Mr. Shmuel Rosner on the NYT op ed page can go fuck himself

From the New York Times:

Israel needs to protect its borders by whatever means necessary

Isn’t that what Hitler said about Poland and Czechoslovakia?  We set the borders here and this is our country and we’re going to do whatever we have to do.

No country has the right to exist asshole.  People have a right to exist and that includes Palestinians as well as Israelis, despite what Israel and Co. would have you think.

Guarding the border was more important than avoiding killing, and guarding the border is what Israel did successfully.

Spare us the bullshit.  It seems the Israeli propaganda machine is out in full strength after killing 60 and wounding over 2,000.

If those damned Palestinians would just get in line and obey this occupation there wouldn’t be any further killing.

How dare they demand human rights, the right to exist or the right to fight back?



Meet one of Bloody Gina’s victims!

From the Intercept here:

“I have evaluated Mr. Abdal Rahim al-Nashiri, as well as close to 20 other men who were tortured as part of the CIA’s RDI [Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation] program. I am one of the only health professionals he has ever talked to about his torture, its effects, and his ongoing suffering,” Dr. Sondra Crosby, a professor of public health at Boston University, wrote to Warner’s legislative director on Monday. “He is irreversibly damaged by torture that was unusually cruel and designed to break him. In my over 20 years of experience treating torture victims from around the world, including Syria, Iraq, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. al-Nashiri presents as one of the most severely traumatized individuals I have ever seen.”

The worst thing about Trump is how he dehumanizes non-white people.  Sometimes verbally, but in this case it’s a physical dehumanization.

To promote a torturer to this position is disgusting and Trump is disgusting in his dehumanizing so called manly behavior.  His joint effort to dehumanize Palestinians with war criminal Netanyahu, his call to bring back torture.

This orange haired piece of shit is the animal, not the Mexicans or the Muslims and Bloody Gina is part of his crew.

They can all go fuck themselves.

Establishment Dems (Schumer!) help carry Netanyahu’s bucket of blood

From the Daily Beast here:

The divide between the Democratic base—which is increasingly progressive—and establishment Democrats was on display again this week. We saw it after at least 60 Palestinians were killed, including women and children, and reportedly 2,700 were injured by the Israeli military during protests in Gaza on Monday. Despite this incident marking the biggest loss of life since the 2014 Gaza war, most leading Democrats were silent.

Ahem, lining up right behind Trump and Pence and the Pentagon to put their quiet stamp of approval on the decades long occupation.


Yet again Netanyahu full of shit

From CBS News here:

Netanyahu defends use of deadly force in Gaza, says Hamas put “children into the line of fire”

From the Telegraph here:

Palestinian health officials said 58 people were killed along the Gaza border, including six children under the age of 18. The youngest fatality appeared to be a 14-year-old boy named Ezzaldeen al-sammak. More than 1,200 others were shot and wounded during Monday’s protests, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Netanyahu’s mission in life is to dehumanize the Palestinians.  He wants to portray Hamas as animals that kill their own children.

Look at the second excerpt and you see that there were no children killed by Israelis, they’re happy to kill young teenages sometimes and mostly adults.

1200 people were shot, that’s a lot of people and here we have Netanyahu propagandizing all over this situation.

Netanyahu is a vision-less war pig.  He’s happy to keep killing and he has no plan to make it stop.  He’ll just sit there, build settlements, move embassies, take away rights and if Palestinians protest he’s happy to kill them.




Spotlight on Israel’s ‘right’ to slaughter

Statistics from Israel’s Operation Cast Lead:

The ratio of Palestinian to Israeli civilians killed was 400 to 1. More than 300 of the 1,400 Palestinian dead were children. The onslaught included the deployment of white phosphorus, an illegal chemical agent that burns skin at temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit (816 degrees Celsius).

Killing at the ratio of 400 to 1 is not defending yourself.


Has Israel turned Gaza into a quasi-concentration camp?

From the New York Times:

At least 1,000 Palestinian demonstrators were also wounded along the border fence with Gaza, the Health Ministry reported, as the mass protests that began on March 30 and that had already left dozens dead erupted again.

Shot while trying to get over a fence?

Smells camp-y to me.

Let us once again acknowledge what is clear to those who are watching — Israel has tactics but it has no strategy.

Killing those who oppose you for eternity is not strategic.