Lots of folks seeing AIPAC and Israel’s racist bullshit!

From Yahoo News:

As we have seen with the Black LIves Matter movement you need to dehumanize and degrade other groups in order to kill and commit violence against them.

So a lot of AIPAC’s activities involve attacking people who don’t agree with them in a highly racialized way.

Calling a U.S. congressman a terrorist is a racist move. Maybe they think it’s not but oy.

Yeah, yeah Castro but how ’bout Uncle Sam and Xi and the prick who runs Saudi Arabia??? #hypocrisy #dictators

From Yahoo News:


This seems way more problematic than a couple of kind words about Castro’s healthcare and literacy accomplishments.

The United States supports and has supported dictators all over the world for well over a century, the hypocrisy here stinks like a clogged toilet.

Oh boy, Biden’s Iraq incompetence on display again!

From Yahoo News:


Yikes, this man does not have the judgment to be President.

The idea that Biden believes that starting a war can bring you a Nobel Peace Prize is misguided and disgusting.

As disgusting as Obama having a Nobel Peace Prize even after his secret drone war.  Blech.

The American just war myth

The folks who fight deserve respect.

The military establishment, the Pentagon, the military industrial complex — those are not positive institutions in our society and I have no respect for what they do.

The politicians who get us into those wars so as to consolidate their political power and shove money through the war machine, they can go fuck themselves.

The wisdom and righteousness of both the Iraq war and the Afghan war are very debatable.  I find the case for these conflicts to be extremely thin.

More folks should be discussing the people who started these wars and prosecuted them without questioning the moral case for wars in the 21st century.