You have to be special and not progressive to make it into the NY Times!

From the Politico and the New York Times:



As I understand it this was the largest rally thus far in the Democratic campaign for President and the New York Times asks will it matter?

Passive aggressive asshole-ry springs to mind.  I thought it was the job of the Times to write about the news and not take barely concealed jabs at a candidate.

I guess they, like the rest of the centrist Democratic machinery, is still pissed about their shitty 2016 candidate, Hillary Clinton.

And let’s not forget the NY Times vocal support of the Iraq War.  So fuck them.

Tim Cook, the quiet fascist….

From the Guardian:


The logic of capitalism says that Tim Cook will make significantly more money bowing to the Chinese government than he will defying them and supporting people protesting for their freedom in Hong Kong.

And that’s what makes Cook a quiet fascist — fuck freedom, let’s make money.

If Americans had a third of the balls of Hong Kong protesters, USA would be a much better place. #GoHongKong #DeathtoWinniethePooh

From CBS News:


Folks should acknowledge the deflating effect of legalized weed and the power of Instagram to keep Americans uninvolved and in front of a screen.

This is not a lecture or a downward looking statement.  People have the power to demand better but it ain’t gonna happen if everybody’s blunted.