Quote of the day!

From the Guardian here:


The sad reality is that Trump has given more of a shit to victims of neoliberalism and globalization than Hillary Clinton and Obama and Bubba Clinton.

Of course they would vehemently deny this but if their lives were decent and their economic futures assured at the same level as Obama’s tech donors we never would have been treated to the Trump.

It is the rotting body in Obama’s Presidential closet that his economic policies brought on Trump.  He’s never going to cop to it but it’s true.

Even some Wall St folks think Wall St. is tanking the market for their own agendas!

From CNBC here:


They want a weaker outlook to serve their political or economic agendas.  They’re tanking the market to keep interest rates from continuing to go up.

Wall St. hates tariffs and they want them to stop.

Wall St. stock investors hate higher interest rates and they want them to stop rising.

And they can crash the market to get what they want.

Beto goes to the godfather’s crew for the Pretty Boy-Orator Kiss of Death!

From CNBC:


Not a lot of experience.

Soaring rhetoric.

Good looks.

I like Beto but I don’t need a personal connection to politicians.  I want them to do shit that makes my life and the lives of my children better.  The greatest Beto supporters out there have to acknowledge Beto is somewhat of an unproven politician and possibly not ready for the pressures of the Oval Office.

I don’t see how Beto fares any better than anybody else in a debate with Trump.  If Trump makes it to the debate stage again.

Wall St has made up a slow down to force Uncle Sam to stop raising interest rates

From CNBC:


Rising interest rates cost consumers but they cost investors more.

There can be no continued blowing of stock bubbles when interest rates are making other investments more attractive so they’re making up a slowdown for their own self-interest.

If you think this is some sort of conspiracy or fantasy, ha!

These motherfuckers will say or do anything to keep their pockets full.



Oh the babies on Wall Street throw their toys out of their strollers!

From CNBC:


If the stock market can’t blow a bubble then they’re going to crash the whole thing to pressure Uncle Sam to do what the babies want!

The stock market doesn’t want higher interest rates as it pulls folks out of stocks into other investments and decreases momentum for the giant stock bubble.

Crashing the market is a great way to put pressure on politicians and Federal Reserve officials.

Throwing a tantrum can be quite effective — look at the present White House occupant and see how effective it can be.

Who cries for all the Iraqis the Bush family has slaughtered?

From the Guardian:


I don’t believe some humans are more important or worthy than others.

I’m ready to mourn the Bushes when the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis are all mourned in exactly the same way.

Since nobody seems to show much concern for that slaughter I’m going to sit out this Bush family whitewash.

I don’t think a war criminal should get much sympathy for his dead father.  It wasn’t as if his father was stripped down and hung up in the air in Abu Ghraib.