Bill Barr, Satan’s teddy bear friend!

From the interwebz:


This dude plays Mickey the Dunce like Picasso.  He’s just doin’ his job, which apparently is to undermine democracy at the highest levels.

I hope history takes a shit on this asshole.

And another reminder that Bill Barr was confirmed with the help of Democrats in the Senate.

You just grab a cruel bullshit idea and you ride it and ride it and ride it!

From Business Insider:


And what if it is true and some folks can make more on unemployment than working??  Well billionaires have done very well during this crisis so why shouldn’t others?

It’s some old ass Puritan idea from a bunch of former slaveholders to shame and jawbone ordinary people to work work work work whether it’s safe, whether it’s profitable, and anything that stands in the way of that must be destroyed!

Fuck Mitch McConnell.

Vampires aren’t known for their sincerity, they’re predators. #Bezos

From Yahoo News:


If people want to see the personality (or lack thereof) of Bezos and his team of ‘customer focused’ PR obsessed bullshit artists, feel free to check out the PBS Frontline documentary from earlier this year.

It is clear that Jeff Bezos is not a very evolved human being and that’s scary as he’s a great business man and very powerful.  He’s clearly not a solid human specimen.