Is this surprising to anyone?

From NBC News here:

As the “gray wave” of aging baby boomers crowd into the country’s creaking long-term care system, many of them may unexpectedly end up in nursing home where anti-psychotic medication, rather than comprehensive social and mental health services, have become a standard way for some residential institutions to maintain order.

If you think this is surprising or makes no sense given our politicians’ and leaders’ attitude towards paying for real health care, then maybe you need some anti-psychotic medication.


Americans are used to skimpy! We love skimpy!

From Reuters here:

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Tuesday proposed extending the availability of skimpy health insurance plans to millions of Americans in another Trump administration move aimed at undercutting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare.

in fact, we are so used to skimpy we feel lucky to have skimpy cuz it’s better than nothing at all.

As I’ve been saying for years Obamacare is skimpy in many ways and folks adore it!

Feel free to go burn down NRA headquarters!

Headline from USA Today:

Students seize control of gun debate, plan walkouts and march


“The tragedy at Stoneman Douglas was not because of Stoneman Douglas,” junior Cameron Kasky said. “It was because people like Nikolas Cruz were able to buy these weapons.”

Lazy ass, adults are more than willing to jerk off endlessly about mental health systems but the kids are more direct and less compromised in their views.

If this mentally disturbed kid Cruz was not able to have an AR-15 there wouldn’t be 17 dead kids, it’s as simple as that even though many among us want to make it much more complicated.

Sen. Tom Cotton gets his tough guy kneepads out for El Jefe Trumpo!

From CNBC here:

A measure drafted by GOP senators including Cotton aims to mirror Trump’s immigration proposal, which calls for restrictions on legal immigration that Democrats consider unacceptable.

“The president’s framework bill is not an opening bid for negotiations. It’s a best and final offer,” Cotton told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday morning.

I don’t know how a grown man can blow a foul demon like Trump and still sleep at night but it looks like Mr. Cotton is ready to get a shovel out and go build that fucking wall himself.

Or round up some brown people to do it, you know that’s the Republican dream!

The reason Democrats are so fucked on this issue is that they are afraid to piss of racist Democratic voters that dislike Mexicans and immigrants only slightly less than Republicans.

Fuck racist people whether they’re Democratic or Republican voters.

Why Obamacare and for profit healthcare is a bullshit dream!

From Naked Capitalism here:

CNN managed to get the attention of California’s insurance regulator Dave Jones over a bombshell admission in a suit against Aetna over the denial of care.1 From a videotaped deposition, as summarized in MedCity News Aetna’s former medical director Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma, whose job was to review whether to authorize payments:

He went on to admit he never looked at patients’ records at Aetna and instead relied on information provided by a nurse. Most of his work, he said, was found online. During any given month, Iinuma said he’d call a nurse “zero to one” times to gather more data.

A for profit healthcare provider is motivated by their own financial plans and goals first and patient care after that.

Who finds it shocking that an insurance company doctor isn’t even looking at patient records?  I find this to be completely in line with my experience in the American healthcare system and society.