VP Pence so busy with his gay Twitter romances he fumbles the North Korea bomb!

Sub headline from Daily Beast:

On Friday, the vice president made the world’s worst regime look friendly, handing North Korea multiple propaganda victories. Call it what it is: a failure of American diplomacy.

Someone should take Pence’s phone away from him and get him focused on the North Korea because el Penc-o seems more interested in exploding romance than exploding nuclear bombs on the Korean peninsula.

Who let this guy out of his cage?


Jesus Democrats, just get on with folding like napkins

From NBC News here:

Democrats debate: Get personal with Trump or take the high road

C’mon, don’t pretend like your some sort of opposition party, just throw your cards in and whine.

And then get elected back into power and enact Republican policies.  That’s the cycle, don’t pretend otherwise.

Chucky Boy Schumer needs a friggin’ Viagra #pathetic

From NBC News:

Schumer blames Trump: ‘Great deal-making president sat on the sidelines’

Wow, what a punch!

He could knock a paper bag full of dog shit down with that verbal attack.

Straight up loser action from Schumer here.  He shows up to a gun fight with a cap gun.

Recognizing Jerusalem nothing more than incitement to violence

From the Daily Beast here:

Terror attacks in Israel and the West Bank tripled after President Trump moved to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Shin Bet security service said in a new report. The new numbers show there were 71 security incidents in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Israel in October, 84 in November, and 249 in December—a significant jump. (Trump made the announcement on Dec. 6.)

Of course, Trump marketed this move as a step towards peace.  I guess if you count violence and rock throwing and stabbings as peaceful we’re well on our way!