Up With People! Side 2 (MP3)


Side 2:

A New Tomorrow
The Ballad of Joan of Arc
The Spirit of the Green
Don’t Stand Still
What Color is God’s Skin?
The Happy Song
Freedom isn’t Free
Which Way America?


New Smash Hits “Today” Side 2 (MP3)

MundyMinstrelSingers_TodaySide 2:

Pick a Bale of Cotton
What We Learn in School
The Green Grass Grows All Around
When I First Came to this Land
The Fox
Little Bitty Baby


Larry McKee and the Shandonairs: Let’s Have A Ceili Side 2 (MP3)


Side 2:

Set Dance
Madam bonaparte

Set Dance
Hurry the Jug

Set Dance
Planxty Durey

Set Dance
King of the Fairies

Set Dance
Downfall of Paris

Set Dance
The Piper

Set Dance
The Orange Rogue

Set Dance
The Lodge Road



Sterling Pierce: Come and Go With Me Side 1 (MP3)


Side 1:

Come and Go With Me
Cherry Tree Carol
A Babe was Born
And A Child Shall Lead Them
A Man on a Donkey
Never Said a Mumblin’ Word
Dark-Eyed Daughter