Not only is does Facebook spread propaganda and spy on folks, they’re friggin’ liars!

From Naked Capitalism here:

It is remarkable that advertisers and investors have not come down harder on Facebook for the grotesque overstatement of its audience. As the report shows, every way you cut the data, Facebook claims to have considerably more viewers in every age group than exists in the population. For instance, Facebook’s “potential reach” for the 18-34 year old cohort in the US is 97 million, versus an actual population of a mere 75.3 million. That means Facebook says it can get ads in front of 34.2% more people in that age group than actually exists. And the exaggeration looks even more dodgy when you see that the overstatement occurs most in large cities, which generally have higher incomes than the US overall.

This overstatement is even more flagrant when you factor in that Facebook does not have everyone as its customer. Pew found that 84% of all American adults use the Internet as of 2015, so the 16% that don’t clearly cannot be Facebook targets.

God, the good ship Facebook is so full of shit it’s not even funny.



Zuck is just a classic free markets punk ass — lock him up yo!

From Bloomberg here:

Since 2011, Facebook has asked the Federal Election Commission for blanket exemptions from political advertising disclosure rules — transparency that could have helped it avoid the current crisis over Russian ad spending ahead of the 2016 U.S. election.

Communications law requires traditional media like TV and radio to track and disclose political ad buyers. The rule doesn’t apply online, an exemption that’s helped Facebook’s self-serve advertising business generate hundreds of millions of dollars in political campaign spots.

So people saw this coming.  Anybody can roll up on Facebook’s automated ad placement service and get in the news feeds of millions of Americans.

Zuckie probably saw it too, how could he not?  But he offered up the standard corporate anti-regulation bullshit and now we got this orange haired fuck in office, partially as a result of Zuck’s insistence that he could police his spy machine properly.

Thanks for helping out motherfucker, we really appreciate it.

Is the NFL trying to squash Kaepernick by having owners kneel and lock arms?

NFL team owners are some of the illest bitches in our society.  Let’s not pretend that overnight they have seen the light and are now in agreement with Kaepernick about police brutality.

You can bet your ass the NFL has a collection of PR and crisis management people that came up with this strategy to make them look cool again.

It is the nature of propaganda and the use of association at work here.  When the owners kneel with their players they’re associating themselves with Kaepernick without addressing the issue Kaepernick was protesting.

They sure as shit muddy the waters by mimicking Kaepernick’s kneel.

A lot of the pro football players were protesting Trump’s ridiculous assertions about kneeling players being fired and getting them off the field.  So they kneeled in solidarity with Kaepernick — some probably in solidarity with Kaepernick’s view of the police and some not wanting to deal with that at all.

I’m calling this a brilliant nugget of propaganda by the NFL and their image handlers.  They look better while not dealing with how they’ve blackballed Kaepernick and staying out of the police brutality issue.

Even though first glances might make it appear that NFL owners have turned over a new leaf they’re still ill bitches and there’s more here than meets the eye.

What didn’t they say?

“We think all players including Kaepernick have the right as Americans to protest whatever they want to protest and they will not be punished for their protests.”

Grandpa Buffett needs to take the whole Senior Geritol #bubbleblower

From CNBC here:

At a party for Forbes magazine’s centennial earlier this week, Buffett  said the Dow Jones industrial average will be over 1 million in 100 years, up from 22,397 currently (which is near a record, by the way).

The 87-year-old acknowledged there’s a strong likelihood he won’t be around to take a victory lap on his prediction, but he also said it isn’t unreasonable.

This may seem like folksy optimism but the sad reality is when this sort of shit goes out on the airwaves it draws suckers into the market, people who have no clue what’s going on who don’t want to miss that move from 22,000 to 1 million.

And these are the people that Wall Street feasts upon to pay for their hookers and blow.  Cuz as soon as Joe and Jane Sixpack get into the market that’s when the pros get out with their massive profits.  They need someone to hold the bag.

Don’t hold the bag for these assholes, I beg you.


Shouldn’t the Zuck be jailed for allowing foreign power to interfere in election?

Headline from the Daily Beast:

Exclusive: Russians Appear to Use Facebook to Push Trump Rallies in 17 U.S. Cities

Lock him up!

Lock him up!

Regular readers know of my lack of love for the Zuck and his mission horseshit.  His mission is to stuff his pockets with money.

What is more interesting is how few Democrats (and the Hilz herself) have been hands off considering how pivotal Facebook’s role in the election appears to be.

I would love to see some more folks in power dump on Facebook more directly, they deserve every bit of it.


OMG, this banker is so full of shit!

From Bloomberg here:

“He was the president of the entire United States — financial services are under that umbrella,” said former UBS Group AG executive Robert Wolf, an early supporter who joined the Obama Foundation board this year. “He doesn’t look at Wall Street like, ‘Oh, these are individuals who don’t want the best for the country.’ He doesn’t stereotype.”

This is classic Wall Street word salad.  It makes a tiny bit of sense but it is slathered with plenty of bullshit.

Wall Street is fine with anything that is good for the country but if you force them to choose between something that pays them and something that is good for the country they will choose what pays them every god damned time.

For example it would be great to have a transaction tax on stock trades that will pay for universal health care for low income Americans.  That would be great for America but not for Wall Street — how about that big guy?

And this asshole shouldn’t try to pretend otherwise as all officers and executives of large corporations are legally bound to deliver as much profit to their owners (shareholders, including themselves) as possible.