Have any ruling class billionaires said they want their taxes to go to Americans’ care?

The repeal of Obamacare comes with a huge tax cut for our ruling class and I haven’t seen any Bill Gates or Warren Buffetts or other fantastic engines of capitalism (many of whom supported Hillary Clinton by the way) say they don’t mind partially funding American healthcare with slightly higher taxes.

Not a one.

Bill Gates is obsessed with human health — why would he not speak out about the damage that healthcare repeal will cause?

I guess we’re not all on the same side.  Or folks are afraid of the Trump, it’s really quite depressing to see.

The idea that Wall St. will rally if millions lose healthcare is sickening!

From CNBC here:

“While not the primary culprit for Tuesday’s selloff, tomorrow’s vote on Obamacare’s replacement will play a significant role for whether this new-found skittishness will persist,” said Jeremy Klein, chief market strategist at FBN Securities.

Neil Gorsuch from testimony

  1.  Very smart guy
  2. I don’t buy his aw shucks good guy routine.
  3. He seems more than a bit full of himself — his false modesty hasn’t been polished.
  4. He’s made some decisions that make him look like a cruel bitch, which makes sense as Trump is a cruel bitch.
  5. I wouldn’t want to have a beer with this prick.
  6. This is a stolen Supreme Court pick and this will have long running repercussions.

Super WingNut Conservatives now entering Trump’s Anus!

From CNBC here:

But the American Health Care Act has drawn fire from conservatives who want wholesale repeal of Obamacare, and who also oppose federal aid to help people buy individual insurance plans.

There ya go.

All along Trump has been blowing gas about cheaper and better and blah blah blah and now these 25 wing nuts are going to wreck the bill that is already substantially crueler than Obamacare.

Nobody has to wish Trump any ill will as these guys might bone him extra hard, maybe even grabbing his hair while they do it.

Paul Ryan is a cruel f*cking loser

Headline from CNBC:

Paul Ryan says he has wanted to reform Medicaid since he was ‘drinking at a keg’

So when he says ‘reform’ he means cutting it off resources to less fortunate Americans either by circumstance, location, race, etc.

He hasn’t dreamed of giving something to Americans in a bad way he has dreamed of taking away from those who already have less.

This dude is a worse fascist than Trump because he has a more acceptable operating style and that makes him much more effective and dangerous.

I hope he drops dead.

Golly, so Trumpy is not going to shit a golden future for all of us??? WTF?

From CNBC here:

Nouriel Roubini warns: Markets are overestimating Trump policy positives

“[Markets] are overestimating the positives of the US-Trump policies. Infrastructure, stimulus, deregulation, tax cuts: I think Trump will achieve much less on those dimensions,” he said.

Ruling class can not separate human health from work!

Headline from Reuters:

Work requirement for the poor, tax credit boost in the works for health plan, House Speaker Ryan says

This is a strong repudiation of the idea that human health is a right, and Republicans are only willing to parse it out in so far as they are able to demand work in exchange.

For those Republicans who talk constantly about ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ I guess that doesn’t apply to your body.