With Bannon gone, Trump/Repubs can focus on huge ass tax cut for rich asses!

From CNBC here:

But despite distancing themselves from the president, many Republicans still want to see tax reform enacted. “There’s a lot of agreement on the need for tax reform, and so this is still doable,” Fagen said, “although certainly it’s gotten much more difficult” because of “the infighting in the West Wing [and] the events at Charlottesville.”

I know when I feel bummed out about America and think about how things might be better for normal Americans I usually end up in one place:

Hey, cut taxes for rich fuckers, that will really help my shit out.  Don’t give me affordable great healthcare, don’t stop these endless wars, cut taxes on people who don’t give a shit about me or my family and I will be thrilled!

Why is cost of healthcare never discussed??

From CNBC here:

The Aetna CEO also fired back at those who say going to a single-payer system is a solution, which he said has failed in Vermont and Colorado.

“If we had the time, I’d take you through the logic of why single-payer, ill-defined, doesn’t generate any savings for the American public,” Bertolini said.

“There are no single-payer systems in the version that we think we want to create in this country. … We need to talk about the costs of health care, and getting those costs under control, and that doesn’t happen by changing who pays the bills.

Damned skippy.


What Republican healthcare efforts produced!

From the Guardian here:

There are signs that support for a government-run healthcare system is growing. A survey published in June by the Pew Research Center found that a growing share of Americans support a universal healthcare system. Among all Americans, 33% support a “single payer” approach to healthcare, up 5 points since a January survey and 12 points since March 2014.

If being a bullying asshole doesn’t work, be a bigger bullying asshole!!!

From Bloomberg here:

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” the president said in a tweet on Saturday.

If Trump was smarter he would fuck over all the Republicans who just fucked him over in the health care debate by passing universal health care.

He would fuck over all those free market assholes and people would actually respect him for making their lives better.

Now I understand he’s not bright enough to see the path forward because he’s trapped in his win/loss count which is really going against him at this point.

If he wanted to make America great again he would make millions of Americans healthier and pay for it and not be such a dick.

Your tax dollars have been used against you!

Headline from Zero Hedge:

Deutsche: The Fed Has Created “Universal Basic Income For The Rich” And Now It Can’t Get Out

The Fed/Uncle Sam, let us not forget, uses tax dollars to bail out Wall Street so the irony is quite delicious that you can’t get basic health care but the segment of our population that does not need a universal basic income has gotten one via Uncle Sam’s relentless commitment in supporting the stock market.

Is Dem blind trust in corporations fading?

From the same Huffpo article:

Single-payer also got a boost from former Vice President Al Gore last week.

“The private sector has not shown any ability to provide good, affordable health care for all,” Gore said. “I believe we ought to have single-payer health care.”

It’s not that the private sector is not able to provide good, affordable health care, they’re UNWILLING to do so.

And that is one of the main problems with Obamacare — you need committed and ethical healthcare companies to make it work and that’s just not the case in America.

They’re more committed to their profits than their patients.

When it has a snowball’s chance in Hell?

Headline from Huffington Post:

Chuck Schumer Says Senate Democrats Are Open To Single-Payer Health Care

Is this an indirect acknowledgment that Obamacare is not the great accomplishment they’ve been trumpeting for the past 8-9 years?

We wouldn’t need single payer if Obamacare worked.

Where were these bold universal health care Democrats in 2009 when Obama hit town?

Their timing couldn’t be worse.