Music for 4/16/21!!! DJ Voices and Deep Creep, Dark Tranquility, Cuts

@@@ DJ Voices and Deep Creep: Nothing in Moderation ( , 2021) This was a Youtube/Interwebz live streaming set I saw mentioned in the Crack magazine mixes of the month for February. It’s an almost 2 hour set — if you watch the two female djs do their thing it’s not the most exciting visuals ever but the music is funky with heavy dub flavors and trippy delays. I’m no expert on the demographics of the electronic scene but I’m happy to give a shout out to the females in the booth! I would recommend this as restorative background music for programming nerds busy ruining our world with ai. Backwards me, shitting on ai.

@@@ Dark Tranquillity: Phantom Days (Century Media, 2020) A listen off an All Music notable release email last year and it’s a big ass updated classic metal sound here with major guitar riffage and a singer that growls but doesn’t descend into cave dweller territory. Also a keyboard/synth snuck in there that effects the vibe. It’s not my favorite style of metal — big arena production with some snarl but it’s muscular and I’m sure somebody is out there headbangin’ to it. Shootin’ a Red Bull into their eye, stormin’ the Capitol, you know that kind of shit. I’m coming back for a second peep cuz I take my music listening very seriously and it is indeed a hard rock/metal smashup with big production. If that works for you then have at it.

@@@ Cuts: Dissolution (Village Green, 2020) Another listen off a previous All Music notable release email I have stashed around. It’s a blend of semi-abstract synth work and powerful frat boy dancefloor banging. A processed robot voice gets up in here but low in the mix. A second layer of synths and some secondary beats get layered on the original statement and I like it all right but I’m up for more abstract business. I let the player click through and it appears this outfit is fond of the straight up kraut-y beat work. It’s relentless and I appreciate that but I could use a bit more funk/swing in mine.

Music for 4/15/21!!! Yaadcore/Jah9, Ben Aylon, Les Filles de Illighadad

@@@ YAADCORE, JAH9 AND SUBATOMIC SOUND SYSTEM: Police In Helicopter (Yard Birdz-Subatomic Sound, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off this week’s WRIR weekly playlist email. Sticky roots reggae with thick bass and old school drum sounds. The vocal hook is ‘if you continue to burn down the herb, we’re gonna burn down the cane field’ so I’m guessing these folks are in the Caribbean. I did some googling and see that sugar cane is grown in Florida, Louisiana and Texas so maybe they’re growing collyweed alongside the sugar cane and the police are chasing down the weed farmers. Regardless of location the sounds are tight and the vibe is all right. Check this out for some dubwise flavors.

@@@ Ben Aylon: Hulem Belibe (Riverboat, 2021) Some world music in the Israel area that manages to capture an epic rock vibe. It’s a pretty restrained and grooved out track til there’s a distorted traditional stringed instrument solo they run through a distortion box, a move I’ve heard before and whole heartedly approve of. The vocal arrangement gets stacked up and widened out as the track progresses and a swell-y keyboard is introduced. I’m torn on the epic rock vibe.

@@@ Les Filles de Illighadad: Surbajo (Sahel Sounds/Pioneer, 2021) I dont’ go to many shows but I was at this show in Brooklyn! This is a pre release track from an upcoming live record from this female trio out of I can’t remember which country in Africa. My almost 13 year old referred to the guitar as Lil’ Jimi Hendrix because there was a pretty short dude tearing up the guitar at this show. The recording is really nice and if you don’t know this outfit you should check them out as they have flavor. It’s three singers, a guitar (maybe 2) and a hand drummer.

Music for 4/14/21!!! Syd, Masabumi Kikuchi

@@@ Syd: Missing Out (Sony, 2021) I got to this via the UK music mag Crack Magazine. Major label electro so I’m expecting the full cheese explosion in the chorus. It opens with a delicious thick slice of pie of synth over which Syd does a breathy, dare I say classy horny singing performance type thing. The chorus is not kicking out the cheese, it’s goes into a ‘you’re missing out’ mantra thing. Lots of Prince feels here and I dig the sounds but I could use a little more in the arrangement. Hey that’s just me. For a major label this is quality. I don’t need a lot more, I’m not a greedy bitch but a bit more would be better for me.

