Emperor Netanyahu the Crooked Murderer!

From the Guardian here:

The Australian casino owner James Packer and the Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan probably never imagined they would be running a free drinks delivery service for the Israeli prime minister and his wife.

But when Sara Netanyahu called an assistant of the two men to say the drinks had run out, it was the signal for Packer and Milchan to renew the supplies of champagne, courtesy of their own wallets and a private driver, according to alleged testimony in an investigation into sleaze claims against Benjamin Netanyahu.


Sean Spicer will be teaching clown classes at Harvard!

Headline from the Intercept:


I thought Harvard was more competent than that but apparently not.

It would have been less damaging to admit they couldn’t withstand pressure from CIA fuckers and they had to let Manning go.

But to say this manner of shit to here is ridiculous!

This will lead to peace in the Middle East!

Headline from the Guardian:

Trump’s ambassador to Israel refers to ‘alleged occupation’ of Palestinian territories

I had no idea until this headline from our fantastic ambassador to israel that the Palestinians made this whole occupation up.

What a ruse!

A sixty year ruse where imaginary soldiers pretend killed and bombed Palestinian areas.  You learn something new every day.

NY Times gives voice to murderous Blackwater fuck

Headline from Slate:

Times Runs Pro-Mercenary Op-Ed by Mercenary Whose Employees Committed Infamous Iraq Massacre

Sure, let’s privatize the war in Afghanistan and keep that shit going forever.  It makes perfect sense in a capitalist society, a steady flow of profits from killing folks and never resolving anything.

Is Arpaio worse than Bush and Cheney?

From the Guardian here:

Arpaio, the self-styled “toughest sheriff” in America, systematically abused his powers during his two decades in office before being voted out last November. Most notoriously, Arpaio commanded his police to detain people solely on the suspicion that they were illegal immigrants, even in cases where the “suspects” had violated no state law. This amounted to a blanket invitation to terrorize the domestic population through egregious practices of racial-profiling.

In 2011, a federal district court judge, a Republican appointee, ordered Arpaio to stop a practice that constituted a flagrant violation of constitutional rights. Rather than submit to the federal court order, Arpaio acted in open defiance, placing himself above the federal judiciary and the rule of law.

I have no love for this piece of shit Arpaio but didn’t all the racial profiling and ignoring the rule of law accelerate after September 11th, spearheaded by Bush and Cheney?

Rules banning torture, rules on starting wars of aggression, violating surveillance laws in the name of national security.

These people should be held accountable more than Arpaio who is a small time American fascist.

If you’re outraged by this pardon, where is your outrage for the men who started it all?

War criminal Netanyahu pads resume with plain ol’ graft and bribery!

From the New York Times:

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likely to face charges stemming from two graft cases, his critics are asking how long he can stave off what they view as his looming political demise.

Well, this will be a sad day if it comes when Netanyahu drags his murderous, crooked carcass off the world stage.

A world class fucker if there ever was one.

Will the people who made the Iraq mess ever be held accountable?

From the New York Times:

The United States spent more than $1 trillion and lost about 4,500 troops in the effort to make Iraq the cornerstone of a Western-facing Middle East. But today, Iran’s influence is paramount.

The only way to curtail American military adventures abroad is to hold those who make failed countries accountable for their decisions and incompetence.

Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld should be in jail for what they did to Iraq.

And by the way $1 trillion would be an awful lot of health care for Americans that need it.