Ah, the Facebook Scumbag Machine rolls on!

From CNBC here:

Facebook is suggesting mobile users ‘Protect’ themselves…by downloading a Facebook-owned app that tracks their mobile usage

And they don’t tell you they own the company they’re pimping!  #transparencyZuckiestyle


Zuckie tries on the humble hat as Facebook hate grows….

Headline from CNBC:

Mark Zuckerberg on starting Facebook at 19: ‘I’ve made almost every mistake you can imagine’

I don’t think Zuckerberg believes a word of this headline as he sits atop one of the largest fortunes in the world.

Why would he say such a thing?

Cuz he and his image handlers are trying for some sympathy as people (like myself) pile well deserved hatred on his bullshit project.

This guy is an arrogant punk ass.  Maybe he should have listened to election regulators who came to him around 2011 and explained how somebody might use his site to manipulate elections.  Ah no, he had it all under control.

Now look where he has landed, in the techno toilet after cashing in on troll bots, denying that he had anything to do with the election, and now…..

…..humble pie.

Poor Zuckie, poor poor Zuckie.  Not literally of course.

Tim Cook’s weasel-y Trump fellating worked bigly!

Headline from CNBC:

President Trump, in Davos, said he was ‘honored’ that Apple is ‘investing big money’ in the US

Fuck you Tim Cook and fuck you President Cheeto von RapeFace.

You belong to each other now.

What principles you both have!  #breathtaking scumbaggery

Wouldn’t this be a sign of a collapsing society?

Headline from CNBC:

People are eating Tide laundry pods and this is what owner P&G is doing about it

I think when you have people who are in a state of mind where they’re voluntarily eating laundry detergent pods (I assume to get high) I think it’s safe to say we’re swirling down the toilet.

Put Facebook out of the game! Shut it down, lock him up!

From NBC News:

Three silicon valley insiders are accusing Facebook of prioritizing profits over people, pointing to Russia’s 2016 misinformation campaign against American voters through targeted ads.

This is white collar crime!

And treason!

Zuckie should get 3 hots and a cot as far as I’m concerned….