Translation: Once you share with friends publicly Facebook can pimp you however they choose!

From the Intercept here:


Major league balls these assholes have at Facebook, major league balls.

This stinks of a barely concealed ghetto hustle.  They want you to share with friends because it’s supposed to make the world a better place but the truth is they want you to share with friends so they can pimp your ass to corporate advertisers.

We have entered bizarro impeachment world!

From Slate:


Oh, master Pelosi has helped the impeachment diaper become full of shit.  Now Trumpy’s lawyers deny their obligation to provide his finances unless the House impeaches him.

So Pelosi’s statement that Trump is daring them to impeach him has come true!  How convenient for both politicians.

Of course, Pelosi is much more intereted in doing what is politically wise than doing what is right and Trump, well he don’t give a half a fuck on a good day.

From where I’m sitting Clarence Thomas’ view looks deeply scarred and mentally ill

From Salon:


How a smart man comes to the conclusion in 2019 that restricting access to birth control is positive for our society is fucked.

How a black dude starts to disseminate views that black women who get abortions are Nazis and are committing genocide against their children seems mostly insane.

How a person can sit on the highest court in the land and spout what is almost delusional is scary.

The profiteering pro-Trump pastors are shameless, fake Christians.

From NBC News (I think, I snip so many headlines):


I was happy to see some Christians walk out on Pence when he gave a commencement speech at their religious college in Indiana.  I can’t stand that fake Christian son of a bitch.

This specimen Frankling Graham is another piece of work.  These are people who really need to be denounced for the power seeking, immoral, unethical scumbags they are.

If there was a pastor who acknowledged Trump’s racism and immoral bullshit but thought he could be saved I could accept that.

But to call for a special day of prayer for a racist adulterer, generally fucked in the head dirtball is unforgivable.