One corrupt asshole visits another!

Headline from the Washington Post:

Trump welcomes embattled Netanyahu as corruption probe follows Israeli leader to Washington

Trump is actually better than Netanyahu who is a bloody and awful man.  A world class war criminal/propagandist Himmler type.



Behold the righteous horseshit of the New York Times!

From Naked Capitalism:

I think we are pro-capitalism. The New York Times is in favor of capitalism because it has been the greatest engine of, it’s been the greatest anti-poverty program and engine of progress that we’ve seen.

This is a massively controversial claim Bennet just tossed out there, because he believes it not to be one—but rather a self-evidently true axiom. Without even litigating the dubious idea capitalism is “the greatest anti-poverty program and engine of progress” the world has ever seen (what economic system, one may wonder, does Bennet think animated slavery and colonial exploitation?), the fact that one of the most influential people in media views it as an uncontroversial statement of fact is very telling.




You have to be a world class scumbag to be fired by Ruprecht Murdoch!

From the New York Times:

With the payment to Bill O’Reilly, harassment claims have now cost Fox over $85 million in severance or settlements.

Wouldn’t this money Fox spent on its serial harassers been better spent on hookers?  Not that hooker would want to go near that fat fucking pig Roger Ailes or Bill O’Reilly’s poison piehole.

God what a collection of assholes.

So this is the dream team pro business government???

From CNBC here:

Goldman Sachs sees tax reform pushed to next year as GOP health bill creates setbacks

Why is nobody else peeing on the feet and the heads of all those who dared to step to the microphone and talk about how Donald Trump and his billionaire asshole friends were going to shit a golden future for normal Americans and it was gonna be quick??

He was going to pull down his trousers and shit a giant golden egg!!!

And we were going to cry and throw roses and admire this giant fucking golden egg that just came out the Donald’s ass!!

Thus far all I see is a giant turd.



After they’ve made their money!!!

From CNBC:

Some 83 percent of fund managers believe U.S. stocks are overvalued, according to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch monthly fund manager survey.

Normal Americans are raised to think that the stock market and its inner workings are above their IQ and should be left to the professionals.

But what happens when the professionals are con men?  Where were the 83% of money managers when stocks were orgasmically buying stock after President Pumpkinhead was elected?

This is the question we face as a society?  What happens when the people at the top are unethical con men?


Fox to investigate O’Reilly’s Penis Adventures quite late

Headline from CBS News:

Fox to investigate sexual harassment claim against O’Reilly

Call me old fashioned but I thought you’re supposed to investigate claims before the monetary payouts to accusers.

The payout is not a direct admission of guilt but it’s not far off.

This is some really crazy ass covering.