Prediction: Folks in charge are gonna go Snowden nuclear on Ocasio Cortez

From CNBC:aoc_banking

It’s already starting but the more momentum builds behind her and her tax proposal, the more the ruling class is gonna pig pile on her.

She doesn’t know economics, she fudges the facts, she doesn’t play nice with the corporate tools in Congress.

I hope she’s got a padded room where she can just go and not have her mind taken over cuz it’s gonna raw if she keeps up with these tax proposals.

The folks in charge do not want anyone telling them how they are going to be taxed and how healthcare (their business) is run!



When Wall St. donates to candidates, do they think about you or the public good? #BooCBooker/KHarris!

From CNBC:


Noop, they’re purchasing something.

Now Cory Booker and Kamala Harris will flash a big fat smile and try to splain it away the same way Hillary Clinton did, but don’t fall for the smile.

Your life does not matter to these guys unless you stand for your own self interests the way they advocate for themselves.

And unless Booker and Harris start giving some credible answers for why they’re seeking out this Wall Street money I won’t consider either one of them for President


95+% of rich folks will screw you in a heartbeat

I went to school with the offspring of some of the wealthiest people in the world.  I went to college many children of wealthy people and I worked with a lot of wealthy people when I worked on Wall Street.

Believe me. the vast majority of wealthy people will do it to you before you can do it to them and when I hear the fake ass tears of persecution coming out of some quarters when Ocasio Cortez proposes a 70% tax on folks who make more than $10 million a year I just laugh laugh laugh.

Rich folks could give a flying fuck about income inequality, they’re into it.

They will choose themselves over your interests in a hot second so you should feel free to adopt the same stance.  If taxing the fuck out of these folks will result in universal health care I could give a flying shit.


Netflix blows and blows Saudi Prince at the same time!

From NBC News:


Not only does this asshole who runs Saudi Arabia get to chop up a journalist into teeny pieces he gets to demand that nobody can joke about how he can chops people up into little pieces!  And Netflix fucking caved like a limp dick.

Because it’s bad for business to stand up to wealthy dictators.