The sad spectacle of cities rubbing Amazon’s rich balls

From CNBC here:

  • Chicago has offered to let Amazon pocket $1.32 billion in income taxes paid by its own workers.
  • Fresno has a novel plan to give Amazon special authority over how the company’s taxes are spent.
  • Boston has offered to set up an “Amazon Task Force” of city employees working on the company’s behalf.
  • Stonecrest, Georgia even offered to cannibalize itself, to give Bezos the chance to become mayor of a 345 acre annex that would be known as “Amazon, Georgia.”

It would be easier and healthier just to break Amazon up or restrict its power in the marketplace.

Boston has basically offered slaves to Amazon.  Are they going to put fresh oil on Jeff Bezos’ bald head each day or does he already have a robot doing that?




By buying from Amazon you are destroying your own privacy

Headline from CNBC:

Amazon is flooding the zone with new cloud A.I. tools that translate, transcribe, and track people

Amazon is way more than a really great place to buy all your shit, it’s a leader in artificial intelligence, it does business with the CIA, and they own and operate Amazon Web Services which is developying privacy destroying A.I. tools.

So maybe buy from that redneck on Ebay cuz he’s not snooping on your two way router and he don’t care about tracking you.

Great, our gun policies dictated by video games!

From the Guardian here:

Resistance to a ban on military-style assault weapons is strongest among millennials, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released this week. It’s a finding that experts said might be driven by the popularity of first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty and the increasing prominence of military-style guns in the consumer market.

Fuck me, I don’t even know what to say to this.


Why control over work should be taken from corporations

From Bloomberg here:

A few years ago, Inc. triggered a robot arms race when it purchased a company called Kiva Systems, maker of automated warehouse robots. Now its would-be rivals are landing bigger and bigger cash injections to try to compete with the e-commerce giant.

Locus Robotics, a spinoff of a warehouse company that decided to build its own robots after the Amazon deal in 2012, raised another $25 million in venture capital, bringing its total funding to more than $33 million, the company announced last week.

I urge people to stop shopping at Amazon for this holiday season.  And after that as well.  This is not a company that cares anything about you except stuffing goods and services up your ass.

You don’t want to get all melodramatic with invocations of evil, but this company is not on your side.