9-year old African American kid more mature than hysterical adult cracker

From here:

Nine-year-old Jeremiah Harvey, the black boy who was falsely accused of groping a white woman in a New York City bodega after he accidentally hit the woman’s backside with a bag last week, said he did not forgive his accuser after she apologized. “I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help,” Harvey told local news station WABC.

I say this as a white person, not a white person that is particularly excited by the history of American white people:

Don’t white people have anything better to do than fuck with black people of all ages, genders and in just about any situation you can think of?

This is just one in a long string of dumbass behavior by fucked in the head white people.

I’m glad Mr. Jeremiah Harvey didn’t forgive his accuser and he’s right, she needs help.  She needs to get a fucking life and she needs some counseling so she stops fucking with black people.


NYPD puts the donuts down to at least try to arrest Proud Boys!

Headline from CBS:

NYPD to pursue charges against 9 members of far-right group Proud Boys for violent brawl

Looks like the NYPD is following their tried and true method they started with Harvey Weinstein.

Have some donuts and coffee and then do your job after there’s a public outcry as to why you aren’t doing your job.

It is more than a little shocking that the Proud Boys who were beating on some folks were just released by the NYPD.  On the Upper East Side of all places!

Why couldn’t the Proud Boys pick on some rich yuppies instead of nice antifa people?  I guess they’re not very bright.

With Kavanaugh white women got a taste of what black folks get every damn day!

From here:

The senators who ignore rape culture also ignore racism. The homophobic lawmakers are also usually willing to pass anti-black laws. The ones who take away women’s rights also take away non-white people rights, health care and equal opportunity.

Maybe if white folks who were horrified by how Republican dickheads treated sexaul assault survivors paid attention and god forbid, lobbied against anti-black laws, there would be more understanding of how long and how poorly African Americans have been treated in this society.

Why no Tim Cook statements on Brett Kavanaugh?

Tim Cook loves identity politics and has stepped in to voice support for both gay rights and immigrants.

Silence this week.  Deafening silence.  Seems like a perfect place to step up as a really important person in our society and support sexual assault survivors.

Could it be that Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would be very profitable for Apple?

Deregulation, tax cutting, all the shit these corporate titans love.

I guess when you’re an important member in society you get to pick and choose what issues you speak about and I guess rape culture, bullying and bro culture doesn’t make the cut for Mr. Cook.

Powerful white dudes can help powerful white dudes get away with this shit

From CNN here:

At the same time, thousands of young men (disproportionately people of color) have been convicted of sexual assault for conduct similar to or lesser than what is alleged against Kavanaugh — conduct that in some cases also occurred when they were teenagers. Nonetheless, they were arrested, prosecuted, convicted and jailed with sentences in double digits of years, not months. Prosecutors did not decline these cases because the perpetrators were teenagers at the time.

Obama and Joe Biden went high again and were wrong again!

From the Daily Beast:

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday said he regrets not speaking out against President Trump sooner. “Barack and I agreed we would be quiet for the first year to let the new administration get up and running,” Biden told the audience at the Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner on Saturday night.

A great reason to not vote for Joe Biden.

Not that it takes much work to get a good list of reasons not to vote for Joe Biden.