Why would anyone volunteer for a visit with syphilis?

Headline from the Guardian:

UK should cancel Donald Trump visit, says Jeremy Corbyn


The food industry cares about your health

From the Washington Post:

U.S. food companies are — for the most part — no longer allowed to use trans fat, a once-popular ingredient now blamed for tens of thousands of premature deaths.


Trump’s lawyer shows the very definition of irony!

From the Daily Beast here:

In court documents filed in a California court late Thursday, Cohen’s attorneys claim Michael Avenatti “routinely denigrates Mr. Cohen with claims of alleged criminal conduct” in a “publicity tour” that threatens to deprive Cohen of a fair trial and undermine the case. Attorneys for Cohen say Avenatti’s frequent TV appearances commenting on the case “are mainly driven by his seemingly unquenchable thirst for publicity” and threaten “to turn what should be a solemn federal court proceeding into a media circus.”

Suffering as victim of a media circus?

Oh, that’s fucking rich and not worthy of a pube of sympathy from America when President Cheese Doodle wields the media circus like a sword.

Trump lawyer/Piece of Shit Michael Cohen about to roll over on the Cheese Doodle???!!!

From Reuters here:

President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to lose his current legal defense team and is likely to begin cooperating with federal prosecutors who are investigating him, according to new reports Wednesday.

I don’t know if any readers out there have heard the telephone excerpts between Michael Cohen and a reporter during an election but if you haven’t you should check those out to see what sort of foul specimen this jizzball is.

It’s like something out of Scorcese gangster movie, but then again President Cheese Doodle is a type of Hollywood President!

Former Obama honcho Rice spaces out on Iraq and drones!

From CBS News here:

Mr. Trump told reporters upon his departure from the summit for Singapore on Saturday that President Obama had “allowed Russia to take Crimea.” Rice called that notion “outrageous.”

“The U.S. has long upheld international law. This was the most brazen violation of another country’s sovereignty that’s occurred in recent years,” she said.

“For the president of the United States to blame his predecessor rather than to understand Russia is our adversary, Russia has taken on behavior that’s absolutely reprehensible, including being responsible for shooting a civilian aircraft out of the skies and killing hundreds of people,” Rice said.

I’ve been posting more than a bit about what I see to be the near delusion of many Democratic politicians.  Calling Obamacare free health care for example, what the fuck?

Here we have one of Obama’s senior advisors talking about American respect for the sovereignty of other countries?

From a woman who worked President Obama who was responsible for thousands of civilian deaths with his flying death robot program.  How does this work?

You can’t say shooting a civilian aircraft out of the skies reprehensible and then get a free pass on melting people in cars with automated missile drones, can you?

Not often talked about is the utter horseshit and fake news of the Democratic Party.  It doesn’t excuse anything President FuckNut is doing by any means but let’s have a common standard, shall we?

Meow, cat out of the bag!

From the Guardian here:

The Fox & Friends host Abby Huntsman apologised to viewers on Sunday, after referring to Donald Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un of North Korea in Singapore as “that meeting between the two dictators”.

Once again proving my point that ill bitches know they’re ill bitches, they’re just keeping quiet about it.

So all these Fox humps know President ShitStain is a dictator, but they pretend that he isn’t, which is what lackeys and fuckwits do.

But at least they’re aware so it’s not a question of intelligence, it’s a case of what an ethicist might call value system disorder.


Let’s welcome Coffee King Schultz with a hail and hearty fuck you

Headline from CNBC:

Outgoing Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz rips Democrats for veering too far left: ‘How are we going to pay for these things?’

Well, Mr. Schultz, nobody is falling for this ‘how are we going to pay for these things?’ bullshit.  It’s total bullshit.

If we found money to invade Iraq and Afghanistan which is in the trillions of dollars (and let us acknowledge these imperial adventures have been funded by both political parties) then we have the pocket change to pay for universal health care and other things that nurture human life instead of ending it.

This dude loses my vote right out of the gate and he’s free to go sell burnt ass coffee to yuppie assholes as a better use of his time.