For God’s sake, don’t be the last asshole on the boat, miss the boat!

Headline from CNBC:


The 2017 chart of the stock market looks ‘eerily similar’ to the one that crashed 30 years ago

You don’t want to be that sucker that’s left holding the bag when the bottom falls out!


Toy Nazi Bannon’s moral high ground!

From NBC News here:

And while Bannon has focused mostly on the Senate so far, he is backing former Rep. Michael Grimm, R-N.Y., who is seeking to regain his House seat after serving prison time for a felony tax fraud conviction.

That sounds like a great candidate to carry forth the masturbating fascist Bannon’s agenda.

We know he doesn’t like the non-white folks, and he hates the Jews and probably the gays, but he loves criminals.  Financial criminals, tax evaders, fraudsters.

He likes people who have committed fraud because he himself is a fraud.

Much like Emperor Fraud that currently stalks the White House.

Jesus, another barrel of Trump Manure! #fuckoff

Headline from CBS News:

“Confidence in our country is back,” Trump says as he promotes tax reform plan

If you mean confidence that President OrangePrick is going to blow up the world and everybody in it, well that confidence has skyrocketed for sure.

Otherwise, shoot me.

NFL owner Jones also announces plan to grow cotton in and around Dallas Cowboy Stadium!!

From Salon here:

But on September 25, directly after Trump’s controversial statement, and when every NFL team participated in some form of protest or display of solidarity, Jones and the entire Cowboys team linked arms and briefly took a knee before the national anthem. No Cowboys player has kneeled since. “We know that there is a serious debate in this country about those issues,” Jones said following Sunday’s game. “But there is no question in my mind that the National Football League and the Dallas Cowboys are going to stand up for the flag. Just so we’re clear.” He added, “The whole deal is political and incited by politics.”

Cowboys’ players will be allowed to take a knee to pick cotton for Mr. Jones’ soon to be profitable business that will help maintain his billionaire lifestyle!


Would Hilz have won election if Bubba wasn’t a sexual predator?

Hillary Clinton was not able to stand on stage at a debate and call Trump a rapist.

Trump is a rapist (as well as a racist) and if she had been able to directly call him a sexual predator I think she could have swayed the election her way.

I understand that Hillary Clinton made her personal decision to be with Bill Clinton and that’s her decision to make but nobody is talking about the damage to her credibility as a voice for women when her husband is guilty of foul Harvey Weinstein like behavior.