Dems as shit opposition coming out into the open

From the Guardian here:

For the past decade, leading Democrats like Obama, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Senator Cory Booker have trumpeted charter schools (and their disdain for unions, regulation and government enforcement of civil rights protections). They paved the way for the Devos-Trump education nightmare.

Then, three Democratic Senators even voted to send Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in Trump’s first months (where he voted to kill a black man his first week on the job and has supported Trump’s Islamophobic travel ban), despite how Republican senators had just denied Obama’s nominee a hearing for a year.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York voted against 20 of 22 Trump nominees. But in “progressive” New York State, Gillibrand is joining her fellow senator Chuck Schumer (and 12 other Democratic senators around the country) to support a bipartisan bill that will make the civilized act of protesting against the Israeli occupation of Palestine a felony.

The Democrats are not anybody’s savior, unless you count the work they do for their donors.

And the gap between Republicans and Democrats is not as large as the Democrats would have you believe.

Of course, nothing sticks to Obama he’s the Teflon Brother, the Democratic Party version of Ronald Reagan.

Is insane Giuliani an upgrade from racist hump Sessions?

From Zero Hedge here:

And, as Axios reports moments ago, Trump is reportedly “so unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he has raised the possibility of bringing back Rudolph Giuliani to head the Justice Department, according to West Wing confidants.” Axios notes that in internal conversations, Trump has recently proposed the idea of nominating Giuliani, “a stalwart of his campaign.”

This is a tough call and I would end up saying that it appears Trump’s carousel of douchebags is about to spin into high gear.

America isn’t getting great again fast enough so let’s get some new assholes in here to get on that.

A rare dump on Teflon Obama!

From here:

Greenberg places much of the blame for the Dems’ failure on the shoulders of President Obama’s handling of the economy for “insistence on heralding economic progress and the bailout of the irresponsible elites, while ordinary people’s incomes crashed and they continued to struggle financially.”

Not only did he bail out assholes (for us — we gotta bail out Wall Street to bail out Main Street, man!) he fucking pretended like he had actually bailed out normal people when all statistics pointed to that idea as complete propaganda.

This clearly opened the door for Trump to swoop up all those economically suffering Americans and bullshit them into believing he was going to do something for them.

Obama made Trump and he will deny it till the day he dies.

Quote of the day from Mumia Abu Jamal!

From here:

Remember, capitalism needs racism, and utilizes it to create false consciousness in millions of white poor and working people who live in the illusion that they have something in common with Trumpites. Unity can’t be presumed, or wished to come into being. When people work together and fight together, they build the practice of unity.

Quote of the day from the Redneck Revolt!

From the Guardian here:

“The history of the white working class has been a history of being an exploited people,” he wrote. “However, we’ve been an exploited people that further exploits other exploited people. While we’ve been living in tenements and slums for centuries, we’ve also been used by the rich to attack our neighbors, coworkers, and friends of different colors, religions and nationalities.”


Fuckface Rahm Emmanuel returns with delusional bullshit ‘ideas’!

From Alternet:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new plan to keep teens off the street has been a subject of controversy since it was announced in April. Beginning in 2020, public school students will be forced to present their post-graduation plans in order to receiver their diploma.

“We are going to help kids have a plan, because they’re going to need it to succeed,” he said. “You cannot have kids think [they’re done after] 12th grade.”

“The plan requires students to show they have secured a job or received an acceptance letter from college, a trade apprenticeship, a gap year program or the military,” TVOne’s Roland Martin explained on Wednesday.

I’m quite sure this won’t work.

Are there enough good jobs for all these kids?  Nope.

Is Rahm Emmanuel going to pay college tuition for these kids?  Nope.

Is Rahm Emmanuel going to force Chicago black teens into the military?  Maybe.

Has Rep. Steve Scalise killed people?

From here:

Congressman Scalise has been a supporter of the second amendment for years, and he co-sponsored the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, which had the goal of removing restrictions on interstate firearms transactions.

According to his website, Scalise also co-sponsored H.R.645, “a bill to restore Second Amendment rights in the District of Columbia.” He has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.

So Scales would helping to load economically challenged neighborhoods up with guns.  He’s certainly not that interested in keeping folks from settling their disputes with firearms.