Quote of the day from former white supremacist!

From here:

The reason I became a racist is that I felt abandoned by my parents and because they were immigrants working seven days a week, 14 hours a day, and I thought what did I do to push them away? I wasn’t mature enough, and I got recruited when I was 14, and in order to keep that family and get an identity … there were all sorts of issues with identity crisis there were massive abandonment issues; at a young age, I started getting depressed and eventually I started projecting that self-hatred onto other people because it was the only way I could feel better about myself. It doesn’t matter if you’re dirt poor, or if you’re from a Jewish family—if the conditions are right, it’s really easy for someone to swoop in and identify you, whether it’s the Islamic State or a Neo-Nazi or a gang leader or anyone who is trying to manipulate you based on your fears or your isolation, or you trying to find out who you are.


Oy, the irony of racist bald shitbird Stephen Miller being an immigrant Jew!

From Politico here.

You have to go read the article as I can’t find a good excerpt that explains the gist of the story.

I will summarize — the little shriveled up punk ass cunt Stephen Miller is an Eastern European Jew!  A self hating Jew and an immigrant hater.  Twisting the racist fears and bullshit of Americans for political gain.

Hopefully he dies soon and when he does I think he’ll be on one side of Satan with Trump and then Bush/Cheney will be on the other side of Satan.  They will play cards for eternity but it’s gonna be hot.

Somebody tell the Proud Boys that the puppet master is a self hating Jew!

You can’t make this shit up.  Big shout to my friend Daniel for sending me this link, what a glorious way to start the week.

Why would any NFL players listen to racist President DickNut???

Headline from the Guardian:

Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there’s tape to prove it

Seems like an unlikely outcome that black (and some white) NFL players would listen to Trump and team owners.

This strengthens the grounds for protest by black folks that America has plenty of racists, all the way up to the President himself.

Busting Immigrant balls accomplishes nothing unless you’re sadistic.

From the Washington Post:

U.S. border agents arrested 9,258 “family units” along the southwest border last month, down slightly from 9,434 in June and 9,485 in May.

It’s not stemming the flow of immigrants from distressed countries.

An inconvenient fact like this does nothing to discourage Trump, it will probably be put forward as progress.

Cuz he’s a sadistic piece of shit.

State Sponsored Dick Move #2!

Headline from the Daily Beast:

ICE Is Detaining a Woman Who Is 32 Weeks Pregnant

That’s really making America Great Again.

If this is how ICE is going to operate I’m all for abolishing it.  This is bullshit.  You try to help a woman who’s had to flee and is pregnant.  There’s most likely a really good reason why she left where she was.

But Trump and ICE and cockface Sessions don’t give a flying fuck cuz she’s brown.  This wouldn’t be happening to white refugees.