With all the shit swirling in the Great American toilet Chuck Schumer picks the most important issue of all!!! #noballs #clueless

From the Huffington Post:


Of course, I want soccer players to get paid.  However, having non nutjob federal judges is much more important and so is impeaching the Pumpkinheaded Bitch.

I have this vision of Chuck Schumer in his office with the doors locked and his hands over his ears chanting ‘I can’t deal, this is too much, Mommy help me’ over and over again.

The Big Joe Biden continues with his delusional nonsense!

From Salon:


This due, what are we to say about this dude.  I’ve worked on Wall Street and I didn’t think Wall Street bankers were out for anything but themselves and their bank accounts.  And they didn’t give a fuck about what happened if they got paid.

So this is some really out of touch shit which is now becoming a clear pattern for the Biden.

Once more Dems push the bipartisan rock up Bullshit hill!

From Salon here:


I tell ya, things are smelling awfully Clinton-y round here when it comes to discussing the Biden.

If you remove the party labels he’s a watered down Trump designed to appeal to lunchbucket guys but who is pretty much dead on arrival for millenials who are voting for the right to exist in the future.  As in climate change and shit.

Joe Biden has the stench of a loser.