Music for 1/23/21!!! Dead Manifest, Lil’ Skies

@@@ Dead Manifest: Blood (973399 Records DK, 2020) I got to this spirited blend of hard rock with some punk feels tossed in via a music publicist in the covid ridden UK/Ireland area. Pretty but not too shiny production with high energy and momentary Kurt Cobain feels from the singer. A less soaring vocalist who can push a vibe in a different way is always welcome to my ears. Percussive and stabbing guitar sounds with standard arena rock drums a more than solid effort. Obviously for the more mainstream hard rock listeneres out there of which there are unfortunately too many, we need more freaks.

@@@ Lil Skies: Dead Broke (Atlantic, 2020) Looks like somebody has been packaged to take the lil’ Post Malone crown. I don’t know what ethnicity or flavor lil’ skies lives in (or not) but the inclusion of the guitar here with the fat booty bass and the general vibe is aiming for that fat and profitable space where rock and hip hop can produce streaming pennies. He keeps mentioning some air national show and it serves as a weird vocal hook. Not sure I care about the national air show yo. He starts panting in the beginning of the next song and I’m having a Drake wave of Oh Lord, the Sensitive Gangsta, have we not had enough of this ridiculous archetype. Sounds pretty disposable.

Music for 1/21/21!!! Star Feminine Band, The Fontanas

@@@ STAR FEMININE BAND: Star Feminine Band (Born Bad, 2020) A bunch of young African women from rural Benin tearing it up while their American counterparts are flippin’ through their finstas. Energy is high and enthusiastic with not only some rock feels, but a lot of percussion, a bangin’ drummer and layers of percussion. The singing is great and the drummer could easily sub in many American punk bands.

@@@ THE FONTANAS “Capoeira Mata Um” [Single] (Movimientos, 2020) So the marketing blurb for this single on Soundcloud (it’s not up on Apple Music) says they aim to take a Brazilian classic and turn it into a dancefloor banger. I hear a more modern update but I don’t hear many dancefloor sounds happenin’. Zoom zoom zoom, capoeira mata um. I like it, it’s a classic that’s been revved up but there’s no filtered build ups, they keep a traditional accordion going for the forro element but whassup with the marketing?

Music for 1/19/21!!! Miyamoto is Black Enough, Juice WRLD

@@@ Miyamoto is Black Enough: Revolver (National Sawdust Tracks, 2020) I saw this upper echelon mindspace hip hop outfit blurbed in the National Sawdust MLK day email. I think it’s a cool band name and thought I would peep. Though this release is slotted as hip hop it’s more closely aligned with Linton Kwesi Johnson spoken word dub. This tune opens up with a combination of steel dub, spoken word Jamaican flavored accent and reggae sounds with a little electronic addition. The star here is the spoken word poet though in the last third of the track there is a very very stylish spray type steel drum run/solo. I’m going to check out a coupla more tracks but I really liked this tune. The record sports very corporate production with super clean and manicured tracks. I’ve checked out other tracks and the one clipped below is my favorite by a decent length just due to the overwhelming flavor of that track vs. others.

@@@ Juice WRLD ft. Young Thug: Bad Boy (Interscope, 2021) The #1 track in the hot tracks section of Apple Music and it sits in complete opposition lyrically to the record above. This is a celebration of making money, street aggression all happening while Mr. Juice declares himself a sad boy etc. The most notable component of the arrangement is either a cranked guitar or a cranked synth with distortion plugs that make it sound very much like a guitar. I’m not watching the video as the song streams but there are repeated references to the Martin Lawrence movie Bad Boys so I wouldn’t be surprised if the video was a satire or spoof or takeoff of that movie which I haven’t seen and don’t give two fucks about. Generally the lyrics are not my cup of tea at all and I don’t like guitar or the guitar wannabe sound.