Doesn’t this shit stoke those American Nazi MAGA fuckers? #validation

From Huffpo:


America’s endless wars and it’s post 9/11 anti-terrorist state has brought us to the point where a politician can appear in public with a gun (functional or non functional doesn’t make a diff) and threaten others with violence.

It also stokes these racist fuckers and validates that it’s okay to militarize over political issues.

It’s a very fucked up part of America.

The fascist anti-Greta clone shows the utter lack of creativity on the right! #boring #noflow

From Washington Post:


So the wingnuts see Greta Thunberg making headway so they come up with a racist, anti-Greta?

Man, the best argument against fascism is how fucking boring it is.  Did they hold any kind of conference call or did they just go to the library and make a copy of Greta???

You guys are fucking brilliant.

A fascist Christian cooch marries a tiny American Nazi cock!

From the New York Times:


Oh boy, if this isn’t emblematic of our times what is?  Are we at peak fascist white people?  I’m a cracker myself and this is sickening for me.

Did they bring in some of the kids in cages to clean up after they smoked cigars and laughed about trolling all the lefties??