Police antagonism is underdiscussed and it fucking happens.

From the Guardian:

The police do this for many reasons. One, they’re into it, they love fucking up brown people and fighting. Two, politically the issue moves away from the killing of a black person to the behavior of the other black people protesting.

Total distraction away from their shitty performance as police officers.

There are other reasons but really aren’t these two enough?

Just a reminder after a long week of the po po cappin’ young black men!

From Propublica:

To engage in just a bit of gallows humor, it’s good to see the NYPD keeping their options open here. The lesser known part of this is that NYC prosecutors have stated publicly that they will not prosecute cops for illegal chokeholds.

So given that they know they’re not going to get in trouble for it, it looks like the chokehold never really went away!

Oy, I’ve never seen an American cop say this!

From The Guardian:

I don’t know if this is a random nugget of police propaganda but it surely outperforms any statements I see hear in America.

I follow the NYPD on Twitter and check out this nugget:

War Zone vs. racial justice, what a nice look here from the Sergeants Benevolent Association here in NYC!

Doesn’t smell very professional to me.

So much for Republican respect for law enforcement!

From the Guardian:

Calling cops ‘donut boys’ is something antifa or anarchists would call the police so once again all the definitions are completely fucked up when you have a Republican state leader calling cops ‘donut boys’.

I’m sure they’re not donut boys for that Republican when those cops are beating on the people he wants beaten on.

Still not enough info/discussion on po po at the Capitol Riot! #CopCulture

From CNBC:

A blogger I read refers to the police as the enforcement class with its own culture, history etc. And this is true. We talk about the cops a lot but we don’t talk enough about why so many cops and former military folks, who are supposed to be used to following orders would be at a riot in the nation’s Capitol.

I think the problem is cop culture thinks every problem requires force and so the problem of Donald Trump not being re-elected was something to fight back about.

Not good.

Media shying away from the law enforcement/Capitol rioter connection.

From Huffpo:

Now for however many ex-law enforcement/ex-military showed up at the Capitol to riot a lot more are sympathetic. I continue to maintain this is a residue of 9/11 where every problem we have is solved by force. A lot of cops/military believe this and act on it and it’s spread through society (helped by Trump).

It should be pointed out more and discussed more.

Boy, it seems like all manner of black folks are getting the shit kicked out of them by all manner of po po. #racist

From Yahoo News:

Well, this seems to be happening all the time, even on a daily basis and these are only the attacks and punishments handed out that ever make it into the public eye.

This is racist as shit, simple as that.