The lifestyles of the creme de la creme of ill Wall St. bitches!

From Bloomberg here:

Excerpt 1:

A former Lone Star Funds executive, who asked judges to weigh the value of “genius” in a bid to win a bigger share of a $225 million fortune than his ex-wife, lost his divorce appeal at a London court on Tuesday.

Excerpt 2:

The appeal judges agreed saying the use “of the word genius is unhelpful,” and that Work “failed to demonstrate that” the previous judge’s “decision was wrong.”

But Donnie, you poison the youth too!

From the real life Twatter account of Donald Trump:

The Wall is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth (and many others)!

Look in the mirror you ill Orange Fuck!

Do you think you’re not scarring the nation with this bullshit racism/rapist/power trip you have going?

You’re gonna burn in

Unholy conservative douchebag collective Freedom Caucus will get encore!

From Bloomberg here:

Far-right Republicans who helped block House Speaker Paul Ryan’s goal of replacing Obamacare may also be in position to imperil his dreams of a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code.

This is a classic case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Make no mistake these Freedom Caucus fucks are full on assholes — they hate a lot of shit.

Remember, they didn’t not against TrumpCare because it was too cruel but because they wanted it even crueler.

Jump up and down that the Republican Party is split like a giant ass but these are not cool peeple.

It’s really too bad folks punished Uber for being a dick outfit :)

From the Daily Beast here:

According to a report in The New York Times, the grassroots #DeleteUber campaign resulted in about half a million requests to delete the app in the week following the beginning of the campaign in January.

Uber’s CEO had a beef with a driver and said something like ‘some people can’t take responsibility for their own shit’.

Well, it looks like Uber is now getting the message that karma is a bitch.

Ryan/Trump DeathCare Tax Cut Circle Jerk!

Headline from CNBC:

House Speaker Ryan says Trump ‘knocked the ball out of the park’ in push for Obamacare repeal

Get a room and blow him in private because this is just depressing and disgusting to watch Paul Ryan unhitch Trumpy’s trousers.


Mike Bloomberg can fuck himself

From Bloomberg here:

Republicans were wrong to stonewall Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. (Of course, Democrats had promised to use the tactic yearsearlier had a vacancy occurred under Republican presidents.) But the fact remains that the country needs a full complement of justices — not only to break ties on major issues, but also to prevent a breakdown of constitutional order.

Oh, little fucker Mike Bloomberg does not realize that a 4-4 split is better for liberals than 5-4 with this pencilhead fuckface, quietly ill Gorsuch.

Plus it rewards these scumbags for what they did last year.  Karma is a bitch yo.