Bernie’s thesis of Dems crookedly tipping scales for scumbags like Cuomo not a one off!

From the Daily Beast here:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) openly waded into the New York gubernatorial race on Wednesday, telling The Washington Post that he believes it was “absolutely” a mistake for Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez to endorse incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Asked if the decision makes it harder to trust that the DNC won’t play establishment favorites in the 2020 presidential election, Sanders responded: “It does.”

Andrew Cuomo is a piece of shit who is deeply aligned with scumbag Wall St. hedge funders.

This idea that the Democratic Party is a fairly run organization is looking more ridiculous by the day.


Do you want to be the data-filling for Facebook’s marketing sausages???

From CNBC here:

Under the current arrangement, he added, “the real customers are the advertisers that pay,” not consumers.

From Slate here:

The New York Times used the phrase “You’re the Product” in an April 8 headline. Influential social media critic Zeynep Tufekci used it in her September 2017 TED Talk, as did tech podcaster Manoush Zomorodi in her April 2017 TED Talk (quoting former Facebooker Antonio Garcia Martinez). Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak used it in an April 8 interview explaining why he quit Facebook; Apple CEO Tim Cook used it back in 2014, referring not to Facebook but to Google.

So is it a coincidence that discussion of what users constitute in Facebook’s business model?  Not in my opinion.  If the water gets muddied folks will throw up their hands and just continue to use Facebook.

Facebook users are the filling for the sausages Facebook sells to advertisers.  Advertisers want/need different kinds of sausages and Facebook’s great ability is being able to make an endless variety of sausages.

As far as users go Facebook needs the filling of their marketing sausages to be satisfying and effective.  Zuck needs you to provide good quality data so he needs you to feel comfortable enough to talk about all your wants and needs and desires — that’s the good tasty filling that makes for super profitable sausages.  King Zuck can’t get richer by selling shitty sausage that is ineffective for his advertisers in some way.

The question is: do you want to volunteer to make the meat filling/data for Zuckerberg’s sausages?  It’s not a great gig though he does his best to make it so without paying.  He talks about community (bullshit) and connecting the world (delusional) and sharing (with him!).  None of these things cost him a cent.

There is no Facebook sausage factory without your filling so you do play an important role — one you should give up.

So why aren’t big honcho ass Wall St. CEOs responsible for their statements?

From CNBC here just before Trump took office:

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said on Friday he thinks President-elect Donald Trump‘s administration will do the right thing for the U.S. He just needs time, Dimon said, according to Reuters.

Dimon, speaking with reporters following the bank’s fourth-quarter earnings release, said he is comforted that Trump is appointing experienced people to his administration, Reuters reported.

This statement is less than two years old and it appears to be crazy stale and completely wrong headed.

What looks to be a stamp of approval from a legendary white collar criminal looks wildly off base but nobody gives a fuck for this chunk of spoken vomit.

There was a lot of talk about how this was going to be a businessman’s administration and professional and adult.  What do we really have?  We have a bunch of assholes ducking responsibility for paying off a porn star that allowed Trump’s penis inside her body.

Adult film isn’t really the same as an adult and experienced Presidential administration.  Look at that swollen bag of a man Rudy Giuliani.  He would be more in his element in a Batman movie and his IQ must have been reduced when they radiated his cancerous prostate.

But Jamie Dimon is a rich so he gets to say whatever bullshit he has on his mind when he should really shut the fuck up.

Those are Booker’s hedge fund buddies financing Big Weed! #bigly hypocrite

Headline from the Daily Beast:

Cory Booker: I Get Angry That Privileged People Are Opening Up Pot Shops

It’s one of my great hopes and desires that Cory Booker never gets into the Oval Office.  And these statements are his deceptive way to make it look like he’s down with the people.  But it’s not true because Cory Booker has a long history with hedge funders and private equity scumbags.

This is classic neoliberal bullshit.  If he gave a shit he could help dudes and ladies in the hood into the weed game but that would offend the white people he needs to get into the White House.

How can we be the greatest country on earth when our lawmakers are ignorant douchebags?

From Slate here:

Another culprit in Tuesday’s snore-athon was that many lawmakers clearly lacked a firm grasp of how Facebook works. “So, how do you sustain a business model in which users don’t pay for your service?“ asked Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican. Zuckerberg could hardly contain a smirk as he replied: “Senator, we run ads.”

Either this is an incredibly well planned circle jerk where lawmakers pretend to not know and Zuck pretends it is all one big mistake or they’re ignorant fucks and the wonder boy Zuck is a complete liar.

I’m going with the latter.

Must Wall Street always be fellated?

From CNBC here:

“Something’s happened to the administration over the course of the last few weeks,” he added, pointing to the departure of former National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and President Donald Trump‘s repeated attacks on Amazon as well as the protectionist rhetoric.

“These are not things Wall Street likes.”

Who gives a shit?

It doesn’t seem to be a very wise way to run a society to have all policy dictated by a bunch of money obsessed quarter to quarter stock and bond traders.

Look at the society with it’s incredible class and race tensions that they’ve created for us by outsourcing tens of thousands of factories overseas.

What is good for Amazon is not good for Amazon workers or sellers on Amazon.

What is good for China and factory owners is not good for blue collar workers both black and white.

To pretend otherwise is somewhat ridiculous.  To say that the things Wall Street loves help to bring on Trump would be an understatement.