And then arm the students after teachers go nuts with their guns!

From CBS News here:

He brought up those claims at Thursday’s session, suggesting that “highly adept” teachers that do carry “we give them a bonus” adding that armed teachers would need training and should be paid extra money. He backed that up by saying it was “much less expensive than the guards” and would more effective.

“You come into our schools you’re gonna be dead. And it’s gonna be fast,” he said. “I want my schools protected like my banks are protected,” he added.

Nothing says post 9/11 America like strapping firearms on teachers!

Our culture is getting so soaked in violence that more violence is the first solution offered when the idea of mass shootings.

You come into our schools you’re gonna be dead.  And it’s gonna be fast.


NRA destroying non-gun owners’ right to live! #fuckoff

Headline from the Guardian:

NRA head breaks silence to attack gun control advocates: ‘They hate individual freedom’

This piece of shit LaPierre is an ill bitch, a foul fucking human being.  I hope he fucking dies suffocating underneath a mountain of his own bullshit and twisted, fucked in the head logic.

Fuck this dude bigly.

Do normal folks know this?

From the Root here:

Even though the NRA boasts 4.5 million members (a dubious claim most researchers don’t believe), the NRA’s influence doesn’t come from its member rolls. The organization’s power comes from its ability to lobby lawmakers, essentially bribing them with barrels of cash. More importantly, the stacks of money don’t come from dues, it comes from gun manufacturers.


Americans are used to skimpy! We love skimpy!

From Reuters here:

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government on Tuesday proposed extending the availability of skimpy health insurance plans to millions of Americans in another Trump administration move aimed at undercutting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare.

in fact, we are so used to skimpy we feel lucky to have skimpy cuz it’s better than nothing at all.

As I’ve been saying for years Obamacare is skimpy in many ways and folks adore it!

Quote of the day!

From a teacher/survivor of last week’s Florida shooting here:

“And it’s one of those things that, as a lifelong gun owner and a hunter, I’m not saying we should stop the Second Amendment. I’m not saying we should take guns away from people. I say, there’s no point to somebody having an AR-15. And if somebody wants to argue with me on that, that’s cool. If you want an AR-15, we’ll go to the range, I get to shoot at you, I get to graze you with a bullet, I get to catch you with fragments like I did, and then after that if you still want to buy said weapon, cool. Then I’m going to have you talk to a psychologist.”