Will Trump voters fuck him over in 2018 for this tax fuckjob???

From CNBC here:

Economists and tax experts are overwhelmingly skeptical that the bills in the House and Senate can generate meaningful job growth and economic expansion. Many view the legislation not as a product of genuine deliberation, but as a transfer of wealth to corporations and affluent individuals — both generous purveyors of campaign contributions.

I never thought Trump voters were stupid.

Being unhappy and pissed off is a very different thing than being stupid.

But they have indeed been conned by the Trump.  I never thought he would do his base like this but it appears he’s desperate for a political win and he will do what he thinks he  has to get something done besides hundreds of toilet tweets.

I’m sure this is not going down well in Trump-land, wherever that may be.


Rich Dem donor Cloobek can fuck himself

From Salon here:

In a recent interview on MSNBC, Democratic Party megadonor Stephen Cloobeck blasted his party’s leadership for embracing the populist rhetoric of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and threatened to cut off funds to the party if it moves too far left. “It drives me nuts,” complained Cloobeck, the founder and former CEO of Diamond Resorts International, who is reportedly worth around $100 million. “So much so it would make me quit the party. And I’ve made it very clear [to the Democratic leadership]; I’ll cut your money off. And others will do the same. We’ve had enough.”

This guy obviously has quite a set of nuts on him to say this publicly, and he is also carrying around a very low IQ to be saying this.

It is people like him who backed the corporate candidate Clinton and as we know she was the wrong horse so this asshole helped bring us Trump.

Thanks for that, dicknut.

Goldman bullshit artist Cohn admits he’s fellating big company CEOs

From CNBC here:

“The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan,” Gary Cohn, the leading White House economic adviser and former chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

Fuck you asshole, I hope the shit fails and you end up living on the streets sharing a fucking old refrigerator box with the rapist Trump.

Go Democratic Party! Breathtaking incompetence!

From CNN here:

Washington (CNN)Favorable views of the Democratic Party have dropped to their lowest mark in more than a quarter century of polling, according to new numbers from a CNN poll conducted by SSRS.

Only 37% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Democrats, down from 44% in March of this year. A majority, 54%, have an unfavorable view, matching their highest mark in polls from CNN and SSRS, CNN/ORC and CNN/USA Today/Gallup stretching back to 1992.

I often write about the Republican Magic Bullshit Machine but we should acknowledge the Democratic Magic Bullshit Machine.

Many Democratic pundits have commented that the debate between neoliberal Democrats and progressives are driving down the popularity of the party.

As if to say any sort of debate within the party is damaging and should be repressed immediately so the status quo can continue.

I would mention Democratic bitching and moaning about Russia and their two faced stance where they take mad loot from Wall Street and then ‘defend’ the working man are both ideas that smack of a loser political party.

Schumer is so cheap with American citizens that the best he can offer is a better deal and not a good deal.  Wall Street gets the best deal and Schemer knows that so given that he’s prepared to drop a few bread crumbs down to the peasants.

This is why nobody likes the Democratic Party, because they’re in the pocket of Wall Street and pretending otherwise.

Wow, Goldman’s con man Cohn set to spin on full bullshit mode

From CNBC here:

Cohn: I don’t believe that we’ve set out to create a tax cut for the wealthy. If someone’s getting a tax cut, I’m not upset that they’re getting a tax cut. I’m really not upset.

Harwood: Your old colleague, Steve Bannon, says, ‘Ask him why they didn’t design a tax plan focused on average Trump voters.’ And when I talked to Larry Summers, who’s your predecessor at the NEC, also Treasury secretary, he said, ‘Look, they’re doing what their money wants.’

Only in bizarro con man world does a Goldman banker give the wealthy a gigantic fucking tax cut and then says we didn’t intend to.

It’s not like painting a picture and you don’t know how it comes out.

It’s a big ass spreadsheet and there are numbers on it.  You know exactly who you’re giving benefits to and who you’re taking them from.

So fuck your intentions and quit it with the bullshit lies.

Dear Trump, you stand for toilet tweeting and dime store propaganda

From CNBC here:

Even as a large bloc of Virginians told exit pollsters they were voting to send a message against him, the president blamed the losing Republican gubernatorial candidate.

“Ed Gillespie worked hard,” Trump said on Twitter while traveling in South Korea, “but did not embrace me or what I stand for.”

While the thought of embracing Trump is loathsome the idea that this orange haired caveman stands for anything is ridiculous.

If standing for spectacle and shit talking and flip flopping and urinating on hookers all duct taped together makes Trumpy feel like he stands for something he’s more than a little fucked.

Donnie Boy, you should be working on your ongoing disgraces!

From NBC News:

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — A military judge spared Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from prison for walking off his post in Afghanistan in 2009, sentencing him on Friday to a dishonorable discharge and a reduction in rank but no time behind bars.

“Sgt. Bergdahl has looked forward to today for a long time,” one of his defense attorneys, Eugene Fidell, told reporters after the sentencing.

The decision drew swift rebuke from President Donald Trump, who tweeted that it was “a complete and total disgrace to our Country and to our Military.”

Just shut the fuck up for a few days will ya, you piece of shit.