Translation: Once you share with friends publicly Facebook can pimp you however they choose!

From the Intercept here:


Major league balls these assholes have at Facebook, major league balls.

This stinks of a barely concealed ghetto hustle.  They want you to share with friends because it’s supposed to make the world a better place but the truth is they want you to share with friends so they can pimp your ass to corporate advertisers.

Hey, hey fuck the Winnie the Pooh bitch that runs totalitarian China

From CNBC:


As much as millions of Americans loathe Trump and I surely do, this is a good thing he’s done exposing the Chinese government to be the collection of cocksuckers that they really are.

They are American allies in the loosest sense of the word and there’s much to be hated in the economy and government Xi Jin Ping has built.

Of course, our fabulously amoral tech overlords have overlooked the ill behavior of their manufacturing base and now have created a shit situation for both sides.

I’m sure Tim Cook at Apple is psyched to see this headline as it’s gonna hit its business.