Cuz all critiques of Israeli policy have been deemed anti-Semitic!

From the Daily Beast:


If all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic that means Palestinians are racist and that opens the door for Israel to dehumanize and oppress them because they’re awful racist human beings.

So these days it’s fashionable to mindlessly support anything Israel says and they have a huge self-interest in not recognizing the humanity of Palestinian people.

Speaking of centrist Democrats pretending to give a shit!


Why are Sanders and Ocasio Cortez so hated by Wall Street and their donors?  Because they won’t take the money and play the game,

But here we have Corey Booker who is more than happy to take their money and then pretend to be a liberal Democrat.

These folks aren’t donating to Booker to make your life better.  Or mine.  They’re funding him to protect themselves and improve their own lives.

It’s as simple as that and Booker can tiptoe around that logic all he wants but it’s true.

Quote of the day!

From the Guardian here:


The sad reality is that Trump has given more of a shit to victims of neoliberalism and globalization than Hillary Clinton and Obama and Bubba Clinton.

Of course they would vehemently deny this but if their lives were decent and their economic futures assured at the same level as Obama’s tech donors we never would have been treated to the Trump.

It is the rotting body in Obama’s Presidential closet that his economic policies brought on Trump.  He’s never going to cop to it but it’s true.

Who cries for all the Iraqis the Bush family has slaughtered?

From the Guardian:


I don’t believe some humans are more important or worthy than others.

I’m ready to mourn the Bushes when the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis are all mourned in exactly the same way.

Since nobody seems to show much concern for that slaughter I’m going to sit out this Bush family whitewash.

I don’t think a war criminal should get much sympathy for his dead father.  It wasn’t as if his father was stripped down and hung up in the air in Abu Ghraib.