Is it possible to call out anti-Palestinian racism or is there a double standard?

From the Daily Beast:


This seems way more harmful than the ‘all about the benjamins’ comment made last week.

People with no healthcare, electricity, and clean water and the responsibility for this lies greatly with Israel and the United States.

And this looks like anti-Palestinian political racism where these human beings are portrayed as hateful animals so as to justify this treatment.

Pence may be homophobic but he never misses a chance to blow Trump!

From the Guardian here:




Nevermind the gay conversion therapy Pence is a fan of.  I think ol’ Mikey needs a little reality conversion, he’s drifting into outer space with his adoration of President Cheese Doodle.

Fake it ’til you make it!

Wondering if Cuomo is enjoying the shit sandwich he was just served by NYC progressives?

From the Guardian in the fall of 2018:


I would call the cockblocking of Cuomo’s Amazon dream to be more than a ripple.

I’m thinking he’s thinking it’s more than a ripple.

Maybe he shoulda shut his fucking mouth for once.

I hope he’s enjoying what he just got served.

Delusional attention whore Ann Coulter!

From the Daily Beast:


If she wants this wall so badly she should hike her ass over to the Home Depot and start buying bags of concrete, rebar, and 4X4 posts.  Get in that there pickup truck, put down yer twitter device, and fucking put your muscle where your god damned mouth is.

I think she’s under the mistaken impression that people give a flying fuck what she thinks about anything, never mind the wall which has to be one of the dumbest fights in American political history.