Trump says Dems and Mexicans started stock crash 3 weeks before election!!!

Fake news you bitches!!!

Brett Kavanaugh sure didn’t do it, that’s for sure.


Mitch McConnell whips out his ancient pair of turtle balls

From CBS News here:

McConnell: Senate won’t be “intimidated” by “mob-like tactics” of anti-Kavanaugh protesters

I hope his house gets burned down.

He’s the fucking grim reaper of American politics and nothing to be proud of.

Kavanaugh = Lies!

From the Guardian here:

The declaration said she had “observed Brett Kavanaugh drink excessively at these parties and engage in abusive and physically aggressive behaviour towards girls, including pressing girls against him without their consent, “grinding” against girls and and attempting to remove or shift girls clothing to expose private body parts”.

I think he’s perjured himself and has broken the law.

Teen stalker Roy Moore throws his good name behind weasel-y wannabe predator Kavanaugh!

From the Daily Beast here:

Roy Moore, the disgraced former Alabama Senate candidate, is advising Senate Republicans to “take a stand” and back Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid a sexual-assault allegation.

I guess Roy took a few minutes out from perusing the teen section at Pornhub to make this moral statement.

Stand back, ye infidels, and let the predators pass as the Bible commandeth!


One of America’s most powerful Christians is a hypocritical bullshit artist

From the Daily Beast here:

Recently, some of Vice President Mike Pence’s essays from the 1990s resurfaced, in which he made the case for a moral president and suggested that a lascivious president with a penchant for lying should resign or be impeached.

Oh my, let’s just let that smelly Pence fart sit out there and stink with the rank and rotten hypocrisy it’s loaded with.


Is it not sickening to see so many Democrats flock to universal health care in 2018?

Where was everybody when Barack Obama was forcing through a Republican health care plan that a lot of people in the medical community said was never going to work.

And progressives said it wasn’t going to work because corporate insurance companies are shitty partners in containing health care costs due to them being profit seeking companies.

And while the expansion of Medicaid has helped a lot of people the insurance exchanges are not prospering and were not prospering before Trump took an axe to them.