Nobody made the stock market go nuts on hot air, ego, and bullshit

From CNBC here:

Stocks have posted double-digit gains since Election Day on the promise that Trump and an all-Republican Congress would provide a pro-growth smorgasbord of policies. Health care is the first big issue, and the House GOP has shown how divided it is, with a caucus of fiscal conservatives challenging the ability of Trump to prove his mastery as negotiator-in-chief.

“This is really a vote on Trump, not so much the health-care vote itself, but the likelihood of tax and regulatory policy getting through,” said Jack Ablin, CIO of BMO Private Bank. “I think President Trump has put his political credibility on the line with health care and if nothing gets done, it’s really a poor reflection of his ability to influence Congress.”

I’m having a tough time feeling bad.  You’re all big boys and girls down there and I’m always hearing about the best and the brightest blah blah blah.

If you fell for the Trump con, I could give a shit, and tens of millions of Americans feel the same I’m sure.

Look at what ill, mentally damaged wingnuts want!

From the New York Times:

They are pressing to eliminate federal requirements that health insurance plans provide basic benefits like maternity care, emergency services and wellness visits.

All in the name of freedom?  This is the vision for these guys.  No maternity care, emergency services or wellness visits.

What a collection of cruel, nasty cocksuckers.

Paul Ryan is a cruel f*cking loser

Headline from CNBC:

Paul Ryan says he has wanted to reform Medicaid since he was ‘drinking at a keg’

So when he says ‘reform’ he means cutting it off resources to less fortunate Americans either by circumstance, location, race, etc.

He hasn’t dreamed of giving something to Americans in a bad way he has dreamed of taking away from those who already have less.

This dude is a worse fascist than Trump because he has a more acceptable operating style and that makes him much more effective and dangerous.

I hope he drops dead.

Golly, so Trumpy is not going to shit a golden future for all of us??? WTF?

From CNBC here:

Nouriel Roubini warns: Markets are overestimating Trump policy positives

“[Markets] are overestimating the positives of the US-Trump policies. Infrastructure, stimulus, deregulation, tax cuts: I think Trump will achieve much less on those dimensions,” he said.

Woo, that January Trump turd is stinking now!

From Huffington Post here:


White House Admits Trump ‘Insurance For Everybody’ Guarantee Isn’t Going To Happen

Small print below:

“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said in January. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.”

In 2015, Trump similarly told CBS’s “60 Minutes,” “Everybody’s got to be covered.”



Ruling class can not separate human health from work!

Headline from Reuters:

Work requirement for the poor, tax credit boost in the works for health plan, House Speaker Ryan says

This is a strong repudiation of the idea that human health is a right, and Republicans are only willing to parse it out in so far as they are able to demand work in exchange.

For those Republicans who talk constantly about ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ I guess that doesn’t apply to your body.

In support of the idea that Trumpy leaked his own tax returns!

From CNBC here:

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday said President Donald Trump‘s leaked tax returns show one thing for certain: “He made a lot of money.”

“You know there is an undercurrent to this. No one is saying this, so I’m going to say it. There were a lot of people on the left who said that they felt Trump wasn’t really making any money at all and that he was one big phony. I have not heard this story,” Cramer said on “Squawk on the Street.”

As with all things Trumpy this is one data point and you are left to conclude that he made lots o’ money over an extended period of time.  That’s how propaganda works and Trumpy is a master propagandist.

Don’t tease Trumpy, lift up yer dress and let everybody see the whole thing not just the tip!