First he brown nosed McCain, now he appears content to put his head up Trump’s ass!

From Huffington Post:


I almost feel bad for Lindsey Graham.  He is a weak man who needs a strongman to define his life for him.  First John McCain and McCain’s unending support for war and now Trump and his bullshit.

Plus I think Graham needs to look up the definition of a coup, he must not have been paying attention in school.

OMG, Chuck Schumer strapped on a testicle for once!

From CNBC:


Maybe Schumer sees the surging popularity of another New Yorker and thinks I better actually fucking do something for once.

Senator Ocasio-Cortez sounds a lot better than Senator Schumer and she has more cajones than he could dream of.

But Chuckie is at least trying a little bit.  A very little bit.

Zuck getting a belated lesson in trust!

From CNBC:


People assume this, homie, cuz you’re an untrustworthy pimp.

Straight up, it’s now a foolish idea to give Facebook the benefit of any doubt because trust has almost always been misplaced.

He can’t seem to reshine his reputation and cast himself as a truthful person — he’s the only person who doesn’t seem to get that he’s a lying piece of shit.