Why Obamacare and for profit healthcare is a bullshit dream!

From Naked Capitalism here:

CNN managed to get the attention of California’s insurance regulator Dave Jones over a bombshell admission in a suit against Aetna over the denial of care.1 From a videotaped deposition, as summarized in MedCity News Aetna’s former medical director Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma, whose job was to review whether to authorize payments:

He went on to admit he never looked at patients’ records at Aetna and instead relied on information provided by a nurse. Most of his work, he said, was found online. During any given month, Iinuma said he’d call a nurse “zero to one” times to gather more data.

A for profit healthcare provider is motivated by their own financial plans and goals first and patient care after that.

Who finds it shocking that an insurance company doctor isn’t even looking at patient records?  I find this to be completely in line with my experience in the American healthcare system and society.


Ah, the Facebook Scumbag Machine rolls on!

From CNBC here:

Facebook is suggesting mobile users ‘Protect’ themselves…by downloading a Facebook-owned app that tracks their mobile usage

And they don’t tell you they own the company they’re pimping!  #transparencyZuckiestyle

Quote of the day!

From Naked Capitalism here:

…the neoliberal model is increasingly under stress, as the consequences of rising inequality and unheard-of low levels of the benefits of growth going to laborers undermines the legitimacy of the system and is producing bad outcomes ranging from political fracture to falling life expectancy and an opioid crisis that is in large measure the result of the collapse of typically rural communities. The last thing the US needed was more transfers to the rich in the form of the Trump tax bill.

Zuckie tries on the humble hat as Facebook hate grows….

Headline from CNBC:

Mark Zuckerberg on starting Facebook at 19: ‘I’ve made almost every mistake you can imagine’

I don’t think Zuckerberg believes a word of this headline as he sits atop one of the largest fortunes in the world.

Why would he say such a thing?

Cuz he and his image handlers are trying for some sympathy as people (like myself) pile well deserved hatred on his bullshit project.

This guy is an arrogant punk ass.  Maybe he should have listened to election regulators who came to him around 2011 and explained how somebody might use his site to manipulate elections.  Ah no, he had it all under control.

Now look where he has landed, in the techno toilet after cashing in on troll bots, denying that he had anything to do with the election, and now…..

…..humble pie.

Poor Zuckie, poor poor Zuckie.  Not literally of course.

The brazen openness of this legalized Cock Bros. corruption is sickening

Headline from CNBC:

Conservative Koch brothers’ network to spend up to $400 million for the midterm election cycle – including $20 million to sell the GOP tax law

I’ve been hoping the Grim Reaper would swoop down and scoop up these geriatric pieces of shit but thus far my prayers have gone unanswered.

American society would be of a much higher quality if normal Americans realized how much propaganda is floating around in our society and demanded an end to it.

Americans think only the Communists and dictators engage in propaganda.