Where our two grand parties share core beliefs!

From the Daily Beast here:

But Obama World isn’t without close connections to the kingdom. A company helmed by Jim Jones, then-President Barack Obama’s first National Security Adviser, has a contract with the Saudi government to advise on industrial matters, The Daily Beast has learned. Jones’ company, Jones Group International, had, until March of this year, a second contract with the kingdom related to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s military overhaul. It’s another sign of the deep reach of Saudi money into the Washington elite.

They are both imperial parties just with different styles.

I see few to no Democrats denouncing the chop job by the butchering Saudi Prince this week.


If President Skidmark can threaten violence….

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump has praised Greg Gianforte, the Congress member from Montana, for violently attacking a Guardian reporter, saying that someone who performs a body slam is “my guy”.

The police can’t speak publicly like this.

Why does this asshole get to roll like this?


If you want to compare Kashoggi to Kavanaugh!

Headline from the Guardian:

Erdoğan: toxic materials and evidence of repainting found in Saudi consulate

Just as all signs point to the Saudis killing Kashoggi in their embassy in Turkey, all signs point to Kavanaugh being a sexual predator, and alcoholic, and a fucking liar.

So President FuckFace can blow whatever fudge bubbles he wants but he shouldn’t be comparing these two situations if he thought before he toilet tweeted.

Oh boy, I’m sure Cohen is sifting through his data discs and hard drives to bigly screw Trump

From the Guardian here:

Cohen pleaded guilty in August to campaign finance charges which alleged he coordinated with Trump to buy the silence of an adult film star and a Playboy model who allege affairs that Trump denies.

On Tuesday, he said that claim was “totally false”. He also dismissed Cohen – who worked for him for years as a personal attorney and who once said he would “take a bullet” for his boss – as “a PR person who did small legal work”.

Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump and see how Trump diminishes him because he can’t fucking do anything except tear people down.

I’m sure Cohen is motivated to take down Trump and I hope he has the hard drives and the data discs to get President PumpkinHead into an orange jumpsuit.

Lil’ Jared latest Kushner crime family capo di tutti!

From the Guardian:

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, likely paid little or no federal income taxes between 2009 and 2016, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing confidential financial documents.

America loves its baby faced criminals and Lil’ Jared is no exception.

It is understandable since Ivanka’s coochie requires extensive powdering and accessorizing so Jared has a big bill right down there between his wife’s legs.

And you know ol’ President PumpkinHead would hit that if he could.

The Chinese Google search engine is complete totalitarian bullshit

From the Intercept here:

According to sources and confidential Google documents, the search engine for China, codenamed Dragonfly, was designed to comply with the strict censorship regime imposed by China’s ruling Communist Party. It would restrict people’s access to broad categories of information, blacklisting phrases like “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize.”

The Chinese platform was designed to link people’s searches to their phone number, track their location, and then share that data with a Chinese partner company. This would make it easy to track individual users’ searches, raising concerns that any person in China using Google to seek out information banned by the government could be at risk of interrogation or detention if security agencies were to obtain copies of their search records.

Let freedom ring and let information flow freely as was the original promise of the internet!

And let people use the internet to empower themselves and improve their lives!

Except not people in China who use what Google is building.

It is impressive how quickly Google has devolved into a high earning, unethical corporate piece of shit.

See, Susan Collins is a corrupt piece of shit

From Salon here:

A so-called dark money group that spent millions promoting the Supreme Court candidacy of Brett Kavanaugh is now rewarding the Republican senator whose decision to support the judge, despite accusations of sexual misconduct, provided the pivotal vote that landed him on the bench.

Dicknut Republicans would say well these people are out there raising money to defeat her, why isn’t it fair for her to get money?

Well, there’s a huge fucking difference between getting money from normal people in small donations, as in they’re donating united in a common cause.  The cause is Susan Collins is delusional and she’s an embarrassment to women after how she voted for Kavanaugh.

Getting money from a dark money PAC funded by rich assholes, well that’s pretty much a legalized form of bribery.

One is democratic and one is not transparent and not democratic.

I had lunch yesterday with my sister in law who lives in Maine and she reminded me of the most crucial error Collins made.  She rewarded his asshole behavior in front of the nation.  He embarrassed himself, he acted like a paranoid lunatic, and a giant whiny titty baby.  And she said, that’s okay you can be a total dick in so many different ways and still get what you want.

She’s reinforcing to millions and millions of assholes cruising the streets of America that being an asshole is productive and rewarding.

We don’t need that at all, we need fewer ignorant assholes getting their way.