This is why corporate CEOs don’t protest ill bitch Trump

From the New York Times:

The Trump administration has presided over a sharp decline in financial penalties against banks and big companies.

Same reason they didn’t lift a finger to stop that lil’ fucker Kavanaugh from getting on the Supreme Court.

It’s bad for business and these big CEOs aren’t in this game for the rights and dignity of normal Americans, they’re in it for the cake.

There’s an occasional push here or there but you don’t see them as a group taking this guy on in any meaningful way.

If Dems win midterms it will be thanks to Justice/Predator Kavanaugh!

From CNBC here:

In the 2018 homestretch, rising interest among millenials, Latinos and women alienated by Trump has flipped the script. Compared to four years ago, interest has surged more than twenty percentage points among younger women and women with college degrees.

I hope everybody remembers that Kavanaugh bullshit when they go to pull the lever.

Fucking little whiny ass turd, it’s the Clintons, everybody’s out to get me!

Fuck you asshole.

With Kavanaugh white women got a taste of what black folks get every damn day!

From here:

The senators who ignore rape culture also ignore racism. The homophobic lawmakers are also usually willing to pass anti-black laws. The ones who take away women’s rights also take away non-white people rights, health care and equal opportunity.

Maybe if white folks who were horrified by how Republican dickheads treated sexaul assault survivors paid attention and god forbid, lobbied against anti-black laws, there would be more understanding of how long and how poorly African Americans have been treated in this society.

Why can’t Americans accept the idea that Kavanaugh might have aided a gang rape?

Harvey Weinstein was hunting actresses all over the world — New York, Los Angeles, and in London.  He would pursue them, get into their hotel rooms and rape them.

Bill Cosby drugged and raped dozens of women — how is this very different of the accusation that Kavanaugh was at a party where a woman was gang raped?  It’s not.

There have been hundreds of pedophile priests in both America and Europe.

Brett Kavanaugh’s high school was saturated with alcohol and he lied repeatedly about all sorts of sexual acts.

Does it really seem so insane that he might have gotten women drunk purposely in order to help them along to getting gang raped?

Not to me.  Powerful people are the ones who pull this kind of shit because they’re powerful and think they can get away with it.

The idea that this accusation was dismissed as outrageous is fucked up.

If it could have been another attacker, it also could have been lil’ fucker Kavanaugh!

Headline from Salon:

NBC News anchor Megyn Kelly defends Susan Collins: “It could have been a case of mistaken identity”

Neither Megyn Kelly nor Ol’ Hag Collins knows if it was another attacker.  The only people who know are Christine Blasey Ford and Lil’ Fucker Kavanaugh.  And by voting for Lil’ Fucker you’re saying he wasn’t the attacker.

Of course, she had nothing to gain from coming forward with her story and he had everything to lose.

These foul, heartless women are desperately trying to create some scenario where they don’t have karma for voting for a lying, drunkard, sexual predator.

She was not caught in a single lie and he lied his ass off.

Why won’t Lady Facebook lean in on behalf of sexually assaulted women?

Isn’t this a relevant question?

How are women supposed to get ahead if they’re not physically safe in workspaces, schools, and at home.

She’s written books about women getting paid and asserting themselves and all of a sudden she’s out of this whole Kavanaugh episode.

Seems incredibly cynical and gutless.

What a collection of assholes in charge of this shitpile society

From here:

“As I watch many of the Senators speak and vote on the floor of the Senate I feel like I’m right back at Yale where half the room is laughing and looking the other way,” she continued. “Only this time, instead of drunk college kids, it is US Senators who are deliberately ignoring his behavior.”

Silence from all the self righteous tech douchebags.

Silence from all the Wall St honchos who comment on everything.

Silence from all the hedge fund assholes who love to give comments on everything.

And full on dick behavior from the Republican party to destroy these women to get this weasel, lying fuckface on the Supreme court.

This is great society we got going here.