Fake news/propaganda is caused by capitalism — why is this never mentioned?

From a survey of folks in the journalism game here:


The drive to survive as a journalism company creates pressure to grab headlines and sensationalize stories.

Trump is a victim of fake news as well as a primary driver of fake news because he’s a lying bitch.

Nobody, nobody is talking about how have a for profit media is altering the flow of information in our society.

Because everybody in America thinks capitalism is the best ever and can’t ever be criticized.

God help us, 2020’s Obama has entered the ring!

From CNBC:


He also called for unity in our divided country!

An Obama classic.  Of course, unifying the country when one of our political parties is essentially a corporate fascist party means you will govern as a good looking moderate Republican and call yourself a capitalist and progressive.

Haven’t we seen this illogical bag of shit before?

Pelosi great on wall, Medicare for All, eh, not so much!

From the Guardian:


I’m not a believer in the Pelosi revolution even though the wall issue is a big winner for her.  When it comes to tax policy and really important stuff like your body and the government taking care of it, she’s gonna look a lot less exciting.

But folks are so desperate for any sort of alternative to President Toilet Tweet that they will latch onto someone who isn’t really gonna hook them up.

Unless carpenter Jesus comes down to build wall himself there will never be a Trump wall!

From CNBC here:


Or maybe Rudy the Joker and Donald the Doodle should head on down to the border with some cordless tools and some plywood.

Cuz apparently it’s not really a wall, whatever that means.

By that logic if it’s not a wall then it’s already been built and everything is fine.

So let’s call this whole wall thing a done deal and you know, do something useful with our lives.