Ilhan against military imperialism — this why she’s being attacked by both sides!!!

From the Daily Beast here:


Barack Obama conducted a quiet coup in Egypt.

George W. Bush deposed Saddam Hussein.

Bill Clinton fucked around in Haiti.

How dare this brown woman come along and bust balls on those who have spent their lives setting up death squads and fucking around all over the world?

I think this is great and part of what’s necessary to a democracy, but I can see why folks are crawling all over her for speaking the truth.

Pelosi’s wrong, Dems are taking pro-Israel Benjamins to remain in office!

From the Washington Post:


American politics is all about the money and Nancy Pelosi knows that all too well.

If Dems don’t take pro-Israel campaign donations, they’re going to go search for a candidate that will take their money and do what they want.

There is no virtue or principle involved here.


AIPAC itself has said publicly they’re out to control politicians through campaign donations.

Period, and not anti-Semitic.

Dems hiding behind anti-Semitism to deny ill bitch AIPAC influence!

From the Intercept:


Looks like the vast majority of our super transparent new and improved Congress led by the uber enlightened Nancy Pelosi believes America should continue to Israel’s bitch, tamed by AIPAC.

Only a society of adult children would pretend that money is flooding into our political system from a variety of issue oriented groups advocating for their positions and Israel is no different!

So is Israel an apartheid state now?

Headline from Real News:

Israel Legislates Apartheid into Law’

So in order to respond to these accusations of apartheid, the answer the Israeli Knesset and the answer of the Israeli government is yes, we are apartheid. This is exactly what’s going to happen. We want to make sure that the state of Israel doesn’t belong to its citizens, it belongs to the Jewish people, wherever they may be. And the Jewish people are not necessarily citizens of Israel. About half of the world Jews don’t live inside Israel. But now the state of Israel belongs to them even more than it belongs to people who have lived in the land of Israel for many generations. But now their own country doesn’t really belong to them. And that’s really the very essence of apartheid.


Ireland shows Israel how a nation of laws behaves!

From the Independent:

Ireland moves to ban Israeli goods from occupied Palestinian territories

Senator Frances Black says the bill should show Ireland to be on the right side of ‘international law, human rights and justice’

I’m sure this is making bigly news here in America.  I have invented a category that sits right beneath fake news — it’s called no news.

This is not news here in America because it shows us to be a hypocritical, biased participant in the Middle East.

Not on the New York Times, not on CBS News, not on CNBC.

It’s not news so that shit didn’t happen here.

Ooopsie, now Israel deports bad, protesting Jews!

From Ariel Gold at Codepink:

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security and Aryeh Deri, Israeli Minister of the Interior are charging me with the “crimes” of documenting the occupation, telling soldiers they are violating Jewish values and being an “extreme boycott activist.”

How sad and fascistic Israel’s government has become!

Oy, the shonda!

We live in a post 9/11 age where you’re either for us or against us and no protest is allowed!  That applies in the Israel as well.

Also not in the coincidence column both our fabulous orange haired skidmark Trump is equalled in corruption by the bribe-a-licious Netanyahu and his porcine wife.

These are not people of virtue and leadership, they’re power pigs.