredible’ offer for special counsel investigators to ‘come and work’ with Russia on probe



Duh, they peed on hookers wearing Obama masks!!!

From the Hill here:

Ex-CIA chief tears into Trump for one-on-one meeting with Putin: What is he hiding?

Clearly the ex-CIA chief is jealous of what Trump and Putin have together.

Democratic Party Incompetence!

From the Daily Beast here:

Cybersecurity Guru: Dems Rejected Most Basic Protections in 2016

Basic data protection measures were annoying, which I get.

They’re probably 20 times more annoyed that they’re sitting home instead of in the White House because of their poor cybersecurity protection.

Quote of the day!

From Matt Taibbi here:

When the Democrats abandoned their reliance on labor in the Eighties, and began to be funded by the same big companies that backed Republicans, our politics devolved into a contest between two employer-supported factions. Neither really cared about the numerical majority of poor or working-class voters, so they had to get creative with their politics.

And that’s how we got to this toxic shitshow called America.  The same people fund both parties and both parties play bait and switch with the majority of Americans.

If an old rotten tree named Pelosi gets chopped down in the forest….

From USA Today here:

WASHINGTON — A top House Democrat said Wednesday it was time for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her two long-time deputies to step aside and make way for a younger generation of leaders.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, the highest-ranking Latina in the House, first called for “generational change” last fall, but her fresh comments on Wednesday come at a time when Democrats are increasingly dissatisfied with Pelosi and uncertain about who could emerge as a possible successor.

My main protest against Pelosi is her delusional thinking regarding what she calls her masterful legislation — Obamacare and Dodd Frank Wall St. ‘reform’.

It’s too hot to get into the details but if Obamacare had a $100 month public option or if Medicare been expanded to any American that wanted it, it would be Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House for sure.

My wife and I have had Obamacare since day 1 and day 1 was its best day for sure.

Speaking of Supreme Court fuckups! #WussObama

From the Daily Beast here:

His failed appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in 2016 lacked both imagination and hard-ball politics, leaving a legacy of “what ifs” that Obama, if he’s being honest, will confront.

“I think the Garland episode reflects so clearly the inability of Obama to translate his successful presidential campaigns into governing, and the limits of his philosophy of restraint. A liberal lion like FDR might have pursued appointment to the bench by executive order,” says Alexander Heffner, host of The Open Mind on PBS.

Well, well, well here we have people levelling criticism at the great neoliberal lion Barack Obama.  The Droning One, the Bank Saver, the Corporate Health Care System Preserver, the man who has handed the Supreme Court to the American Fascist Party.

It’s not racist to judge a black President by his decisions as long as you spread your manure around.  Lord knows I’m not afraid to pee on the Great Urinator Trump.

Obama fucked up the Supreme Court with his inability to fight and now we’re gonna see what the no fight Democrats have done to us.