Trump’s cruelty masquerading as strength — not fake news!

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump is deliberately forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin, cruelly depriving them of food and other basic protections while lavishing vast riches on the super-wealthy, the United Nations monitor on poverty has warned.

Philip Alston, the UN special rapporteur who acts as a watchdog on extreme poverty around the world, has issued a withering critique of the state of America today. Trump is steering the country towards a “dramatic change of direction” that is rewarding the rich and punishing the poor by blocking access even to the most meager necessities.

The $64 question is how many of these people voted for El Trump-o and will they turn out to screw him over the way he screwed them.

I have no clue what the answer is that to that.


It should be called ScumBook or DataWhoreBook!

From the New York Times:

As Facebook sought to become the world’s dominant social media service, it struck agreements with phone and other device makers, including Apple and Samsung.

Dozens of companies got access to the data of users’ friends without their explicit consent, even after Facebook said it would no longer share such information.

Don’t overreact he’s just connecting the world!!!

For loot!

God bless the youth of America!

From the Guardian here:

Teenagers have abandoned Facebook in favour of other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, according to a study from the Pew Research Center.

Just 51% of US individuals aged 13 to 17 say they use Facebook – a dramatic plunge from the 71% who said they used the social network in Pew’s previous study in 2015, when it was the dominant online platform.

Nobody in America deserves a metaphorical kick in the nuts/bank account than premiere tech liar Zuckerberg and his bullshit spying/propaganda machine.

Sometimes the universe is fair.

Facebook perfect machine for propagandists! (Fuck SCL Group bigly)

From CNBC here:

The company’s longtime chief executive, Nigel Oakes, has described its overall strategy as “group communication” that aims to shift the views of large swaths of a population. “We use the same techniques as Aristotle and Hitler,” he once said. “We appeal to people on an emotional level to get them to agree on a functional level.”

This is a quote from the head of the company that owns Cambridge Analytics who operated on Facebook during the 2016 election.

That is some bold ass shit he’s saying there — he uses the same techniques as Adolf Hitler and Mark Zuckerberg is going to the bank on empowering fuckfaces like this.

The visibility of propagandists openly discussing their ill techniques and ‘philosophy’ seems not to upset people.  I would like to burn this asshole’s house down.

Celebrate this Memorial Day by shitting on Facebook bigly

Headline from CNBC:

When the charm offensive from Facebook just turns into being offensive

Oh, the clock is ticking on this punk ass bitch Zuckerberg and his big bag of bullshit he’s been hauling around and serving to people.

The greatest threat to Facebook is Zuckerberg’s arrogance and cluelessness.  He may think he has ducked this scandal but somebody is going to make a name for themselves by dismantling this bullshit spying-selling machine.

Alexa devices also programmed to kill you in your sleep. For real.

From Reuters here:

Amazon on Thursday described an “unlikely… string of events” that made Alexa send an audio recording of the family to one of their contacts randomly. The episode underscored how Alexa can misinterpret conversation as a wake-up call and command.

A local news outlet, KIRO 7, reported that a woman with Amazon devices across her home received a call two weeks ago from her husband’s employee, who said Alexa had recorded the family’s conversation about hardwood floors and sent it to him.

“I felt invaded,” the woman, only identified as Danielle, said in the report. “A total privacy invasion. Immediately I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again, because I can’t trust it.’”

The question isn’t how could the Alexa device have malfunctioned and recorded and emailed a conversation to someone random but rather why would anybody expect a device that has Alexa’s capabilities believe that their privacy is ensured when they plug it in?

Let’s hope lawsuits grind Facebook into a find powder!

From the Guardian here:

Mark Zuckerberg faces allegations that he developed a “malicious and fraudulent scheme” to exploit vast amounts of private data to earn Facebook billions and force rivals out of business.

A company suing Facebook in a California court claims the social network’s chief executive “weaponised” the ability to access data from any user’s network of friends – the feature at the heart of the Cambridge Analyticascandal.

I guarantee you dollars to donuts that Zuckerberg’s main defense is that any harm he has done has been accidental in the name of connecting everybody in the world to each other!

This includes connecting propagandists with gullible voters, corporations with customers, the po po with gang communications, it’s all good!

Facebook has never ever done anything malicious or wrong, just mistakes!