Zuckie tries on the humble hat as Facebook hate grows….

Headline from CNBC:

Mark Zuckerberg on starting Facebook at 19: ‘I’ve made almost every mistake you can imagine’

I don’t think Zuckerberg believes a word of this headline as he sits atop one of the largest fortunes in the world.

Why would he say such a thing?

Cuz he and his image handlers are trying for some sympathy as people (like myself) pile well deserved hatred on his bullshit project.

This guy is an arrogant punk ass.  Maybe he should have listened to election regulators who came to him around 2011 and explained how somebody might use his site to manipulate elections.  Ah no, he had it all under control.

Now look where he has landed, in the techno toilet after cashing in on troll bots, denying that he had anything to do with the election, and now…..

…..humble pie.

Poor Zuckie, poor poor Zuckie.  Not literally of course.


Oh, how rich! Foreclosure f*cker Mnuchin and the bad guys

From CNBC:

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wants to keep cryptocurrencies away from ‘bad guys’

Our Treasury Secretary, the might Muffin/Mnuchin man is a piece of shit.  Talk to foreclosed former homeowners in California and see if they think Mnuchin is a good guy protecting us from bad guys or whether he is a bad guy himself.

I’m betting on the latter.  He was almost indicted for all manner of shady foreclosure related shit but the neoliberal darling Kamala Harris declined to charge him with the appropriate crimes.

This is just perfect.   I wouldn’t trust this fuck as far as you could throw him.

Big companies most def helping Trump to consolidate and extend his power! #fuckoff

From CNBC here:

U.S. companies have been lining up to praise the Republican tax bill while giving bonuseswage hikes and stock benefits to their employees, which has led Republican Sen. Bob Corker to think there might be “a little coordinated effort taking place” to hype the law’s impact.

Balls deep into the Trump stock bubble and CNBC finally uses the word ‘bubble’!!

Headline from CNBC:

Trump’s market cheerleading tweets could end up fueling a bubble

Fuck this is some high end journalism right here for chrissakes!!!

He’s been blowing this fudge bubble for 15 fucking months and they finally noticed.

Way to go fellas…keep up the silver plated journalism.

Yet another pile of tax cut bullshit

From CNBC here:

The Trump administration has estimated that the average American worker could see their annual wages grow by $4,000 as a result of the drop in corporate taxes.

So far, however, those pay increases have been few and far between. With a few exceptions, companies that have announced specific plans are offering one-time bonuses in place of permanent wage increases.

That’s quite a whopper right there, claiming a $4,000 raise because corporations have had their taxes cut.

Of course Dems help repeal Obama’s Wall St. ‘reform’

From the New York Times:

Moderate Democrats, drawing criticism from progressive colleagues, have joined Republicans to support legislation that would relax many rules and regulatory obligations put in place after the 2008 financial crisis.

The problem is not Trump.

The problem is not the Republican Party.

The problem is the corporate power that controls both political parties.

That power controlled Obama too, though his loyalists would never admit to it as such.  They controlled the health care ‘reform’ which led to a shitty three tiered system of bullshit that’s only popular when compared to the Republican death march.

And that corporate power controlled the Wall St. Dodd/Frank reform — which was lukewarm to begin with but is now being watered down more.

Financial reform was supposed to prevent bubbles and their horrible aftermath — have you seen the stock market lately?

Is this mission accomplished?