Police antagonism is underdiscussed and it fucking happens.

From the Guardian:

The police do this for many reasons. One, they’re into it, they love fucking up brown people and fighting. Two, politically the issue moves away from the killing of a black person to the behavior of the other black people protesting.

Total distraction away from their shitty performance as police officers.

There are other reasons but really aren’t these two enough?

Giuliani as a metaphor of a rotting America!

From CNBC:

I never really bought the Giuliani hype but at least after 9/11 he was competent and did some version of a decent thing.

But now, Jesus H. Christ, what a friggin’ half daft joke this guy is. Horny, incoherent, unfocused, horny, delusional, not funny, horny.

Please release us from this clownshow.

Due to general dumbfuckedness and trash ethics Jim Jordan doesn’t realize his ‘liberty’ robs others of their liberty.

From Yahoo News:

Whatever you think of masks, they were an option to slow and stop this pandemic.

Countries like New Zealand and Vietnam used masks and track and trace technology to escape this pandemic almost unscathed by loss of human life.

Now fuckface Jim Jordan would say that impinges on his liberty. And it’s just so fucking stupid it’s not funny and the only thing I can hope for is that he will catch covid and get really sick so he can come back to reality.

Let me be one of the last to take a shit on this classic Nancy Pelosi nugget!

From the interwebz:

I don’t know if her head is turning into an overripe canteloupe but this is quite fucking daft and deserves a fart in its general direction.

George Floyd was not asked if he wanted to sacrifice his life, you dummy. His life was taken from him, please think before you speak.

It’s not called a maximum wage! We know dis.

From Business Insider:

Well, the .5% of people who control that minimum wage don’t really give a fuck whether 80% of Americans think the federal minimum wage is too low until their houses are in danger of being burned down.

$7.25 minimum wage in the USA in 2021? Positively fucking midieval.

Oh boy, QAnon Shaman wears horns cuz he’s full of buffalo shit or cow shit, or just shit.

From the interwebz:

Well I hope QAnon Shaman will be creating positive vibrations in prison for a bit, no? He can try to keep that space sacred as far as I’m concerned.

I am impressed with the sophistication of his bullshit, it’s Trump level. However, Trump has thus far successfully evaded prison while QAnon Shaman looks to have a tougher road to hoe on that point.

Is ‘brilliant’ general Mattis dumb as a bag of rocks?

From the Bulwark:

You don’t have to be a Trump booster to recognize that Trump got a shitload of votes from Americans he most definitely has a place in the politics of our country.


Unfortunately Mattis can not recognize this, and a lot of stupid fake liberals believe that this was some sore of aberration but it’s not.

Look at the way the police reacted in New York City two nights ago on MLK day (remember the NYPD union went out of its way to endorse Donald Trump) and tell me that Trump is a man without a country.

This is very short sighted thinking.

We shall see if Lindsey Graham will reap what he sows.

From the Root:

Look what happens when you fuck with the definition of American. Black folks aren’t real Americans, immigrants aren’t Americans at all, pretty soon Lindsey Graham is a traitor because Trump supporters think they’re the only Americans around.

What a huge ass bag of stupid.