This is why the NY Times blows dogs — the head of Saudi Arabia is an ill bitch f*ckface

From the New York Times:

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is attempting to transform his country. The West shouldn’t undermine him.

Mohammed bin Salman is a fucking war criminal for what he has done in Yemen and he’s a piece of shit in his own country.

Fuck him and the Rolls Royce he rode in on.


One of America’s most powerful Christians is a hypocritical bullshit artist

From the Daily Beast here:

Recently, some of Vice President Mike Pence’s essays from the 1990s resurfaced, in which he made the case for a moral president and suggested that a lascivious president with a penchant for lying should resign or be impeached.

Oh my, let’s just let that smelly Pence fart sit out there and stink with the rank and rotten hypocrisy it’s loaded with.


Oy, the irony of racist bald shitbird Stephen Miller being an immigrant Jew!

From Politico here.

You have to go read the article as I can’t find a good excerpt that explains the gist of the story.

I will summarize — the little shriveled up punk ass cunt Stephen Miller is an Eastern European Jew!  A self hating Jew and an immigrant hater.  Twisting the racist fears and bullshit of Americans for political gain.

Hopefully he dies soon and when he does I think he’ll be on one side of Satan with Trump and then Bush/Cheney will be on the other side of Satan.  They will play cards for eternity but it’s gonna be hot.

Somebody tell the Proud Boys that the puppet master is a self hating Jew!

You can’t make this shit up.  Big shout to my friend Daniel for sending me this link, what a glorious way to start the week.

Why would any NFL players listen to racist President DickNut???

Headline from the Guardian:

Omarosa says Trump is a racist who uses N-word – and claims there’s tape to prove it

Seems like an unlikely outcome that black (and some white) NFL players would listen to Trump and team owners.

This strengthens the grounds for protest by black folks that America has plenty of racists, all the way up to the President himself.

Ironically closeted gay VP Pence will allow no gays in space!

From the Daily Beast here:

Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday announced plans to establish a “Space Force” by 2020, which would be the sixth branch of the military and the first new defense branch since the Air Force was created in 1947.

Breeders only, I’m betting!

You can’t make these conspiracy assholes look like victims!

From the Verge:

“When I have to seek out and search for the information and views I want to hear rather than them be available to me from any and all platforms, I know who’s side is corrupt and treasonous,” said one review. “I was 50/50 on the fence about Alax Jones, but now that they have taken away my rights I’m 100% sure infowars has been truth all along.”

See what happens?

He’s going to use this removal to consolidate his power over his listeners by saying ‘look, I told you they’re assholes, they’re taking away your rights.’

I’m all for fucking with this guy, he’s a piece of shit but not this way.  Labelling his podcast as entertainment, suing him in court for libel, that sort of shit will work and show his listeners that he’s no freedom fighter, he’s a bullshit artist.