Nobody will defend Ocasio Cortez against sexist attacks cuz she’s (gasp) socialist!

From Salon here:


I don’t see anyone from the centrist Democratic wing of the party calling out sexism the way they did to defend Hillary.  Cuz she’s socialist no?

Conservatives are attacking her as stupid, Kellyanne Conway who has called out sexist attacks on her Conway ass just said today Ocasio Cortez doesn’t seem to know anything.

All this shit is sexist, straight up, and nobody gives a shit because Ocasio Cortez is advocating economic policies that both parties hate.

The stench of hypocrisy here is quite strong.

Cuz all critiques of Israeli policy have been deemed anti-Semitic!

From the Daily Beast:


If all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic that means Palestinians are racist and that opens the door for Israel to dehumanize and oppress them because they’re awful racist human beings.

So these days it’s fashionable to mindlessly support anything Israel says and they have a huge self-interest in not recognizing the humanity of Palestinian people.

Ahem, is Elon Musk the only one who thinks he’s above the law?

From CNBC:


Here we have a situation where laughable double standards apply.

We’re looking at the possibility that our President conspired with a foreign power to influence an election and this financial reporter (who loves Trump!) is shitting on Musk for smoking weed on a podcast and for arguing with analysts on conference calls.

One of my main points against Obama’s Presidency is how he contorted the law and conducted a secret death robot war in many countries across the globe.  How can law allow a country to lob missiles at people whose names they don’t even know?  How is that not acting above the law?

I’m more than open to holding Musk accountable but there should be some perspective and some holding of others accountable as well.

Speaking of centrist Democrats pretending to give a shit!


Why are Sanders and Ocasio Cortez so hated by Wall Street and their donors?  Because they won’t take the money and play the game,

But here we have Corey Booker who is more than happy to take their money and then pretend to be a liberal Democrat.

These folks aren’t donating to Booker to make your life better.  Or mine.  They’re funding him to protect themselves and improve their own lives.

It’s as simple as that and Booker can tiptoe around that logic all he wants but it’s true.

Ah, the piquant stench of condescension and arrogance in the morning!

From the Twatter:


This from a man who thought it was a good idea to work for President Cheese Doodle who is a financial criminal, a sexual predator, and an all around piece of trash.

I guess you’re defined by those you hang out with!

Fuck this dude bigly talking down to non-white women who just won elections.  It’s called democracy you motherfucker.