Headline of the month!

From the Guardian:

Facebook is becoming a 21st-century Roman Colosseum for murder

Underneath the headline:

How could the social media giant host a video of a killing on its site for two hours before deleting it?

If you haven’t been following a person (now dead) livestreamed a murder he committed on Facebook.

I guess this is the connected world Zuckerberg has been on about for years!!


After they’ve made their money!!!

From CNBC:

Some 83 percent of fund managers believe U.S. stocks are overvalued, according to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch monthly fund manager survey.

Normal Americans are raised to think that the stock market and its inner workings are above their IQ and should be left to the professionals.

But what happens when the professionals are con men?  Where were the 83% of money managers when stocks were orgasmically buying stock after President Pumpkinhead was elected?

This is the question we face as a society?  What happens when the people at the top are unethical con men?


In addition to making you sick to your stomach will President Cheese Doodle make you even more ill?

From CBS News here:

WASHINGTON — Only about one in four Americans wants President-elect Donald Trump to entirely repeal his predecessor’s health care law that extended coverage to millions, a new poll has found.

Well this is where post-reality Trump bullshit meets the reality of human bodies.

There is something better than Obamacare and it would be universal health care, but Trump and these ‘free market’ superstars are not going to slit the throat of health insurance companies effectively putting them out of business.

So Obamacare has preserved and in some cases enhanced corporate health insurance profits but it’s not liked for a variety of good reasons.  One of these days President Doodle is going to have to do something besides run his fucking mouth and tell us all what a for profit health care plan for Americans who don’t have vast amounts of money (or any money in the case of millions of Americans) for it will look like.

I hope someone is buttering Trump’s ass because that’s gonna be an awful big rabbit if he manages to pull it out of his rear end the way he did the election.

Poof, $650bn gift to large companies is ‘modest’ tax reform

From NBC News here:

The infrastructure package, likely paid for with some modest tax reform, is at the top of Clinton’s priority list because it is widely seen in both parties as one of the few issues on which Republicans might be willing to work with a President Clinton.

This ‘modest’ tax reform is bringing profits stashed overseas by large American companies.  Right now the approximate total of untaxed profits is $2.5 trillion.

If paid out at the current tax rate that would be $875 billion.

And at the rate that large American companies want it (and what this article is called ‘modest’ tax reform) that would be $125 bn.

That’s a $650bn gift to American companies and I don’t consider that to be a modest number at all.

I guess Obama can be sued for drone strikes now!

From the Intercept here:

As it happens, the White House’s principled opposition to the bill was based on its worry that it would open the door to lawsuits from foreigners accusing the U.S. government of crimes, possibly including the killing of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture, deaths of innocent people with drones, and global mass surveillance.

I guess it is now up to lawyers and investigators to prove whether Saudi Arabia was involved with the events on 9/11.

Now proving whether the American government has committed crimes is a far easier task — the invasion of Iraq was public, the photos of torture in Iraq exist, evidence of drone strikes can be gathered because it is locked up tight somewhere in the Spook Headquarters.

Obama knows this, he’s a law professor, and it would be only fitting if a law passed to stick it to Obama and to support 9/11 families ends up taking a bit out of the War on Terror.

Because it doesn’t take a genius (yeah, that’s you George W. Bush) to realize that a whole bunch of the War on Terror is illegal.


Chuck D is wrong, we’re back at square -1

From here:

Why did Hillary choose [Tim] Kaine and not make Bernie her running mate? Well the answer is because Hilary is backed by wealthy investors. So, even as we speak now and even with Bernie’s efforts, we’re right back at square one.

I say it’s worse than that because with Bernie having been defeated the Democratic Party reverts back to its corporate awfulness and it’s sensible reaching out to Republicans to enact Republican policies.

The system has preserved itself for another cycle.

Police have politicians, the NRA, and other police shootings to blame for their fallen comrades

Is it possible to say that 12 police officers being shot has nothing to do with the two police killings this week?

I don’t know what sort of pretzel logic one might use to make that case but I would like to see someone try.  Just as two police officers in Brooklyn were murdered in revenge for Eric Garner’s death, it looks that way here.

If politicians wanted to set up a separate court for police officers they could do that.  They have blood on their hands.

I don’t know what sort of weapon was used to shoot these 12 officers but I’m guessing it’s a sophisticated gun that people should not have access to.  The NRA has blood on their hands.

The police, time and time again, have been unwilling to weed out bad and over aggressive cops.  In New York City training was instituted by the Mayor in the wake of the Eric Garner murder and I read an article where officers were laughing at it.  The officer that killed Michael Brown, and the ones who bounced Freddie Gray, and he guy who shot Walter Scott as he ran away, they all have blood of their fellow officers on their hands.

And those cops who fall in line with the code of silence regarding bad police — you have some blood on your hands as well.