Before Head Saudi butchered opponent Kashoggi he toured corporate America!

From the Independent here:

Other notable meets outside of politics include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Tim Cook of Apple and the CEOs of Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Uber, the Walt Disney Company and Lockheed Martin.

Of course, these American corporate giants care if this guy beheads his opponents in that it makes them look bad.

They don’t care if he kills hundreds of thousands of Yemenis in Yemen via starvation, bombing and targeted assassinations.  They care, only briefly, if it makes them look bad.

Otherwise, they want to get down with this prick and sell him all the shit they have to sell.  He even became an Amazon Prime customer!  And he got a new iPad when he swung through Cupertino!


Lil’ Predator Kavanaugh groomed by his corporate daddy!

From here:

Ed Kavanaugh once hired John Roberts, now the Chief Justice, to fight regulations on the industry that Ed represented for most of his adult life — an industry that made him wealthy, and a fixture on Washington’s social scene as a member of the exclusive Congressional and Burning Tree country clubs, where he helped his son Brett connect with rich and powerful patrons who helped him reach the top.

Isn’t it fantastic that the Kavanaugh connection to Justice Roberts went unannounced during the confirmation?  Sure does make it seem like the whole machine is well in motion by the time the justice is named and confirmed.  It also seems more than a bit incestuous.

Secondly, this explains Kavanaugh’s epic whiny baby testimony before the nation.  He’s always gotten what he’s wanted and his daddy has set it up for him that way.

So now Kavanaugh can turn around and give all his corporate friends what they want.  I guess that’s what the ruling class is all about.

In conclusion, Lindsey Graham can fuck himself.

Lil’ Jared latest Kushner crime family capo di tutti!

From the Guardian:

Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, likely paid little or no federal income taxes between 2009 and 2016, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing confidential financial documents.

America loves its baby faced criminals and Lil’ Jared is no exception.

It is understandable since Ivanka’s coochie requires extensive powdering and accessorizing so Jared has a big bill right down there between his wife’s legs.

And you know ol’ President PumpkinHead would hit that if he could.

Will midterm elections be the end for Wisconsin’s Lil’ Fucker Scott Walker???

From Salon here:

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin was the rising star of the Republican Party and believed to be destined for the White House just four years ago. Instead, he may be forced into an early retirement from politics.

An NBC News/Marist poll released Thursday shows Walker down a whopping 10 points against his Democratic challenger, state schools superintendent Tony Evers. Evers leads by 53 to 43 percent among likely voters, the survey reported.

Oh no, what to do or say?

Walker is one of the Cock/Koch brothers’ favorite fellaters.  He’s trashed his state of Wisconsin in the name of bullshit and thievery.

I will cry for you Scott Walker, you miserable piece of shit, in the same way that I cried for the traffic stopping Chris Christie.

If it happens it will be tears of joy, you fucker.

See, Susan Collins is a corrupt piece of shit

From Salon here:

A so-called dark money group that spent millions promoting the Supreme Court candidacy of Brett Kavanaugh is now rewarding the Republican senator whose decision to support the judge, despite accusations of sexual misconduct, provided the pivotal vote that landed him on the bench.

Dicknut Republicans would say well these people are out there raising money to defeat her, why isn’t it fair for her to get money?

Well, there’s a huge fucking difference between getting money from normal people in small donations, as in they’re donating united in a common cause.  The cause is Susan Collins is delusional and she’s an embarrassment to women after how she voted for Kavanaugh.

Getting money from a dark money PAC funded by rich assholes, well that’s pretty much a legalized form of bribery.

One is democratic and one is not transparent and not democratic.

I had lunch yesterday with my sister in law who lives in Maine and she reminded me of the most crucial error Collins made.  She rewarded his asshole behavior in front of the nation.  He embarrassed himself, he acted like a paranoid lunatic, and a giant whiny titty baby.  And she said, that’s okay you can be a total dick in so many different ways and still get what you want.

She’s reinforcing to millions and millions of assholes cruising the streets of America that being an asshole is productive and rewarding.

We don’t need that at all, we need fewer ignorant assholes getting their way.

Trump will arm Saudis cuz jobs!

From the Daily Beast here:

But Trump indicated he will not be blocking arms sales to the kingdom, eliminating a possible punitive measure. The president told Fox News on Wednesday night: “I think that would be hurting us. We have jobs, we have a lot of things happening in this country.” He went on: “I think that that would be a very, very tough pill to swallow for our country.”

I would swallow that pill in a minute!

The prick who runs Saudi Arabia is one of the illest bitches around.  But jobs.  Folks get arrested and tortured.  But jobs.  They’re starving Yemen into submission.  But jobs.

What empty ass leadership.

Phony Christian evangelical shitbirds make me puke

Headline from the Guardian:

Christian leader Jerry Falwell urges Trump support: ‘He’s a moral person’

He’s a liar.

He’s a racist.

He’s a predator.

He provokes violence.

I don’t know what Jesus this asshole Falwell is reading about, but I don’t think the J-man would agree with the assessment that Trump is a moral person.

Just say you’ve made a deal with the devil and leave it at that.  At least then you can have a modicum of self-respect.