The tax cut is a giant con/stock market circle jerk

From CNBC here:

Indeed, T-Mobile,Home Depot, Bank of America and Mastercard all announced significant repurchase intentions this week. Home Depot led the way with a $15 billion buyback after it raised its long-term sales target.

While the recent spate of buyback announcements is a small sample size, it brings back memories of the last time Congress tried to bring back cash overseas through a tax holiday.

What a bunch of hypocritical, fucking liars.  Nothing about this tax cut is about normal Americans.  They’re going to take that money and buy their own shares back to make themselves rich.

This is just legalized corruption by a bunch of corporate jerkoffs.



Wow, NFL to shell out 100 million to protect its business!

Sub-headline from Slate here:

The NFL’s $100 Million Ploy to Stop Player Protests

The NFL has said players have the right to protest but they desperately would like it to not be happening and they will open their wallet!

If you’re interested in this issue you should read this article, it really reflects well on the values and trust the NFL enjoys!

Huge respect to Mr. Eric Reid for turning his back on this bribe/donation.

Trump to slit his own throat with this tax package

Trump the candidate connected with his voters on the issue of outsourcing and globalization and its effects on Joe and Jane Lunchbox.

Now a year later Trump the President is about to slash taxes so corporations can bring their outsourcing profits back to the U.S. and he’s okay with raising taxes on middle class voters who put his ass in there.

Leaving aside the racist dogwhistles that Trump has employed while condemning it, these voters thought he was going to battle these corporations on their behalf.

I think President Cheese Doodle has lost the plot and this is gonna backfire on him bigly.

Emperor Netanyahu the Crooked Murderer!

From the Guardian here:

The Australian casino owner James Packer and the Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan probably never imagined they would be running a free drinks delivery service for the Israeli prime minister and his wife.

But when Sara Netanyahu called an assistant of the two men to say the drinks had run out, it was the signal for Packer and Milchan to renew the supplies of champagne, courtesy of their own wallets and a private driver, according to alleged testimony in an investigation into sleaze claims against Benjamin Netanyahu.

Because normal New Yorkers hate the Cuomo!

Headline from New York Times:

Hurdle for 2020 Run by Cuomo: He Has Few Small Donors

Anybody who isn’t a corrupt hedge fund douchebag or crooked real estate developer knows Cuomo is a scumbag.

An untrustworthy, unethical scumbag — that’s why he has few small donors.

He should look in the mirror and decide to not to inflict himself on America in a depressing, corrupt run for President.

Goldman bullshit artist Cohn admits he’s fellating big company CEOs

From CNBC here:

“The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan,” Gary Cohn, the leading White House economic adviser and former chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

Fuck you asshole, I hope the shit fails and you end up living on the streets sharing a fucking old refrigerator box with the rapist Trump.