Make sure to see the whole Pelosi!

From the Intercept:


Privately she tells executives.  She didn’t tell any of us anything privately.

She’s happy to foster a liberal hero image by sparring with the Giant Cheese Doodle.

She’s happy to have you extrapolate from her sparring that she’s on your side.

But she’s talking privately to insurance company executives.


Mike Pence will end up in this place as well!

From NBC News here:


A gay friend of mine once told me that gay bashers, men who used to (for the most part used to) go around beating up gay men are self-hating gay men.

They want to be close to gay men and touch their bodies while they beat them up.

It’s the same at the mental level.  People like Mike Pence and his gay hating, white supremacist wife are some of the biggest freaks of all.

If you’re cool with who you are and you’re not facing inner turmoil then you say ‘well I do this with my junk and other folks do other things with their junk’.

But the homophobic crew is just a wee bit too obsessed with gay people and they’re tipping their hand.

So Mike Pence, big future fag and hater of gay peope, c’mon out.

Hateful, fake Christian shitbird Mike Pence gets all righteously bigoted

From NBC News:


If Christian education is hateful and churns out homophobic graduates then I’m more than happy to take a big shit on it.

Pence gave this interview to a network that promotes the Catholic perspective.  Let’s just contemplate the recent misdeeds of the Catholic church and their ongoing evil treatment of children and then look at Pence.

Two fucking peas in a pod.  Hateful, ill bitches pretending to be virtuous.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Women (like Claire McCaskill!) can be sexist and racist

From Slate:


No further comment is required but a lot of women sure as shit are lining up to take shots at Ocasio-Cortez and a lot of women who cried sexism when it was hurled at Hilary Clinton are definitely not lining up to defend Ocasio-Cortez.

Could be she’s not white.  Just a thought….

This is why corporate CEOs don’t protest ill bitch Trump

From the New York Times:

The Trump administration has presided over a sharp decline in financial penalties against banks and big companies.

Same reason they didn’t lift a finger to stop that lil’ fucker Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court.

It’s bad for business and these big CEOs aren’t in this game for the rights and dignity of normal Americans, they’re in it for the cake.

There’s an occasional push here or there but you don’t see them as a group taking this guy on in any meaningful way.

If Dems win midterms it will be thanks to Justice/Predator Kavanaugh!

From CNBC here:

In the 2018 homestretch, rising interest among millenials, Latinos and women alienated by Trump has flipped the script. Compared to four years ago, interest has surged more than twenty percentage points among younger women and women with college degrees.

I hope everybody remembers that Kavanaugh bullshit when they go to pull the lever.

Fucking little whiny ass turd, it’s the Clintons, everybody’s out to get me!

Fuck you asshole.

With Kavanaugh white women got a taste of what black folks get every damn day!

From here:

The senators who ignore rape culture also ignore racism. The homophobic lawmakers are also usually willing to pass anti-black laws. The ones who take away women’s rights also take away non-white people rights, health care and equal opportunity.

Maybe if white folks who were horrified by how Republican dickheads treated sexaul assault survivors paid attention and god forbid, lobbied against anti-black laws, there would be more understanding of how long and how poorly African Americans have been treated in this society.