Don’t think Pelosi is going to save us from Trump or anybody/anything else

From NBC News:


For those folks not paying attention Nancy Pelosi is fucking around with House rules to essentially cock block universal health care.  This is my main beef with Pelosi and a large part of the centrist Democratic Party.  They continue to insist on the awesomeness of Obamacare and are down with a for profit healthcare system.

Obviously they’ve never been on Obamacare as a normal American or they would recognize it kinda blows and only shines when you compare it to Trump’s bag of shit health care plans which amounts to a ‘good luck out there bitches’ kinda thing.

If Pelosi can’t bring herself to make American bodies a non-profit obligation of the government you can’t really trust her with much else.

Quote of the day!

From the Guardian here:


The sad reality is that Trump has given more of a shit to victims of neoliberalism and globalization than Hillary Clinton and Obama and Bubba Clinton.

Of course they would vehemently deny this but if their lives were decent and their economic futures assured at the same level as Obama’s tech donors we never would have been treated to the Trump.

It is the rotting body in Obama’s Presidential closet that his economic policies brought on Trump.  He’s never going to cop to it but it’s true.

Corporate America taking your wages and investing in robots to replace you!

From CNBC here:

Large companies actually cut back on bonuses in 2018 and plan to do so even more next year, according to new data from Aon, an insurance broker. (It surveyed 1,000 businesses with 5,000 or more employees.)

“It’s particularly startling in light of the fact that the economy is strong and company performance is very good,” said Ken Abosch, broad-based compensation leader at Aon.

It’s not startling, it’s business as usual.

The goal is not to pay you and not to make you prosperous.

The goal is to make as much money for shareholders as possible and pay it out to them in increased share price or via dividends.

I don’t know why any American with half a god damn brain would be surprised that wages aren’t growing.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Will midterm elections be the end for Wisconsin’s Lil’ Fucker Scott Walker???

From Salon here:

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was the rising star of the Republican Party and believed to be destined for the White House just four years ago. Instead, he may be forced into an early retirement from politics.

An NBC News/Marist poll released Thursday shows Walker down a whopping 10 points against his Democratic challenger, state schools superintendent Tony Evers. Evers leads by 53 to 43 percent among likely voters, the survey reported.

Oh no, what to do or say?

Walker is one of the Cock/Koch brothers’ favorite fellaters.  He’s trashed his state of Wisconsin in the name of bullshit and thievery.

I will cry for you Scott Walker, you miserable piece of shit, in the same way that I cried for the traffic stopping Chris Christie.

If it happens it will be tears of joy, you fucker.

Fact: Trump stole Dem voters as Dems screwed them over and over

From the Guardian here:

North-east Minnesota was once a Democratic bastion. For decades, the ore-miners of the Iron Range counties and the steelworkers of Duluth voted for candidates like Hubert Humphrey and Paul Wellstone. But the steelworks closed and automation reduced jobs in the mines. And voters discovered Trump.

Jeff Sessions is a racist asshole masquerading as a decent Christian

From here:

Even Sessions’ own church, the United Methodist Church, is rejecting what he is doing.

“Tearing children away from parents who have made a dangerous journey to provide a safe and sufficient life for them is unnecessarily cruel and detrimental to the well-being of parents and children,” reads a statement signed by Bishop Kenneth Carter, president of the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church.

Sessions has drawn widespread condemnation for his “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, which separates children from their parents so the adults can be criminally prosecuted for crossing the border without documentation. But the attorney general hit another nerve Thursday when he claimed the Bible justifies his actions.

Fuck this little weasel and his ill shit — I hope he gets dispatched to Hell as soon as his fucking huge ears squeak past the Pearly Gates.

I have nothing for hatred for anybody, of any party, to be treating humans this way.