@@@ Masabumi Kikuchi: Little Abi ( , ) I saw this Japanese jazz musician shouted out on the twatter. Oh typical internet bullshit. There’s a posthumous record of this musician coming out and I’m listening to the pre-release track called Little Abi but I can’t find it on the GooglePimpTube. Not that they’re obligated GooglePimpTube, lord knows they have a lot to do to destroy the world. It’s a solo piano jam and it’s pretty straight and contemplative. The playing is impressively light in touch and without putting anything perjorative into this statement it’s really nice background music. I’m more a fan of foreground music, music that grabs you and pulls you in.

Music for 4/13/21!!! Tems, Yaya Bey, Miguel

@@@ Tems: The Key (Leading Vibe, 2021) All three of today’s listens are off the Line of Best Fit email. It’s finely manicured r&b with a little boombaton tossed in for flavors. Female singer with a delay on her voice and a keyboard driven track. It percolates pretty well by the time the bass starts to pulse. ‘This is the key to save you’ that’s the vocal hook. I don’t know about regular readers but sometimes I’m not in the mood for the self empowerment lyrics and that’s the case here. It’s just my personal preference as the singer is pretty skilled and works the microphone with more than solid energy.

@@@ Yaya Bey: The Root of a Thing (Big Dada, 2021) More guitar and bass driven r&b with a more cosmic flow to it. Female spoken word artist going deep into her own family history talking about her father and mother. I like the sounds and I like her approach as it’s neither confessional nor preachy as she just goes off on her trip. I could use a bit of a break from the loop the musicians get into but it’s cool. I let the player click through in hopes of hearing some beats as I think these sounds would sound really good with some beats.

@@@ Miguel: Thinking Out Loud (RCA, 2021) Former heartthrob coming back after a bit of time away. The blurb on the Apple Music points out Miguel’s sonic jumping around and this tune does take some disparate sounds that he pushes down into his r&b format. Most notable is what sounds like a sample being mugged by a step sequencer that cycles through a bunch of small glitches that offset his loverboy vocal flow. I don’t love this but I like it a whole bunch more than I thought I would. He’s got something going here that’s more than just a bunch of loverboy sounds. Certainly outperforms the Bruno Mars/Pharrell stuff that is straight cotton candy.

Music for 4/12/21!!! Cha Wa, Ryley Walker, Dry Cleaning

@@@ Cha Wa: My People (Single Lock Records, 2021) Off the Twatter specifically Ted Gioia’s timeline/feed though I have heard and really dug this outfit before. These guys (unless I’m mistaken are the keepers of the New Orleans funk flame). This track, the title track, is a celebration of the staying power and strength of black folks with a division into rich people, poor people, and my people. In the lyrics that is. Big hornlines, lots of energy with hand drummers augmenting the rhythmic energy of the kit drummer. The player clicks through and it moves into a grittier old school funk with a dual guitar attack. I appreciate these guys keeping this funk style alive.

@@@ Ryley Walker: Rang Dizzy (Husky Pants, 2021) This listen and the next are a coupla rock/post punk kinda things off last week’s All Music notable release email. Rawk! I had to get that out of the way. The tune opens much more like a slightly proggy, literate fusion-y rock, there’s no rockin’ per se to be found here. Rocking defined as a release of energy related to defiance, alienation and dissatisfaction, sometimes cathartic in nature. The singer is a sensitive gent and he’s certainly not worked up and he wants you to listen to his words. I’m sure he’s a fabulous dude but I’m not super into his style. This is a dehydrated Pearl Jam typa thing, yikes! You even get a cello here in the background it’s just that classy.

@@@ Dry Cleaning: Strong Feelings ( 4AD, 2021) I don’t find much on the 4AD label as they really cater to the square ass white rock folks out there and they’ve gone to the bank on it. A bit of kraut rock mixed with some art school feels, female singer and a detached delivery style. Classic. If you’re gonna go this route as a listener which is your God given right I would give the Pixies a spin (another 4AD band) cuz they do this with a lot more irony and humor and straight rockin’. This is a bit too stylized for me to get involved with.