Ben Fountain on childish America

From the Guardian here:

“He is unsparing in scorn for the amped-up patriotism used to create the myth of American exceptionalism, the idea of a chosen land specially blessed and purposed with a world-changing mission.

“It’s the I-Love-America-More-Than-You smackdown: America is and always has been the greatest, ever, at everything, and anyone who disagrees just doesn’t love America enough. Which is political discourse as fairy tale, a made-up story for children.”

How do Bible thumpers abide by the Satanic Dingleberry Trump?

From the Daily Beast here:

At a White House dinner Monday night, a Florida pastor who has gained a following preaching on television and advising the president gave Donald Trump a Bible signed by more than 100 leading evangelical Christians with an inscription that said “History will record the greatness that you have brought for generations.”

As my father used to say — you can always tell an evangelical, you just can’t tell him/her much.

You can’t make these conspiracy assholes look like victims!

From the Verge:

“When I have to seek out and search for the information and views I want to hear rather than them be available to me from any and all platforms, I know who’s side is corrupt and treasonous,” said one review. “I was 50/50 on the fence about Alax Jones, but now that they have taken away my rights I’m 100% sure infowars has been truth all along.”

See what happens?

He’s going to use this removal to consolidate his power over his listeners by saying ‘look, I told you they’re assholes, they’re taking away your rights.’

I’m all for fucking with this guy, he’s a piece of shit but not this way.  Labelling his podcast as entertainment, suing him in court for libel, that sort of shit will work and show his listeners that he’s no freedom fighter, he’s a bullshit artist.

Has there been one week where Facebook hasn’t done anything ill?

From the Daily Beast here:

A bipartisan group of 17 U.S. representatives sent a letter Monday to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, urging them to rebuff the Vietnamese government’s demands to remove posts it deems politically sensitive.

They comply with these governments’ requests because they want to do business in these countries.  Facebook has spent forever getting into China and they’re gonna throw whatever dissidents they have to under the bus to make their money there.

Same with Google and Apple.

These are some ill ass companies with zero ethics.

Ireland shows Israel how a nation of laws behaves!

From the Independent:

Ireland moves to ban Israeli goods from occupied Palestinian territories

Senator Frances Black says the bill should show Ireland to be on the right side of ‘international law, human rights and justice’

I’m sure this is making bigly news here in America.  I have invented a category that sits right beneath fake news — it’s called no news.

This is not news here in America because it shows us to be a hypocritical, biased participant in the Middle East.

Not on the New York Times, not on CBS News, not on CNBC.

It’s not news so that shit didn’t happen here.