What fueled the initial rise of the Nazis?

From here:

A huge segment of the population of the United States is filled with hatred so intense they actively want a vastly more authoritarian government that will shove that hatred down the throats of the left. They want fascism. They’re hungry for it, whether they call it that or not. In the kind of Orwellian doublespeak this administration has become famous for, they call it “liberty” or “freedom” or “American values”, but they’re talking about hard authoritarianism. They’re talking about fascism.

While there is a large racial component to the Nazi legacy, it is the economic humiliation heaped on Germany after World War I that triggered the initial Nazi rise.

So while I see tons of folks arguing whether Trump’s are acting out of racist motivations it is the economic humiliation created by globalization that sparked Trump’s initial rise.  Make America great again can either be I want my fucking job back or make America white again, but the problem with the latter is America has never been fully white.

If you ask me what is so far up the ass of hardcore Trump supporters it is the economic humiliation they’ve endured.  Trump cashed in on that.  They have foul, foul asshole views on race but if they had good paying union jobs he wouldn’t have risen.


If Trump insists on Warren-Pocohontas then Trump-Hitler is a go!

Headline from the Root:

Why Calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocohontas’ is Racist, Explained

Trump’s retard spawn Eric went on the Twatter to vehemently deny that calling Elizabeth Warren Pocohontas at a Native American codetalkers ceremony is racist.

Jesus fuck we should be horrified and grateful for Trump’s latest as it gives us all the opportunity to impugn his German heritage and call him an orange haired version of Hitler because he is of that group.

Heil Trump-Hitler!

Trump turning White House gig into avant garden theater/propaganda show!

Headline from CNBC:

White House: It doesn’t matter if anti-Muslim videos are real because ‘the threat is real’

This is kind of mindblowing.  Not only does it not matter if the anti-Muslim videos are not real, threats may or may not be real.

Whenever somebody threatens you what is the first question you ask yourself?  Is this a real threat?  It’s only real if somebody proceeds to act upon their threat.  Trumpy and company are eliminating the idea that their can be phony threats, or made up threats.  Like the threat of weapons of mass destruction, right?

So we’re muy mucho coming disconnected from reality.  The threat is not real, the threat may or may not be real but it definitely doesn’t matter if the videos, it doesn’t matter if the videos Trumpy retweeted are real, it doesn’t fucking matter if anything is real or not.

It’s just a giant fucking show, and a bad one at that.


Black President kills tons of non-white folks and then skates!

From the Daily Beast here:

Ahmed Salem bin Ali Jaber, better known as Salem, was an imam who preached against al-Qaeda in Yemen. Waleed bin Ali Jaber, Salem’s son, was a traffic cop. On August 29, 2012, a U.S. drone strike killed them. On Monday, the American justice system buried them.

Faisal bin Ali Jaber is Salem’s brother-in-law—he preferred to say brother—and Waleed’s uncle. Two years after the strike, Faisal received a plastic bag from a Yemeni intelligence official. Inside was $100,000 in sequential bills—not Yemeni rials, American dollars. It was twice the $25,000 per dead innocent relative that has become a grim, underreported ritual of the U.S. drone war in Yemen. But it was more than blood money, Faisal believed. It was hush money.

Who was President on August 29, 2012?

Maybe Trumpy got confused with ‘Gaping Swollen Exposed Anus of the Year’

Headline from Zero Hedge:

Less than three hours later, Time disputed the President’s narrative, effectively calling Trump a liar: “The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6,” Time responded in a tweet that got approximately three times as many likes and retweets as Trump’s.

Trump opposes ATT deal but favors ending net neutrality?

From NY Times:

The Federal Communications Commission plans to scrap net neutrality rules requiring broadband providers to give consumers equal access to all content on the internet.

This only makes sense when you consider that Trump makes no sense.

Trump thinks the AT & T merger with Time Warner is bad for the country, but ending net neutrality is good for us?  Opposing a merger is anti-corporate while ending net neutrality is very pro-corporate, especially for a company like AT&T.

Nice job asshole.