File this under stupid shit that super rich white douchebags do

Headline from CNBC:

Jeff Bezos just revealed video of the massive 10,000 year clock being built inside a West Texas mountain

Who gives a shit?



Quote of the day!

From a teacher/survivor of last week’s Florida shooting here:

“And it’s one of those things that, as a lifelong gun owner and a hunter, I’m not saying we should stop the Second Amendment. I’m not saying we should take guns away from people. I say, there’s no point to somebody having an AR-15. And if somebody wants to argue with me on that, that’s cool. If you want an AR-15, we’ll go to the range, I get to shoot at you, I get to graze you with a bullet, I get to catch you with fragments like I did, and then after that if you still want to buy said weapon, cool. Then I’m going to have you talk to a psychologist.”

Sen. Tom Cotton gets his tough guy kneepads out for El Jefe Trumpo!

From CNBC here:

A measure drafted by GOP senators including Cotton aims to mirror Trump’s immigration proposal, which calls for restrictions on legal immigration that Democrats consider unacceptable.

“The president’s framework bill is not an opening bid for negotiations. It’s a best and final offer,” Cotton told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday morning.

I don’t know how a grown man can blow a foul demon like Trump and still sleep at night but it looks like Mr. Cotton is ready to get a shovel out and go build that fucking wall himself.

Or round up some brown people to do it, you know that’s the Republican dream!

The reason Democrats are so fucked on this issue is that they are afraid to piss of racist Democratic voters that dislike Mexicans and immigrants only slightly less than Republicans.

Fuck racist people whether they’re Democratic or Republican voters.

Why Obamacare and for profit healthcare is a bullshit dream!

From Naked Capitalism here:

CNN managed to get the attention of California’s insurance regulator Dave Jones over a bombshell admission in a suit against Aetna over the denial of care.1 From a videotaped deposition, as summarized in MedCity News Aetna’s former medical director Dr. Jay Ken Iinuma, whose job was to review whether to authorize payments:

He went on to admit he never looked at patients’ records at Aetna and instead relied on information provided by a nurse. Most of his work, he said, was found online. During any given month, Iinuma said he’d call a nurse “zero to one” times to gather more data.

A for profit healthcare provider is motivated by their own financial plans and goals first and patient care after that.

Who finds it shocking that an insurance company doctor isn’t even looking at patient records?  I find this to be completely in line with my experience in the American healthcare system and society.

Jesus Democrats, just get on with folding like napkins

From NBC News here:

Democrats debate: Get personal with Trump or take the high road

C’mon, don’t pretend like your some sort of opposition party, just throw your cards in and whine.

And then get elected back into power and enact Republican policies.  That’s the cycle, don’t pretend otherwise.

VP Jesus Pence tries to pick up a gay Olympian — reveals his gayness publicly! Good for him!

From the Daily Beast here:

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday sent a message of support to an openly gay American figure skater who’d reportedly turned down an invitation to meet with him at the Winter Games over his stance on gay rights. Tweeting directly to Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, Pence offered a personal note of encouragement for the Games. “I want you to know we are FOR YOU. Don’t let fake news distract you. I am proud of you and ALL OF OUR GREAT athletes and my only hope for you and all of #TeamUSA is to bring home the gold,” he wrote.

FOR YOU in capital letters?

He’s totally hot for that guy.  It’s okay Mr. Pence, just come out and be yourself.  You know you want Trump’s hair whipping around your body as you guys get all hot gay sex in the Oval Office.