How do you unpiece of shit a piece of shit like RepubliNazi Steve King??

From Salon here:


It’s not a stretch or exaggeration to call this jizzball a Nazi.  He’s a full on American Nazi and now he’s making a comeback and casting himself as a victim for being stripped of his committee positions for making racist comments.

He can think being a white nationalist is a perfectly okay thing/term but he’s not the only person up in here and a lot of people who aren’t white are gonna fuck with him.  When he says white supremacist, he’s saying non-white folks are underneath him/them.

So fuck this racist fucker, maybe he’ll pop a stroke or maybe have a heart attack while he’s masturbating to pictures of Adolf Hitler.

From where I’m sitting Clarence Thomas’ view looks deeply scarred and mentally ill

From Salon:


How a smart man comes to the conclusion in 2019 that restricting access to birth control is positive for our society is fucked.

How a black dude starts to disseminate views that black women who get abortions are Nazis and are committing genocide against their children seems mostly insane.

How a person can sit on the highest court in the land and spout what is almost delusional is scary.

How many Christians think Mike Pence is an ill bitch/evil Christian?

From NBC News:


Good to see Christian college graduates walking out on this phony, moral piece of shit Mike Pence.

How can he work with racist scumbag Donald Trump and call himself a Christian?

You know that whole the meek shall inherit a tent in the desert?  Is that the text Pence is working off of?