Ah, the Facebook Scumbag Machine rolls on!

From CNBC here:

Facebook is suggesting mobile users ‘Protect’ themselves…by downloading a Facebook-owned app that tracks their mobile usage

And they don’t tell you they own the company they’re pimping!  #transparencyZuckiestyle


I guess people enjoy feeding their dollars to the giant pig-vampire Amazon

From CNBC here:

It’s just the day after Christmas, but Amazon is already boasting about a successful holiday season, calling 2017 the “biggest” ever.


By buying from Amazon you are destroying your own privacy

Headline from CNBC:

Amazon is flooding the zone with new cloud A.I. tools that translate, transcribe, and track people

Amazon is way more than a really great place to buy all your shit, it’s a leader in artificial intelligence, it does business with the CIA, and they own and operate Amazon Web Services which is developying privacy destroying A.I. tools.

So maybe buy from that redneck on Ebay cuz he’s not snooping on your two way router and he don’t care about tracking you.

Classic Facebook to sorta address their fake news/ad shit!

From CNBC here:

Facebook’s new policies include labeling political ads so they’re easier to identify, and creating a catalogue of these and other ads so users can see how much advertisers are paying and who they are targeting.

But many of the changes intended to create more transparency don’t appear to address the most problematic ads purchased last year by Kremlin-backed, online trolls. These ads, referred to as “issue ads,” sought to stir social and political unrest in the United States around issues like Black Lives Matter, not necessarily to promote candidates like Donald Trump.

Nothing like not addressing the issue to typify post 9-11 America.

It appears the political establishment has determined there will be minor (if any) changes to regulation of our Internet overlords after their role in the 2016 election.

Extremely ironic as most of them appeared to vigorously oppose Trump but they played a real role in electing him.  So thanks for that!

Wait, Zuckie’s mission is to extort the world, not connect everyone!

From here:

Facebook may make it harder for people to see publishers’ stories, unless those publishers pay to promote them.

As part of a new test in six countries, Facebook is taking content from publishers and businesses out of its main feed. Instead, those posts will exist in a separate, hard-to-find feed that Facebook recently launched for discovering new stuff, called the “Explore Feed.”

Does it or does it not appear that the fucknuttery surrounding Facebook is endless?

If it’s not selling ads to Russian troll bots, it’s live streaming murders, or it’s fucking around with the feed to maximize profits, or cloning Snapchat’s shit so they can destroy Snapchat.

This Facebook shit is ill, it’s many different faces of ill and it should be made much less powerful and much less profitable because it’s ill and foul and a fuckshow.

Will internet vampires Facebook and Google get their wings clipped? #hopeso

From the Guardian here:

The revelation came as the growing influence of major tech companies has become a topic of bipartisan concern in Washington DC, and voices on Capitol Hill are getting louder about the need for more oversight of the digital giants’growing role in American politics.

Please God, let the universe be fair and have our internet overlord take a 2X4 in the face, in their reputations, and most importantly in their bottom lines.

I don’t ask for much.