Lady Facebook pours more stale ‘we can do better’ sauce on their shitty fake ‘community’

From CNBC:


There’s no need for further comment on this time tested and tired line coming out of the Facebook.

As was predicted by this blogger, Facebook has damaged if not destroyed itself due to its own arrogance and greed.

It is a story as old as the hills people.

Privacy thief/Sexy Vampire Bezos has his privacy violated! #karmaisabitch

From the Sun, a total rage but I don’t give a shit due to hostility towards the Bezos Vampire:


Sometimes the universe is fair and this is one of those times and Lord I’m gonna enjoy it!

That bald sexy bitch got just a tiny slice of what he’s been dishing out for years.

He won’t say if he’s deleting your Alexa data, he’s selling shitty facial recognition software to police departments (which is straight up evil), the list goes on and on.

So know the whole world knows Bezos is hot for his new lady and I hope it’s worth the $50 billion hole his pecker just put in that fortune of his.

Enjoy people, enjoy.

Zuck/Sandberg heads on a stick! #delicious #karma

From the Guardian:


This is not anti-Semitic, this is karma!

How many shit scandals can occur at Facebook before something actually changes?  When will ‘we were too slow we’re gonna take care of this’ stop working?

Zuck and Sandberg should be publicly shunned and punished for what they’ve done, the time they’ve wasted, the negative impact on their users’ lives, etc.