Dear young shitbird: If you’re wearing a MAGA hat tens of millions of Americans think you’re a racist

From CNBC:


Maybe in some parts of vanilla Kentucky wearing a MAGA hat is not a racist act.  But here in New York City and to tens of millions of brown, non-white Americans, and white Americans who have half a fucking clue, that hat is fucking racist.

I don’t think you little MAGA shitbirds get that, but when you get to court I’m betting that you’re gonna be sifting all the non-white folks out of the jury cuz deep down you know you’re full of shit.


Dems hiding behind anti-Semitism to deny ill bitch AIPAC influence!

From the Intercept:


Looks like the vast majority of our super transparent new and improved Congress led by the uber enlightened Nancy Pelosi believes America should continue to Israel’s bitch, tamed by AIPAC.

Only a society of adult children would pretend that money is flooding into our political system from a variety of issue oriented groups advocating for their positions and Israel is no different!

Let’s grind up all these wall nuts and make a fence out of them if they want!

From the Twatter:


I’m betting there aren’t enough wall nuts out there to make a decent wall down on the border but I’m willing to give it a shot if they are!

We can call it the Great Wall of Fucking Stupid!

Or the Great Waste of time Wall!

Or many other names which apply to the failed, fucked in the head endeavor.