Only in America does the government cut healthcare to fund tax cuts for rich assholes and corporations!!

From CBS News here:

The president is now doubling down on an AHCA revival, which is needed to cut Medicaid by nearly $1 trillion, those budget savings deemed necessary to fund comprehensive tax reform.

It’s not tax reform, these are tax cuts for people who already have really low taxes.

Fucking disgusting.

Health Care Shit Sandwich 2.0!!

Headline from the New York Times:

White House seeking victory, aims to revive health bill.

This should be good for a few laughs.

If it works for the Freedom Cocks it won’t work for the moderates.  If it works for the House, it probably won’t work for the Senate.

Let’s hope this blows up in Trump’s face again!

Quote of the day!

From Zero hedge here:

The United States was falling behind on education. That meant people who were losing their jobs weren’t being retrained to the jobs that were available. Also, the US doesn’t have a strong safety net. So when people lose their job they can fall quite far. That’s why America is much more focused on strong growth than other countries. Since the safety net is so weak it needs strong growth in order to avoid public anger.

Recent history also shows when you push for extremely strong economic growth you also end up with fraud and abuse which is inflicted on everybody not in the ruling class but minorities especially.

In a post industrial society you can get your goods and services from two places:  from the government or from companies.

Look at healthcare — you have a half baked healthcare system (Obamacare) that was always afraid of having government pick up the tab (outside of the successful Medicaid expansion) so it has floundered.  Or you have the corporate insurance market where you’re at the mercy (or not) of insurance companies.

If we didn’t have such a shitty government we wouldn’t have to endure such a shitty, predatory economic environment.

Unholy conservative douchebag collective Freedom Caucus will get encore!

From Bloomberg here:

Far-right Republicans who helped block House Speaker Paul Ryan’s goal of replacing Obamacare may also be in position to imperil his dreams of a comprehensive rewrite of the tax code.

This is a classic case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Make no mistake these Freedom Caucus fucks are full on assholes — they hate a lot of shit.

Remember, they didn’t not against TrumpCare because it was too cruel but because they wanted it even crueler.

Jump up and down that the Republican Party is split like a giant ass but these are not cool peeple.

Look at what ill, mentally damaged wingnuts want!

From the New York Times:

They are pressing to eliminate federal requirements that health insurance plans provide basic benefits like maternity care, emergency services and wellness visits.

All in the name of freedom?  This is the vision for these guys.  No maternity care, emergency services or wellness visits.

What a collection of cruel, nasty cocksuckers.