Celebrate this Memorial Day by shitting on Facebook bigly

Headline from CNBC:

When the charm offensive from Facebook just turns into being offensive

Oh, the clock is ticking on this punk ass bitch Zuckerberg and his big bag of bullshit he’s been hauling around and serving to people.

The greatest threat to Facebook is Zuckerberg’s arrogance and cluelessness.  He may think he has ducked this scandal but somebody is going to make a name for themselves by dismantling this bullshit spying-selling machine.


Alexa devices also programmed to kill you in your sleep. For real.

From Reuters here:

Amazon on Thursday described an “unlikely… string of events” that made Alexa send an audio recording of the family to one of their contacts randomly. The episode underscored how Alexa can misinterpret conversation as a wake-up call and command.

A local news outlet, KIRO 7, reported that a woman with Amazon devices across her home received a call two weeks ago from her husband’s employee, who said Alexa had recorded the family’s conversation about hardwood floors and sent it to him.

“I felt invaded,” the woman, only identified as Danielle, said in the report. “A total privacy invasion. Immediately I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it.’”

The question isn’t how could the Alexa device have malfunctioned and recorded and emailed a conversation to someone random but rather why would anybody expect a device that has Alexa’s capabilities believe that their privacy is ensured when they plug it in?

Maam, Facebook itself is a toilet so your dream has come true!

Headline from CNBC:

One of Facebook’s most senior executives is so loyal she says she’d agree to ‘cleaning the toilets’ if asked

Smells like somebody has joined a cult.

I guess Zuckerberg’s bullshit line about how he’s connecting the world and making it a better place works on some of his followers, I mean employees.

Zuckerberg (in 2010) seems to be saying he doesn’t monetize his users? #WTF??

From CNBC here:

“This is a big misperception that people have about the site,” Zuckerberg told CNBC on May 26, 2010. “They think the more openly that people share information with everyone that that somehow helps us make more money. It doesn’t.”

So if everybody went on Facebook and didn’t post anything would Zuckerberg make his fortune?

This young man has turned into one of the great liars/snake oil salesman/propaganda spreaders of his or any generation.

Do you want to be the data-filling for Facebook’s marketing sausages???

From CNBC here:

Under the current arrangement, he added, “the real customers are the advertisers that pay,” not consumers.

From Slate here:

The New York Times used the phrase “You’re the Product” in an April 8 headline. Influential social media critic Zeynep Tufekci used it in her September 2017 TED Talk, as did tech podcaster Manoush Zomorodi in her April 2017 TED Talk (quoting former Facebooker Antonio Garcia Martinez). Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak used it in an April 8 interview explaining why he quit Facebook; Apple CEO Tim Cook used it back in 2014, referring not to Facebook but to Google.

So is it a coincidence that discussion of what users constitute in Facebook’s business model?  Not in my opinion.  If the water gets muddied folks will throw up their hands and just continue to use Facebook.

Facebook users are the filling for the sausages Facebook sells to advertisers.  Advertisers want/need different kinds of sausages and Facebook’s great ability is being able to make an endless variety of sausages.

As far as users go Facebook needs the filling of their marketing sausages to be satisfying and effective.  Zuck needs you to provide good quality data so he needs you to feel comfortable enough to talk about all your wants and needs and desires — that’s the good tasty filling that makes for super profitable sausages.  King Zuck can’t get richer by selling shitty sausage that is ineffective for his advertisers in some way.

The question is: do you want to volunteer to make the meat filling/data for Zuckerberg’s sausages?  It’s not a great gig though he does his best to make it so without paying.  He talks about community (bullshit) and connecting the world (delusional) and sharing (with him!).  None of these things cost him a cent.

There is no Facebook sausage factory without your filling so you do play an important role — one you should give up.

Please God, don’t buy the incoming Amazon house robot!

From CNBC here:

Amazon needs to get into our homes because it needs more information about its customers that it can’t get elsewhere.

“Amazon needs more data to better serve its customers by offering the best Prime products and services exactly when they need them,” Patrick Moorhead, president and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy told CNBC. “It doesn’t get search or mobile data like Google or social data like Facebook, so it needs to get it a different way. Amazon with Alexa has risen above search and social. Amazon likely could create a home robot, but I think that’s secondary to selling everything you need whenever you need it.”

Amazon is not serving its customers, Amazon is selling shit to people.  There is a difference.

Making a home robot to get inside of Americans’ homes to gather data about their customers and sell them more shit may be a sci fi movie and some people may think that’s awesome, but I theorize that those people are not served by the Amazon home robot.

Epic scumbag Facebook behavior!

From Slate here:

Zuckerberg went further, suggesting that Facebook users did in fact consent to having their data scraped by third parties anytime their friends signed up for an app. “We explained, and they consented to it working that way,” Zuckerberg said. He later added, “We made it clear this is how it worked. When people signed up for Facebook, they signed up for that as well.”

This is breathtaking and I don’t use that word lightly.

So you can have up to 5000 friends on Facebook and any one of them can give your data away by signing up for an app?

That’s fucking sneaky as fuck and they should have to pay a big ass fine for that bullshit.