Good to see rogue killer drones show up at this special time in the collapse of our civilization.

From Yahoo News:

We slouch even more towards being a Terminator type dystopian world.

I mean it would be nice if somebody in charge did something but I’m not holding my breath, I’m getting a pair of running shoes.

Lots of folks seeing AIPAC and Israel’s racist bullshit!

From Yahoo News:

As we have seen with the Black LIves Matter movement you need to dehumanize and degrade other groups in order to kill and commit violence against them.

So a lot of AIPAC’s activities involve attacking people who don’t agree with them in a highly racialized way.

Calling a U.S. congressman a terrorist is a racist move. Maybe they think it’s not but oy.

Two world class pieces of shit!

From ABC News:


These two are high end cocks, cocks that have been total dicks for decades, clueless cocks who need to be fluffed on an ongoing basis.

You couldn’t tape these two fuckers together and get one decent human being — it would just be one taped up piece of trash.

Oh boy, Biden’s Iraq incompetence on display again!

From Yahoo News:


Yikes, this man does not have the judgment to be President.

The idea that Biden believes that starting a war can bring you a Nobel Peace Prize is misguided and disgusting.

As disgusting as Obama having a Nobel Peace Prize even after his secret drone war.  Blech.