Ilhan against military imperialism — this why she’s being attacked by both sides!!!

From the Daily Beast here:


Barack Obama conducted a quiet coup in Egypt.

George W. Bush deposed Saddam Hussein.

Bill Clinton fucked around in Haiti.

How dare this brown woman come along and bust balls on those who have spent their lives setting up death squads and fucking around all over the world?

I think this is great and part of what’s necessary to a democracy, but I can see why folks are crawling all over her for speaking the truth.

Who cries for all the Iraqis the Bush family has slaughtered?

From the Guardian:


I don’t believe some humans are more important or worthy than others.

I’m ready to mourn the Bushes when the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis are all mourned in exactly the same way.

Since nobody seems to show much concern for that slaughter I’m going to sit out this Bush family whitewash.

I don’t think a war criminal should get much sympathy for his dead father.  It wasn’t as if his father was stripped down and hung up in the air in Abu Ghraib.