Giuliani is a very poor propagandist as well as being batshit crazy

From the Guardian here:

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that his repeated imputations of a supposed scandal at the heart of the Robert Mueller investigation – which Donald Trump calls “Spygate” – amounted to a tactic to sway public opinion and limit the risk of the president being impeached.

A competent propagandist would have the decency to keep his cards to himself and let the PR stunt sit out there like the giant stale fart it is.

But Giuliani is so grateful to not be in an old age facility getting his diapers changed that he has to spew out that it’s all a magic show with him as the doddering magician.


Obama completes the Reverse Reagan!

Headline from CNBC:

The Obamas just signed a multiyear deal to make shows and movies for Netflix

I know all you Obama lovers can never consider anything derogatory about Barack but what you love about the brother is his style and not his substance.

Just cue him joking about Predator drones at the White House correspondents’ dinner.  Some might find that really clever and sophisticated but it just makes me sick to my stomach.

Kellyanne Conway steps in the porn star doo doo pile!

From CNN here:

Washington (CNN)White House counselor Kellyanne Conway — who managed Donald Trump’s campaign in its final months — said Friday she had no knowledge during the campaign about the $130,000 payment from Michael Cohen to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

“I had never heard about that during the campaign. I was the campaign manager,” Conway told reporters at the White House.

This is turning into a comedy routine!

I didn’t know anything about Stormy Daniels, did you?  I don’t know nothin’ about Stormy Daniels, did you?  Who is this Stormy Daniels lady?  This is fake news, I don’t think Stormy Daniels even exists!

It would be fitting if a woman took down the giant Cheese Doodle Motherfucker in the name of the trail of women Trump has left in his wake over the course of his life.

Trumpy is wearing a dirty diaper full of Stormy Daniels!

From the Guardian here:

Speaking to reporters on the south lawn of the White House on Friday morning, Trump said Giuliani “started yesterday … he’ll get his facts straight”. He added that “virtually everything said has been said incorrectly” about the payment to Daniels.

The more Trump moves around the more shit he smears all over himself.

Who doesn’t believe that Trump banged her and paid her to go away?  Who thinks he’s telling the truth regarding this matter?

You to give Daniels credit.  Of all the people who have tussled with Trump she’s got the best cage match going and at this point it looks like she might win.


Attention Whores love Attention Whores!

Headline from CNBC:

‘We are both dragon energy’: Kanye West and Trump rekindle their bromance on Twitter

West and Trump share the same desire to suck out all the oxygen in the room and focus all attention on themselves.  That’s the goal.

There is nothing here about race, or about ideas, or anything else — this is just about attention — gathering it and basking in it.

Fuck them both bigly.

I don’t think WunderZuck should be forgiven his Congressional lies

From CNBC here:

Facebook’s very first IPO filing in 2012 predicted the kind of data leaks it’s now struggling with

C’mon, let’s be adults here.

If a company makes statements in their IPO filings about risks to their business how Zuck sit there and say it’s a big mistake and we’re really sorry and we had no clue what was going and we stopped it as soon as we heard about it.

You heard about it before you even went public as a company, you fucking lying prick.

Facebook pushed their data surveillance and access to this point in an attempt to make as much money as possible and it has blown up in their faces.

Let’s not pretend that this guy sat in front of the cameras and told the truth.

And just to be clear, everybody flips the fuck out when Trump lies and does his twist and turn bullshit.  Well Zuckerberg just pulled the same lame ass maneuver in a different style and nobody appears to be freaking out in the same way.

Lady Facebook is ghosting her own creation/ad/spying machine! So much for Leaning In!

From the Guardian here:

As Facebook faces scrutiny over data harvesting, the Lean In author and architect of the company’s controversial business model has kept a low profile.

Well, well, well.

Turns out Sandberg only leans in to certain things.  It appears she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty defending this business she was a chief architect of.

When the going gets tough, she tipped!