Music for 1/27/23!!! Bassidi Kone, Young Fathers

@@@ Bassidi Kone: Kaira (Self-released, 2023) Oh man, if you’re up for some insane hand drumming to start or continue your day, check this guy. The music itself is very very layered with multiple string players, a strong female singer, electric bass, and a lot of rhythm tracks. I skipped to the next track, An Ka Ben, which throws an African marimba and a horn section into the mix. Oh Lord, it’s an incredible stew with the hand drumming slicing through like crazy. That’s right like crazy is an acceptable music review term. The playing here is at a very very high level and it is a unique listening experience. The large ensemble sound of all musicians playing organically is beautiful.

@@@ Young Fathers: Heavy Heavy (Ninja Tune, 2023) Off this week’s All Music notable release email. These guys are black (Afro-British and they bring a little swing and black music tradition to their mash of rock and mainstream music. I correct myself, this is not rock, it’s pop rock music with big melodies. I like the energy and I like the vocal melodies but I need more. I can see this going somewhat big here in the America with the epic pop music fans.

Music for 1/26/23!!!! Juanita Euka, Mass Konpa

@@@ Juanita Euka: Mboka Moko (Strut, 2022) A coupla listens off WRIR’s weekly playlist email. A female singer from the Congo, the second song (clipped below) opens with lush production, French vocals and a nice quasi-chicken scratch guitar before it slips into English vocals and a smooth, fusion-y groove. All right-y I’m guessing a lot of folks dig this style and the part of it close to Earth Wind and Fire I do dig. Let’s peep more. Ooh, the third track comes out as an African salsa jam and I dig that. Big swaggering horns, lots of rhythms, and again with the vocals in English. I would prefer non-English vocals but that’s just me. I respect the band here, especially the guitarist who is constantly catching my ear but the songs aren’t landing with me. Of course, they might for you. Track 4, Suenos de Libertad, is the most heartfelt track of the three I checked out. I would start with that track and go from there.

@@@ Mass Konpa: Sans Regret (Self-released, 2023) This is some Haitain band music though it is classified as hip hop on Apple Music. Oy. The tempo is semi-laidback, the rhythms are thick and the singer is smooth. I don’t love the soprano sax but that’s a pet peeve of mine. Let’s check a coupla other tracks. The third track, Gad on F anm, is even sweeter — I imagine it’s some sort of ballad and I like it less than the previous one. I really like Haitian music but I think this is just a bit too smooth and poppy for my taste.

Episode 51: Mixed Bangers

Episode 51: Mixed Bangers The Magic Organ

Episode 51, first episode of 2023! It has been a while and we are now (hopefully) up with our new podcast hosting service. The Magic Organ is a one person operation so all administrative, technical, creative, editing and plumbing issues all flow downhill to one sap.Episode 51, Mixed Bangers, is the result of a lot of year end list listening. We kick it off with Systema Solar out of Colombia, get into more dancefloor banging with some NYC techno from Louie Vega and it just goes on and on from there.Excerpts from this episode:System Solera: Comer de VerdadLouie Vega: All My LoveLa Roche: Liye LiyeAshenspire: Plattenbau Persephone PraxisKassmasse & Protoje: Mela MelaWesli: Kay Koule TroubaHey, feel free to follow me on the Insta as themagic_organ. Or 5 shits on the itunes, that would be helpful, 5 shits on the itunes I dare not dream!!!You can find these artists on bandcamp and streaming outlets. You can support them by listening and telling your friends. You can celebrate what they do! Let this shitass 13 minute podcast inspire you. Questions, comments, review requests — hit me up at skeptical.chimp!
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Music for 1/20/23!!! Siv Jakobsen, Molly Payton

@@@ Siv Jakobsen: Gardening (Nordic Mellow, 2023) Some Scandinavian normie indie folk off this week’s Line of Best Fit. Outside of the vocal arrangements it’s pretty sparse but there are layers of voacl here. As the opener moves through its paces it does build in layers and sounds building to a climax I did not witness, I clicked through. This second tune, Romain’s Place, is more of a coffee shop adult alternative track. Chill drums, big feels in the vocals, this is most definitely for the white people out there. The big feeling out of touch white people. I think this is well done, it’s not my favorite jam and I liked the tunes where there is less.

@@@ Molly Payton: Do it the Same (Bug Records, 2022) Starts out as a retro grunge-y rocker and then slams a big ol’ modern pop vocal hook in the chorus over the crunch and the splashy drumming. There are some strings (?) in the back and a few vocal tracks with the result being an updtated grunge banger. I’m agnostic as I don’t love the vocals but in general it’s interesting to hear these melodies and this aproach over the big rock feels. I like the second track Handle much more, she shoulda put this ballad-y rough-ish nugget at the top of the EP, the formula works much better here.

Music for 1/18/23!!!! Kali Malone

@@@ Kali Malone: Living Torch (Portraits GRM, 2022) I’m on the mailing list for a music critic specializing in metal, free jazz and other stuff and he wrote an article including a review of this Swedish woman’s latest record, which is a collection of hour long ambient pieces. I most definitely don’t have the time for that but this modest 33 minute 2 piece banger of a record is way up my alley. It is dark, and church-y and a most delicious and an engaging frequency bath for the ears and the mind. The amount of sound and variation in ambient music is a thing for me and Malone has it just right here for me. For me, my tastes, your taste may vary and that’s cool. She has some super low end oscillators going and on top of that it sounds like an organ (maybe, maybe not) but whatever the instrument is it is most definitely using some sort of air and creates a breathing type sound situation. There is change and rotation and movement within the music but it’s gradual, this is not for pumped up little Red Bull fuckers or maybe it is! This is outstanding and captivating music and folks should check it out.