America will never hold its super rich responsible. If Zuck wasn’t loaded he’d be gone

Headline from CNBC:


This is one billionaire vouching for another and it’s disgusting.

If I had that job and I was making $50k a year and I hadn’t made so much money for hedge funds and investors my ass would be grass.

Zuck gets protection because he’s made mad loot for other assholes despite the fact that he has absolutely managed his empire into the toilet in the last 12 months.

And folks wonder why normal Americans are so pissed off.

For a hella smart guy Zuckerberg is a fucking idiot.

From CNN Business:


This would be a great time for a little bit of humility but Zuckerberg can not seem to bring himself to realize that his shit stinks.  Everybody’s shit stinks but when you’ve built a giant website that is extremely controversial and kinda ill, it might make sense to understand the perspective of those that are out to get you or who are criticizing you.

Zuck has said a million times his mission is to connect the world and to get everybody to share.  And he’s done that but he doesn’t seem to realize that Russian intelligence operatives should not be sharing fake, made up shit with malleable American voters.  It’s not gonna go over well.

And Zuck does not want to go to the next step and realize that sharing can sometimes be creepy and sometimes dangerous and sometimes it’s not a great idea.

At this point it’s not necessary to beat on Zuckerberg too much because he’s doing a great job of destroying Facebook from within.

Calling your critics anti-Semitic, that’s some mind blowing shit right there!

H.M.S. Facebook has sprung a leak!

From NBC News here:

Internally, the leadership’s decision to blame the media and the press shop has driven a wedge between them and members of the communications team who feel as if they’ve been thrown under the bus, the sources said.

“It’s total arrogance,” one Facebook employee said. “Everyone is pissed.”

There’s nothing that gets me more in the holiday mood than seeing Zuckerberg’s testicles in a vice and their stock hitting the crapper!

At this tiny blog we have often discussed the arrogance of Facebook and how it has helped to tarnish both their reputation and their business, but the explosion of scandals has now really exposed Zuckerberg’s/Sandberg’s cluelessness and arrogance.

Who attacks their critics by calling their critics anti-Semitic?

That’s just fucked up.

Generalissimo Zuckerberg!!! #losingthewar

From the Daily Beast here:

In June, with Facebook under siege for its role in the Cambridge Analytica debacle, CEO Mark Zuckerberg gathered top executives in a previously unreported meeting to tell them that the company was at “war” and that he would change his leadership style accordingly, according to The Wall Street Journal. Zuckerberg’s shift to a more aggressive leadership style has led to “unprecedented turmoil” in the upper ranks of the tech giant, the Journal reports, and earlier this year, Zuckerberg even clashed with COO Sheryl Sandberg when he blamed her for the public outcry over Cambridge Analytica.

Oh, this is music to my ears!

The Zuck is feeling the heat, he’s at war!

R.I.P. Long Island City! Good luck with the Bald Vampire Bitch and his heathens!

Headline from the Guardian:

‘It’s obscene and wrong’: Amazon HQ2 gets typically warm New York welcome

I used to like going to Long Island City.  A nice neighborhood with nice normal folks in it. But that’s going buh bye as the yuppie tech disease has decided to grow a tumor there.

Hopefully they won’t ruin Astoria but I’m not holding my breath.

Big Tech fights for trans but not for plain ol’ women #Kavanaugh!

Headline from the Daily Beast:

Big Companies, Including Google and Facebook, to Fight Trump Over Anti-Transgender Policies

I guess being a woman isn’t hip enough for Facebook and Google to get involved.

I continue to be shocked at how arbitrary and frankly retarded the politics of these big tech companies are.  It’s just a mash of bullshit and arbitrary stands.

We love immigrants, we won’t stand up against Kavanaugh, we will will fight for trans people, we don’t give a fuck about black folks, we want a universal basic income but we don’t want to pay any taxes.

It’s just word salad.

No companies will be responsible to society as long as they’re legally responsible to shareholders!

From Salon here:

To counter this assault, we need socially responsible tech companies. What then in broad outlines would they look like?

Socially responsible tech companies would take the dictum “Do No Harm” as a primary operating principle governing every aspect of their business. This means not only doing everything to prevent physical harm from its technologies, but also preventing harm to mental health and well-being for individuals and society as a whole.

This looks so beautiful on paper but does not include the reality of shareholder capitalism.

Whatever you apply to Facebook in terms of ‘Do No Harm’ is going to apply to chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and the whole edifice of corporate power through shareholder ownership comes crumbling down.

Any changes that are forced onto Facebook, Google, and the Twatter are all going to unfold against the backdrop of political support for the idea of shareholder capitalism.