Ah, so much for doing the right/moral/ethical thing!

From the New York Times:


Ah, who’s to say the Republicans are the only party that thinks solely of the political advantage of a given situation?

I’m guessing non-white folks who bear the brunt of Trump’s policies don’t feel like let’s just wait and try to destroy the Republican Party.

And in a typically clueless way, the NY Times doesn’t realize that Republicans will be here long after Trump is gone and that allowing him to stay in office is not going to destroy the Republican Party.

If folks talk about the rule of law then he should be held accountable for breaking laws.

Beto goes for the shake and bake Democratic ‘no lobbyist’ option!

From the Intercept here:


This is fake liberal bullshit to be honest.

And Kamala Harris and Mr. ‘Cookin” Booker are pulling the same shit.

Click through and behold the word games these folks play.

This is a great reason to vote for Bernie, he doesn’t bullshit like this.

Does White House chief of staff kiss King Trump’s ring or his ass? #democracy

From the Twatter:


I guess the beginnings of not giving a flying fuck about rules or laws or transparency started with idiot Bush in the aftermath of 9/11.

Fuck laws, we gotta kill some brown people and it’s been downhill ever since.

However, we’re almost 20 years on from that and to say that Trump doesn’t have to show his tax returns to display that he’s somewhat of a legitimate law abiding person is a complete load of crap.

Hopefully his chief of staff will be hit with the appropriate brown colored stain on his legacy for these silly half military vows.