Ireland shows Israel how a nation of laws behaves!

From the Independent:

Ireland moves to ban Israeli goods from occupied Palestinian territories

Senator Frances Black says the bill should show Ireland to be on the right side of ‘international law, human rights and justice’

I’m sure this is making bigly news here in America.  I have invented a category that sits right beneath fake news — it’s called no news.

This is not news here in America because it shows us to be a hypocritical, biased participant in the Middle East.

Not on the New York Times, not on CBS News, not on CNBC.

It’s not news so that shit didn’t happen here.


El Trump-o has the power to prove that he was phone tapped.

From CBS News here:

Chaffetz confirmed that wiretapping requires obtaining a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant in court and that there would be a “paper trail” if anything did occur. He also said that the president also has the power to declassify information about a FISA order.

All right then, President Orange Hump.  Get off the fucking Twatter and declassify the FISA order and let’s get it on.

Lest anybody get their undies in a bunch J. Edgar Hoover illegally tapped phones for almost the whole run of his career at the FBI and he did it with no supervision or paper trail.

It is possible somebody tapped this hump without a court order but it’s a pretty low probability event.

It is interesting that nobody is talking about how tapping phones and putting people under surveillance is pretty undemocratic and has always been that.  We could actually get on with shit that actually matters if the power to tap phones and put people under surveillance was drastically restricted.

A big fuck you to baby faced Trump-a-lumpa Stephen Miller!

From Salon here:

…the president’s 31-year-old senior adviser, Stephen Miller, a weaselly young man who would be perfectly cast as a Star Wars villain. Last week, Miller made the almost cartoonish assertion that “our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Fuck you, you little piece of shit.

The orange haired rapist Trump will protect our country and it will not be questioned.

Jesus fuck, somebody dirtnap this puke.