How could McCain oppose torture and be so pro war?

It makes no sense.

You oppose torture as immoral but invading Iraq is normal?

This, one again, highlights how war has become so widely accepted as normal and just human behavior in the wake of 9/11.

If you oppose war and prevent ridiculous and unnecessary wars from starting you will successfully avoid the moral outrage of torture.

Was there ever a war or armed conflict John McCain did not want to escalate?

Headline from the Guardian:

John McCain, influential US senator and presidential candidate, dies aged 81

I am fervently anti-war.  War is the dumbest thing humans do but for some reason Americans have been goaded and trained to love war.  You’re not a man if you don’t love war.  It’s part of our lifestyle.

John McCain was not just in the Vietnam War but his experience there lent him credibility when discussions about other wars or conflicts emerged.

I don’t remember a single instance where John McCain said a conflict should be de-escalated.  He was always for more war.

The fact that he temporarily saved Obamacare pales in comparison to his legacy of encouraging American violence.

This is why the NY Times blows dogs — the head of Saudi Arabia is an ill bitch f*ckface

From the New York Times:

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is attempting to transform his country. The West shouldn’t undermine him.

Mohammed bin Salman is a fucking war criminal for what he has done in Yemen and he’s a piece of shit in his own country.

Fuck him and the Rolls Royce he rode in on.

Fake (breasts) news!

Headline from Salon:

MSNBC has done 455 Stormy Daniels segments in the last year — but none on U.S. war in Yemen

Surely not to shame anybody with fake breasts and I’m assuming from pictures that Ms. Daniels has fake breasts.

God forbid someone be a bleeding heart but it’s fucking tragic what’s going on in Yemen and tragic and pathetic and sad how Americans could give a flying fuck about what’s going on there.

Grandma Droney/Feinstein’s power slowly stripped away!

From the New York Times:

California Democrats Snub Feinstein, Endorsing Rival

Senator Feinstein was one of Obama’s great drone defenders.  They both were quite infatuated with this ‘how could it possibly be legal?’ strategy.

We are finally seeing some of these neoliberal war pigs start to get chopped down and history will not be kind to Obama and his flying death robots.

Ooopsie, now Israel deports bad, protesting Jews!

From Ariel Gold at Codepink:

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security and Aryeh Deri, Israeli Minister of the Interior are charging me with the “crimes” of documenting the occupation, telling soldiers they are violating Jewish values and being an “extreme boycott activist.”

How sad and fascistic Israel’s government has become!

Oy, the shonda!

We live in a post 9/11 age where you’re either for us or against us and no protest is allowed!  That applies in the Israel as well.

Also not in the coincidence column both our fabulous orange haired skidmark Trump is equalled in corruption by the bribe-a-licious Netanyahu and his porcine wife.

These are not people of virtue and leadership, they’re power pigs.

Refugees fleeing American destruction!

From here:

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has to decide by July 5 whether to extend the program for Yemenis ― and potentially open it up to the handful more who have arrived in recent months ― or to force people like Aldailami to return to what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. On Thursday, a department spokesman told HuffPost she had not made up her mind.

Nielsen’s dilemma is the latest powerful reminder of how U.S. immigration policy and U.S. foreign policy are inextricably linked. In recent months, President Donald Trump’s team has moved to deny refuge to more than a million people, many of them fleeing societies left desperately weakened by past American intervention. Now the administration might end the protection for Yemenis as U.S. planes help U.S. partners drop U.S. bombs on their country.

It would be quasi-comical if people weren’t dying.

The U.S. has been fucking around in Central and South America for decades for a variety of reasons. Most of it has not been solid, positive fucking around.

We’ve destabilized more than a few countries and people want to come to America to have a better life.

Maybe we should play a more positive role in the world if we don’t want people to flood our shores.