American politicians won’t take care of American bodies, never mind American minds.

Once again, our fabulous ruling class and their purchased politicians have decided that Americans won’t have universal health care and we will stick with high cost and low effectiveness of for profit health care.

So the commitment is to companies making money off bodies by selling pharmaceuticals or running hospitals.  The commitment is not to take care of the bodies of all Americans, whether they be white, black, yellow, trans, etc.

For Trump, who has aggressively dismantled Obamacare which was a Republican health care plan from back in the day to say that mental illness is should be addressed….well, that’s bullshit.

It’s not going to happen, they don’t give a flying fuck about you, your depression, anxiety, psychosis, violent fantasies or your body.

No actions have been taken by these people to lead you to any different conclusion.


At least Trumpy has good lawyers! (cuz he’s gonna need ’em!)

From the New York Times:

With President Trump’s history of contradictions and false statements, his lawyers are said to be worried that he could open himself up to charges of lying to investigators.

It’s kind of hilarious and kinda sad at the same time that Trump’s whirlwind of bullshit, lies, and propaganda is spoken of in such a commonplace way.

Oh, he’s a piece of shit liar, yeah everybody knows that.

President LyingPieceOfShit-PeePantz

From USA Today here:

WASHINGTON — Lobbying activity in Washington surged to $3.34 billion last year — its highest level since 2010 — as corporations, trade groups and other interests scrambled to make their mark on everything from fast-moving tax legislation to immigration policy during President Trump’s first year

Dems must never allow Trump’s wall to be built. Ever.

From the Washington Post:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer’s offer of border wall funding for action to protect those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is a weird trade — but many Democrats might agree to it.

The wall is more than a wall.  It represents Trump’s legacy and his bullshit racist world view and it must not be built as it validates his bullshit and the bullshit of his supporters.

I can’t believe Chucky boy even offered.  It’s not just a wall as he would probably try to explain away.

It’s for the best….

From Zero Hedge here:

As the mainstream media once again loses its collective mind over Trump’s “shithole” comment, Congress, after expressing optimism just a few days ago, has once again descended into complete chaos with any hopes of a bipartisan immigration deal seemingly being tossed…well, down the “shithole.”

If a government shutdown comes with a Twitter break from President RacistFuck that would be great and we should hope for that.

We can also hope for a horrifying health crisis at the White House…a stroke or an aneurysm would be great.


Looks like Warren Buffett didn’t learn about slavery when he was in school

From CNBC here:

“In 1776, America set off to unleash human potential by combining market economics, the rule of law and equality of opportunity. This foundation was an act of genius that in only 241 years converted our original villages and prairies into $96 trillion of wealth,” he says.

Remember this is the third richest person in the world.

Slavery was legal while being a moral abomination.  As for equality of opportunity, I don’t 3/5ths personhood and being chained to the land counts.

I think when some people talk about white supremacy and then they wrinkle their foreheads when they don’t understand look at this quote.

This old bastard is leaving out a big ol’ chunk of American history — he’s whitewashing the shit out of the exploitation involved in building the American economy.