Dear young shitbird: If you’re wearing a MAGA hat tens of millions of Americans think you’re a racist

From CNBC:


Maybe in some parts of vanilla Kentucky wearing a MAGA hat is not a racist act.  But here in New York City and to tens of millions of brown, non-white Americans, and white Americans who have half a fucking clue, that hat is fucking racist.

I don’t think you little MAGA shitbirds get that, but when you get to court I’m betting that you’re gonna be sifting all the non-white folks out of the jury cuz deep down you know you’re full of shit.


Isn’t Barney Frank a corrupt and retired banking fart

From CNBC:


Doesn’t anyone have kids or grandkids?  Whatever goes down with the Green New Deal it sure as shit beats the plan we currently have which is nothing from centrist Democrats and going hard carbon from Trump and his asshole friends.

Don’t people realize huge changes need to happen to keep the planet livable?

For that I praise the Green New Deal and shit on Barney Frank’s head.  Shit needs to happen and it needs to kick off about ten years ago.

Roger Stone is a self-deluded comic book character

From CNBC:


Stone put a picture of a judge up on Instagram with rifle crosshairs on the picture, making it appear that he or someone else is going to shoot him.

This is some fucked up Hollywood villain bullshit and this man needs three hots and a cot to bring him back to reality.

I guess we’re sinking to the level of threatening and shooting judges now.  Man, we’re a classy ass outfit.

Is it possible to call out anti-Palestinian racism or is there a double standard?

From the Daily Beast:


This seems way more harmful than the ‘all about the benjamins’ comment made last week.

People with no healthcare, electricity, and clean water and the responsibility for this lies greatly with Israel and the United States.

And this looks like anti-Palestinian political racism where these human beings are portrayed as hateful animals so as to justify this treatment.

Pence may be homophobic but he never misses a chance to blow Trump!

From the Guardian here:




Nevermind the gay conversion therapy Pence is a fan of.  I think ol’ Mikey needs a little reality conversion, he’s drifting into outer space with his adoration of President Cheese Doodle.

Fake it ’til you make it!

Pelosi’s wrong, Dems are taking pro-Israel Benjamins to remain in office!

From the Washington Post:


American politics is all about the money and Nancy Pelosi knows that all too well.

If Dems don’t take pro-Israel campaign donations, they’re going to go search for a candidate that will take their money and do what they want.

There is no virtue or principle involved here.


AIPAC itself has said publicly they’re out to control politicians through campaign donations.

Period, and not anti-Semitic.