Trump to slit his own throat with this tax package

Trump the candidate connected with his voters on the issue of outsourcing and globalization and its effects on Joe and Jane Lunchbox.

Now a year later Trump the President is about to slash taxes so corporations can bring their outsourcing profits back to the U.S. and he’s okay with raising taxes on middle class voters who put his ass in there.

Leaving aside the racist dogwhistles that Trump has employed while condemning it, these voters thought he was going to battle these corporations on their behalf.

I think President Cheese Doodle has lost the plot and this is gonna backfire on him bigly.


One truth and one big ass honkin’ lie!

From the Daily Beast here:

“Most wealthy donors are not overly concerned about our taxes. We will always find ways to limit the percentage paid,” said Deason. “We are concerned about corporate tax relief to spur growth to create jobs and increases in payroll for the middle class and the poor.”

It’s true that wealthy political donors aren’t super concerned with their taxes as they’ve either created or paid others to find ways out of paying their taxes.  This is a rare acknowledgment of a truth.

How do I know that wealthy donors aren’t concerned with creating jobs?  Well, they’re exactly the same people that have outsourced millions of jobs so if they cared about creating jobs they wouldn’t outsource ’em.


This is some powerfully wrong headed shit

From the Daily Beast article about teen molester Roy Moore here:

“You can’t be a victim 40 years later, in my opinion.”

This explains how a lot of white people feel about slavery, the passage of time wipes out evil behavior.

It’s an extremely convenient excuse for asshole behavior and an effortless way to wipe it away.

However, it’s just not true.  Humans are victimized and they live with that victimization inside of them whether it’s the Holocaust or slavery or rape.

But with one sentence not only is this person attempting a reset he’s victimizing those women again.  And the same goes for people who bitch about slavery and racism against black people and how long ago it was.



As a rich ass bitch Bloomberg can’t grok giving the middle finger to rich ass bitches!

Headline from the Guardian:

Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump

Exclusive: Billionaire media mogul says it is ‘hard to understand why a country doing so well wanted to ruin it’

Mike, Mike, you pathetic piece of shit.

Maybe as a country the UK looked like it was doing well, but large swathes of that country were not doing well and wanted to send a piquant fuck you along to those financial folks in London.

Same here — I loathe President PeeNutz but there’s a reason he won and Bloomberg is showing a very limited world view in not being able to get inside any of that.

Blood sucking hedge fund debt pimp can go fuck himself

Headline from CNBC:

Hedge-fund billionaire Klarman says Puerto Rico should pay its debts

Of course, they’re leaving out the part in the headline where this prick nut Klarman owns $911 million of Puerto Rico bonds.

And they’re leaving out the part where countries all over the world have repeatedly defaulted on their debt and have borrowed again.

I would like to see this douchbag taka major hit because he’s a deceptive blood sucking asshole, it’s as simple as that.

To be speaking about Puerto Rico paying their debts when people don’t have electricity, clean water, and homes is fucked in the head.

The stock market is the foundation of Trump’s asshole Presidency

Millions of Americans that are riding this bubble until it explodes are more than willing to overlook an awful lot of ill shit because their accounts are swelling.

He’s already an unpopular President — what would his poll numbers look like if the market was flat, or (God forbid) down?

Hint:  They would be lower than they already are.

To think the market has rallied 15% on three failed attempts to repeal Obamacare and rumors/dirty talk surrounding massive tax cuts for already wealthy assholes doesn’t speak well to the professionalism of the stock market.

Trump and the stock market are pimping each other in a sick, unhealthy way and it’s sickening to watch.