Music for 7/29/21!!! Pom Pom Squad, Deem Spencer

@@@ Pom Pom Squad: Death of a Cheerleader (City Slang, 2021) Some pretty rote power pop punk I got to via Vice’s best albums of 2021 thus far. Crunchy guitars, female singer with a droll delivery and a whole lotta vocal melodies. The third track, Crying, is supposed to be the clearest example of its genius combining a string, orchestral opening that gives way to the aforementioned power pop punk formula. The two styles aren’t integrated so it’s weird to me as it’s just a brief string opening that segues. WTF? It’s perfectly serviceable in what it does but I’m not a huge fan of the singer’s delivery. So solid B. Some PR douche got this record on the list.

@@@ Deem Spencer: Deem’s Tape (The Flower Shop, 2021) Also off a Vice list but hip hop this time. I’m digging Spencer’s bouncy slightly against the grain delivery over some tasty keyboard vamping. The dreaminess continues in the second tune but you get a chill beat and if I’m not mistaken he’s going for a lofi bedroom/hip hop thing and is pulling it off for the most part. His flow on the mic is sloppy and relentless, that’s how I would characterize it. I really like the front of the record is outstanding but it fades a little bit as it moves through the list of tunes but I could be wrong and I’m going to check this record out more when I get a chance.

Music for 7/28/21!!! DijahSB, Boom Bap Project

@@@ DijahSB: New Balance (DijahSB, 2021) First two listens today off music publicist emails. Very stylish sounds here, some of the finest synth sounds to be found out there can be found in hip hop. Really impressive, almost three dimensional pulsating synths. Beats here are not trap which really changes the vibe and is refreshing to my ears. Two female MCs on about I’m not sure, as I thought originally it was gonna be about sneakers but it doesn’t appear to be about sneakers. I’m not sure how important it is to know what the lyrics are about if they’re purposely not presented in a way easily digested. The rhyming and tone is tight, minimal and funky. Very good track.

@@@ Boom Bap Project: Deion Sanders (Self-released, 2021) Oh this is a very different type of hip hop track with retro beats, rhymes and epic rock feels personified by big guitar riffs. I like the droning high synth barely audible in the verses and I don’t like the guitar parts. Beats are cool, the MCs are all right. I’m agnostic on Deion Sanders, I have nothing against the brother nor do I worship him and his flow. It’s all right, the track that is.

Music for 7/27/21!!! Joel Culpepper, Attawalpa, Anna Marie

@@@ Joel Culpepper: Thought About You (Pepper, 2021) A blend of funk and smooth r&b that really caught my ear in the chorus when he hits the ‘thought about you’ hook. Culpepper kills it on the microphone, falsetto, funky and engaging. I don’t love the guitar sound but I’ll trade that for the hook in the chorus. Lots of Curtis Mayfield lush arrangement feels here as well as Prince style pop funk on the docket. I looked him up and he’s a Brit which I think is a bit surprising as well as impressive as he has a real knack for American style ’70s soul and funk music. If you enjoy these genres you should check out this record and I will be doing the same.

@@@ Attawalpa: Killer (Attawalpa, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off this week’s Line of Best Fit email. This track is a slotted at mainstream but sounds very mainstream in both its arrangement and intent. The singer is a low voice male who provides some contrast to a fairly energetic arrangement. I can’t clearly hear the vocal hook so I don’t really know what the song is about — I found the lyrics on their bandcamp page and it’s we all drop dead, we all down dead it’s in that vein. I like the production, it’s very well done, but I’m less enthused about the lyrics and the vocal performance.

@@@ Anne-Marie: Therapy (Warner UK, 2021) I don’t know what to say about the number of mainstream confessional pop songs about mental illness. I can’t tell if they’re genuine statements or something pre-planned as a topic that resonates with listeners. It’s weird to hear cheerful sounds tied to this set of emotions — not saying it shouldn’t be done, but it’s a strange listening experience. Production here is medium bounce focused mostly on electro sounds. Anne Marie is a good singer and overall it’s a restrained sad dancefloor banger.

Music for 7/26/21!!! Mashd N Kutcher, Hermitude

@@@ Mashd N Kutcher: Get on the Beers (Brewery Records, 2020) Stupid and brilliant at the same time — some clown ass down Under spliced up some news broadcast footage about Covid and turned it into a celebration of beer and pub culture all served up over trashy dancefloor banging. Take this seriously, get on the beers, you can’t beat that shit. Classic unt-tss drum machine action, an appearance by the Orange Chaos Pig, and some super fat arena style synth action. Very funny and stupid.

@@@ Hermitude: Don’t Forget Me (Nettwerk, 2021) This is a breezy world music infused dancefloor slider with a G rated hook and a loverboy singer. It’s pretty straightforward with it’s boombaton/reggaeton beat and friendly sounds so I’m going to peep a couple of other tracks. Lots of guest vocalists, mainstream electro sounds, it’s a suburban/normie/cubicle dance thing. Not really for freaks like me.