Play Nazi Bannon jerks off on a bunch of jerk off evangelicals

From Washington Post here:

At various points in the speech, Bannon, who runs the far-right website Breitbart News, leveled attacks at former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Southern Poverty Law Center — whose funders, he alleged, have committed “economic hate crimes” — and boasted that Trump will win 400 electoral votes in 2020. But the bulk of the address consisted of a passionate screed against mainstream Republicans.

“It’s a test of wills,” Bannon said. “We’re going to determine … who is more powerful: the money of the corporatists or the muscle of the people.”

Jesus fuck, this dude needs to take all his pills, he can’t skip a few without getting these grand delusions.

Someone should Nazi punch this alcoholic, racist masturbator….


NFL owner Jones also announces plan to grow cotton in and around Dallas Cowboy Stadium!!

From Salon here:

But on September 25, directly after Trump’s controversial statement, and when every NFL team participated in some form of protest or display of solidarity, Jones and the entire Cowboys team linked arms and briefly took a knee before the national anthem. No Cowboys player has kneeled since. “We know that there is a serious debate in this country about those issues,” Jones said following Sunday’s game. “But there is no question in my mind that the National Football League and the Dallas Cowboys are going to stand up for the flag. Just so we’re clear.” He added, “The whole deal is political and incited by politics.”

Cowboys’ players will be allowed to take a knee to pick cotton for Mr. Jones’ soon to be profitable business that will help maintain his billionaire lifestyle!


Ah, the naivete re: Facebook and $$$

From here:

In a recent essay for the London Review of Books, John Lanchester argued that for all its rhetoric about connecting the world, the company is ultimately built to extract data from users to sell to advertisers. This may be true, but Facebook’s business model tells us only so much about how the network shapes the world.

While I think that tens of millions of people are on Facebook and not thinking about Facebook’s business, but that does not change the fact that Facebook would not exist unless it was a business.

It was funded from the very beginning by wealthy folks before its IPO as a business, a cleverly disguised advertising business masquerading as a social media platform.  And it continues to grow in influence and power as it makes more money and sucks more people into its orbit.

Zucky is legally obligated to his shareholders to deliver maximum financial results.

He’s only obligated to his users to keep them around.

Who do you think dictates what happens at Facebook?  Shareholders or Facebook users?

It’s not even debatable.


Is the NFL trying to squash Kaepernick by having owners kneel and lock arms?

NFL team owners are some of the illest bitches in our society.  Let’s not pretend that overnight they have seen the light and are now in agreement with Kaepernick about police brutality.

You can bet your ass the NFL has a collection of PR and crisis management people that came up with this strategy to make them look cool again.

It is the nature of propaganda and the use of association at work here.  When the owners kneel with their players they’re associating themselves with Kaepernick without addressing the issue Kaepernick was protesting.

They sure as shit muddy the waters by mimicking Kaepernick’s kneel.

A lot of the pro football players were protesting Trump’s ridiculous assertions about kneeling players being fired and getting them off the field.  So they kneeled in solidarity with Kaepernick — some probably in solidarity with Kaepernick’s view of the police and some not wanting to deal with that at all.

I’m calling this a brilliant nugget of propaganda by the NFL and their image handlers.  They look better while not dealing with how they’ve blackballed Kaepernick and staying out of the police brutality issue.

Even though first glances might make it appear that NFL owners have turned over a new leaf they’re still ill bitches and there’s more here than meets the eye.

What didn’t they say?

“We think all players including Kaepernick have the right as Americans to protest whatever they want to protest and they will not be punished for their protests.”

You have to be a real piece of shit to make Roger Goodell look reasonable!

From here:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Saturday responded to President Trump’s Friday night monologue attacking the NFL and players who kneel in protest during the national anthem, saying the president’s “divisive comments” reveal an “unfortunate lack of respect” for the NFL and contributions players make to their communities.

Roger Goodall is one of the foulest bitches in American public life.  He’s incompetent, ill, and an all around offensive piece of shit.

However he looks absolutely reasonable up against President PieceOfShit who just sits on the toilet and tweets the most mindless diarrhea that crosses his tiny brainpan.


Quote of the day!

From the Nation here:

From Clinton to Obama, Democratic administrations took their cues from Wall Street financiers and the multinational corporations that were gutting US jobs and wages. Dems too often dismissed these dislocations and stagnant wages as unfortunate but temporary. For better wages, workers simply needed more education. But the displaced didn’t need an economist to figure out what was happening to them. They saw it in their pay stubs and swollen credit-card debt. A lot of them voted for the crackpot last fall.

This under discussed world view of the Democratic Party, embodied by the Clintons, has not been given its full airing in relations to Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

Do you think people cared more that she was a woman or that her husband had gladly helped to implement pro Wall Street/multinational policies?

It’s very convenient to blame gender and maintain class as it is now but I’m voting for class over gender and race as factors in Trump’s win while acknowledging there was sexism and racism in Trump’s campaign.

But there was racism in Bill Clinton’s campaign and folks don’t seem to want to talk about that.


Big money honcho can’t take a cold hand on his douchey nuts!

From CNBC here:

Blackstone co-founder Steve Schwarzman said Tuesday he was accused of being a Nazi in emails he received following President Donald Trump’s comments that appeared to support white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Schwarzman, who is Jewish, described the time as one of “astonishing pressure” on a group of corporate CEOs like himself who had been part of a White House policy forum advising the president.

“You should have seen some of the emails I got,” Schwarzman said at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York. “I was accused of being a Nazi.”

Poor baby, can’t take a little heat!

You lie down with white supremacist politicians and you’re gonna get Nazi fleas you bitch!

I guess we got a billionaire snowflake on our hands here.