After prison labor comes robots and who knows, some rebranded slavery type thing.

From the Guardian:

And just as we get more calls for law and order along side the use of prison labor what do you get?

You will inevitably get a large supply of prison labor, especially in the former slave owning states.

Mark my words, this is a system built on cruelty and cruelty is an essential part of American business and society.

Cry me a river, horny billionaire vaccine hoarding bitch Bill Gates!

From Business Insider:

If this emotional public statement was designed to humanize this piece of shit it didn’t work for me. Maybe if this rich shitbird opened up the vaccine technology for countries to make their own I might start to upgrade him.

As far as I’m concerned this is the act of a corporate monster and I could give a fuck about him.

Pols can defund shit in America, just not the cops! #CopShows

From Yahoo News:

We can defund all manner of shit and do, most of it stuff the Republicans want to defund. Anybody that protests their janky election laws like this prick that runs Texas, Planned Parenthood.

But if you dare speak of defunding the po po or the military, these guys are going to whip a gigantic fucking shitty unparalleled in American history.

But they’re certainly not fascists and they’re super patriotic, right!!??

Ah, nobody’s talking about the War on Terror-Law-Enforcement-Capitol Riot connection!

From the interwebz:

That shit about defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the domestic part is completely fucked in the head.

That idea of domestic enemies leads right into a Civil War, and we already had one of those and it was bloody as fuck and it’s really a fucking stupid idea.

Good to see rogue killer drones show up at this special time in the collapse of our civilization.

From Yahoo News:

We slouch even more towards being a Terminator type dystopian world.

I mean it would be nice if somebody in charge did something but I’m not holding my breath, I’m getting a pair of running shoes.