Post debate quote of the day!

Chris Hedges here:

…if those on the left continue to put their faith and energy into the Democratic Party, they are not simply willfully naive but complicit in their own enslavement. No successful political movement will be built within the embrace of the Democratic Party, nor will such a movement be built in one election cycle.

Enslavement might be too dramatical of a word but not a good idea?

Fox News also recommend going to sneezing and coughing conventions!

From Fox News:


I remember back in the day during the Black Plague some people advocated to go out and make themselves a rat jacket from whatever rodents were scurrying around.  And they just wore that rat jacket in the face of common sense and they were proud of themselves before they fell ill.

Enjoy the flights.

The quiet evil teddy bear is more dangerous than the Pumpkin!

From the New York Times:


John Roberts is a similarly quiet evil man.  They both give the appearance of being reasonable and ethical but their quiet white man ways of fucking around with reality and people’s lives are not any less shitty because it’s done almost silently.

John Roberts is more than open to taking womens’ control over their bodies away from them but he wants to do it quietly so folks don’t realize it the operation is complete.

The jailbird state was also quietly constructed via a series of Supreme Court rulings that empowered police disproportionately over minorities.

These fuckers need to be watched bigly.

Krugman first shits on Bernie supporters as having grievances and follows up with calling them stupid! #CondescendingPrick

From the Daily Kos:


What a rank fucking douchebag and we’ll see what he has to say when Biden rolls back down Trump hill with his shiny white teeth kicked in.

Biden is a worse candidate than Hillary who Krugman supported.