What fresh Hell would Zuck create after stepping down as head shithead at Facebook?

From the interwebz:

As we just learned when the Bald Vampire stepped down from Amazon he just went on to be a douche somewhere else so there’s no net reduction in fuckery from these gigantic pieces of shit.

I’ve read that Zuckerberg wants to run these here United States of Amerka — I don’t know how the Trumpy white nationalist crowd would feel about a Jew as the Big Kahuna but you never know, they’re not known for being very bright.

The sad part is how young Zuckerberg is — he looks set to be a millstone around the neck of America for decades to come. Unless we get lucky with an earthquake or a plane crash.

After decades of pissing on the masses Biden pretends like he doesn’t believe in ‘trickle down’ economics!

From Business Insider:

Looks like Biden might get an Oscar this year for best actor in a society that’s rapidly turning to shit.

Here we have a politician who has spent the vast majority of his career making the lives or ordinary Americans more difficult.

And no he’s tired of it?

I don’t buy this.

It’s hard to have any civility whatsoever for waste of sperm Elise Stefanik.

From the Twatter:

Regular readers know of my complete disdain for Nancy Pelosi and she can blamed for various things going on in our society.

But to blame the January 6th riot on Nancy Pelosi is just fucked in the head. The whole thing was organized by the Orange Chaos Pig and his minions.

Roger Stone, Oath Keepers, that prick in the Proud Boys, yadda yadda yadda.

This is some second grade shit for sure.

Winnie the Pooh is not our friend!

From Yahoo News:

I have nothing against normal Chinese people, here, there in China or anywhere in the world but the idea that the people who run China are any better than the pieces of shit that run this country is absurd.

And I have sympathy for normal Chinese folks because Winnie the Pooh will disappear your ass, or he will sterilize you, or he will kill you if he thinks he has to.

God forbid you have a relationship with your workers and earn loyalty and productivity!

From Vice:

I’d like some more details on what algorithmically managing workers’ bodies involves but if the fucking Bald Vampire is involved it’s probably not a particularly humane idea.

Let me reiterate that Bezos is fucking trash, rich fucking trash.

Tim Cook’s golden privacy reputation takes a shot in the nuts!!

From Business Insider:

Remember all you normal people out there that powerful people make mistakes and powerful companies make mistakes. This is a huge mistake by Apple, people might have died because of this shitty hole in the security of their iMessage software.

He’s been spending years telling us all how committed he is to our privacy.

Thanks dude.

Obama bigly wrong — we don’t need smarter folks we need better fighters.

From the Twatter:

Republicans win a greater percentage of the time because they fight better and they’re tougher.

Their ideas are complete shit and they are the most superficial collection of thinkers you could possibly find but they fight hard.

Obama was absolutely not a fighter.