Portrait of a power hungry motherfucker. #Stefanik

From the Bulwark:

Now for those people who think women are naturally less corrupt and made of sterner moral stuff than men, behold Elise Stefanik from upstate New York.

As trashy as any male Trumper, she is buying into a series of bullshit Republican assertions purely for her own gain within the party.

No principles, no higher level of thinking, just power.

Ah, have some word salad with your bullshit.

From Business Insider:

I guess JP Morgan’s CEO feels that young people and hustlers should be able to steal and rob people face to face and not remotely.

More importantly what a fucking crock of shit, these ruling class prognostications make no sense but because the head of JP Morgan makes the statement you better shit yer pants cuz he’s on fucking fleek.

Police antagonism is underdiscussed and it fucking happens.

From the Guardian:

The police do this for many reasons. One, they’re into it, they love fucking up brown people and fighting. Two, politically the issue moves away from the killing of a black person to the behavior of the other black people protesting.

Total distraction away from their shitty performance as police officers.

There are other reasons but really aren’t these two enough?