Why would anyone volunteer for a visit with syphilis?

Headline from the Guardian:

UK should cancel Donald Trump visit, says Jeremy Corbyn


However, racist ass Bloomberg will only support shitbirds like himself

From the New York Times:

Michael R. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, will throw his personal fortune behind the Democratic campaign to take control of the House of Representatives.

I had the misfortune of enduring three terms of El Shrimpo von Bloompants and his stop and frisk bullshit, his persecution of bikers, his generally classist bullshit.

And let’s remember he overturned rules in place to get that third term because we needed him so badly.

This is no solution to the problems we have as Bloomberg looks great on the surface but there’s much bullshit and ill bitch nonsense as soon as he opens his mouth.

Child separation one more notch in a long tradition of criminalizing non white folks

This all accelerated after 9/11 when a lot of illegal anti-Muslim shit went down.  Making all Muslims pay for what 19 assholes did with a couple of planes.  Both parties participated in this.

Next came stop and frisk.  10+ million illegal, unconstitutional stops designed to harass and discourage young African Americans from illegal activity.  Again make all black youth pay for the behavior of some black youth.

Now you see Trump (and Obama and Bush) criminalizing Latin political refugees for fleeing unsafe conditions in their home countries.  Given humiliating treatment and deportation (2 million deported under Barack Obama) you have to believe that people are coming here out of desperation not because they think they will be welcomed.

So this not some nation of laws bullshit, it’s just plain old racist criminalizing of non white folks because it’s politically popular with asshole, racist white voters.

Is detaining families with their children as in the past acceptable? I don’t think so.

From here:

Well, I think it’s right to criticize the Trump administration’s family separation policy, but I think it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that the Obama administration and the Bush administration, before President Trump, preceded the family separation policy with the policy of detaining families, and detaining women, mothers, alongside their children locked up behind barbed wire.

Excerpt 2:

The Obama administration presided over the largest immigration detention system in the nation’s history, and that’s often overlooked.

So this will be somewhat of a hollow victory when Trump stops separating children from their families and rejoins previous Presidents that detained families crossing the border.

It seems almost fantastical to think the United States could help the Latin countries solve some of the problems they have maintaining safety without setting up death squads.

The truth is that American intervention in Latin America and support for all manner of foul rulers there has contributed to the decline in safety in those places.

So all the fake liberals and good hearted folks will claim victory when Trump stops separating children from their families but they won’t give a shit about the new/old reality of detaining and criminalizing immigrants.


Doesn’t Zuckie want to connect with working class Latinos right near his HQ? I guess not.

From the Guardian here:

“Facebook is taking everything we have … and giving us what? Nothing. Just pain in our lives,” said the pre-school teacher and restaurant worker, seated inside her dimly lit apartment, a mile from the company’s headquarters. “Facebook is just ruining the community.”

The displacement of working-class and low-income Latino families in the shadow of Facebook’s behemoth campus, which is undergoing a major expansion adjacent to their homes, offers a stark illustration of California’s housing crisis and expanding income inequality.

Zuckie is too busy fending off attacks on his data pimping machine to hang out with some probably really nice folks.

I think the biggest asshole in the world award is a tough call between Zuckerberg and Israel’s Netanyahu.  They’re different kinds of assholes but they are both world class liars and bullshit artists.

The stench of evil douchebaggery must be strong for chief of staff Kelly!

From the Daily Beast here:

President Trump’s chief of staff has reportedly become so demoralized amid mounting White House scandals that he no longer cares if the president gets impeached. Sources cited by Politico on Monday say John Kelly told a confidant he is giving up on trying to rein Trump in and will let the president do what he wants even if that results in impeachment because, as Politico paraphrased it, “at least this chapter of American history would come to a close.”