Sarah Huckabee Sanders — fine American, not a fetid lying turd!

Huckabee Sanders_Migrants

I would take 1,000 Latin American migrants into Brooklyn to not have to wake to see the sour, lying piehole you see pictured above.

She has gravely miscalculated her karma — when Trump is long gone from office and peeing on his grandkids, this foul specimen will be shunned by society for her choices.

And rightly so as she reeks of lies and bullshit.

More anti-Muslim shit from racist assholes!

From the Guardian:


Ah, people will look back on this era as the golden age of propaganda.

Where you can float ill shit out there and just enough of it sticks to do damage.

It doesn’t matter if the claim is fact checked, these assholes are saying it and that’s enough for it to do damage.

It’s galling to think Trump would ever utter the phrase ‘fake news’ when he has ushered in a time of complete and utter bullshit.

Bullshit artist Alex Jones tries to con his way out of his ill Sandy Hook conspiracy!

From the Daily Beast:


You, my good man, are so fucking full of shit.

You came up with these ‘theories’ because you wanted to build a crowd out of disillusioned mentally unstable people and make money off of advertisers who market to that demographic.

This shitbird had no such psychosis and he’s trying to weasel out of his role as an aggressor into some sort of fucked up victim.

I hope these Sandy Hook families clean this fucker out and ruin his life because he sure as shit didn’t hesitate to injure these families with his bullshit.

Fuck this dude.

How does billionaire douchebag Zam Zell know what I want?

From CNBC:


American corporations were more than happy to take last year’s tax cuts which were giant ass handouts.

If they got that massive piece of shit handout then I want my universal healthcare handout and my wealth redistribution handout.

I hope somebody redistributes this guy’s face to the asphalt.  But if he wants to get nasty and use the word handout then fuck it, let’s call his life a giant handout.

Bigly fuck you to this douche.