Right out of the gate, NY Times starts with the Sanders sniping

From the front page:


I think most people would say that $6 million in 24 hours gives you more than bragging rights.

It means that a lot of people support you and want to support you financially, which is something the New York Times doesn’t really want to get into as they have never really berned for Bernie.

Good to see them starting off right where they left off in 2016.

Roger Stone is a self-deluded comic book character

From CNBC:


Stone put a picture of a judge up on Instagram with rifle crosshairs on the picture, making it appear that he or someone else is going to shoot him.

This is some fucked up Hollywood villain bullshit and this man needs three hots and a cot to bring him back to reality.

I guess we’re sinking to the level of threatening and shooting judges now.  Man, we’re a classy ass outfit.

Wondering if Cuomo is enjoying the shit sandwich he was just served by NYC progressives?

From the Guardian in the fall of 2018:


I would call the cockblocking of Cuomo’s Amazon dream to be more than a ripple.

I’m thinking he’s thinking it’s more than a ripple.

Maybe he shoulda shut his fucking mouth for once.

I hope he’s enjoying what he just got served.