Ryan/Trump DeathCare Tax Cut Circle Jerk!

Headline from CNBC:

House Speaker Ryan says Trump ‘knocked the ball out of the park’ in push for Obamacare repeal

Get a room and blow him in private because this is just depressing and disgusting to watch Paul Ryan unhitch Trumpy’s trousers.


Mike Bloomberg can fuck himself

From Bloomberg here:

Republicans were wrong to stonewall Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. (Of course, Democrats had promised to use the tactic yearsearlier had a vacancy occurred under Republican presidents.) But the fact remains that the country needs a full complement of justices — not only to break ties on major issues, but also to prevent a breakdown of constitutional order.

Oh, little fucker Mike Bloomberg does not realize that a 4-4 split is better for liberals than 5-4 with this pencilhead fuckface, quietly ill Gorsuch.

Plus it rewards these scumbags for what they did last year.  Karma is a bitch yo.



More notable is the concrete in El Trump-o’s head!

Headline from here:


This is like watching some high hormone high school boys in a locker room.  He’s got concrete in his blood!  The animal spirits have been activated!  He loves to watch prostitutes pee on each other!

It’s more than a little homo-erotic which is not bad but they should come out of the closet with it.

Manly men and the men they love and adore.



Russian Ambassador to U.S. giving free blowies?

Headline from Salon:

More Trump-Russia contacts: Trump met Sergey Kislyak, aide Carter Page went to Russia last year

Everybody is meeting with this guy even El Trump-o!

He’s not the most fabulous looking Russian gent I’ve ever seen, but he’s not quite Stalin either.

He’s got to have some sort of skill if not an erotic one.

Proof, schmoof!

Headline from Salon:

Trump’s White House can’t provide evidence that the president was wiretapped

C’mon it’s not like anybody should expect anything from our great exalted leader, the one and only Drumpfmeister.

Just shoot your piehole off on the ol’ Twatter and let the chips fall where they may!


El Trump-o is bigly pissed!

From CNN here:

The President is showing increasing flashes of anger over the performance of his senior staff and daily developments about Russia overshadowing his message, multiple people inside the White House and outside the administration told CNN.
Trump voiced his frustration to his inner circle in the Oval Office Friday, sources said. He feels attacked by the media, former Obama administration officials and others, and frustrated that things are not going more smoothly. The President expressed his anger at non-stop leaks undermining his administration, the sources said.
I think this whole shitshow should be topped up with a call for Trump’s taxes and his birth certificate.
That motherfucker don’t look American to me!  That orange hair is the hair of a foreigner.
Lock him up!!  Lock him up!!!