If President Skidmark can threaten violence….

From the Guardian here:

Donald Trump has praised Greg Gianforte, the Congress member from Montana, for violently attacking a Guardian reporter, saying that someone who performs a body slam is “my guy”.

The police can’t speak publicly like this.

Why does this asshole get to roll like this?



Before Head Saudi butchered opponent Kashoggi he toured corporate America!

From the Independent here:

Other notable meets outside of politics include Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Tim Cook of Apple and the CEOs of Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Uber, the Walt Disney Company and Lockheed Martin.

Of course, these American corporate giants care if this guy beheads his opponents in that it makes them look bad.

They don’t care if he kills hundreds of thousands of Yemenis in Yemen via starvation, bombing and targeted assassinations.  They care, only briefly, if it makes them look bad.

Otherwise, they want to get down with this prick and sell him all the shit they have to sell.  He even became an Amazon Prime customer!  And he got a new iPad when he swung through Cupertino!

9-year old African American kid more mature than hysterical adult cracker

From here:

Nine-year-old Jeremiah Harvey, the black boy who was falsely accused of groping a white woman in a New York City bodega after he accidentally hit the woman’s backside with a bag last week, said he did not forgive his accuser after she apologized. “I don’t forgive this woman, and she needs help,” Harvey told local news station WABC.

I say this as a white person, not a white person that is particularly excited by the history of American white people:

Don’t white people have anything better to do than fuck with black people of all ages, genders and in just about any situation you can think of?

This is just one in a long string of dumbass behavior by fucked in the head white people.

I’m glad Mr. Jeremiah Harvey didn’t forgive his accuser and he’s right, she needs help.  She needs to get a fucking life and she needs some counseling so she stops fucking with black people.

If you want to compare Kashoggi to Kavanaugh!

Headline from the Guardian:

Erdoğan: toxic materials and evidence of repainting found in Saudi consulate

Just as all signs point to the Saudis killing Kashoggi in their embassy in Turkey, all signs point to Kavanaugh being a sexual predator, and alcoholic, and a fucking liar.

So President FuckFace can blow whatever fudge bubbles he wants but he shouldn’t be comparing these two situations if he thought before he toilet tweeted.

Oh boy, I’m sure Cohen is sifting through his data discs and hard drives to bigly screw Trump

From the Guardian here:

Cohen pleaded guilty in August to campaign finance charges which alleged he coordinated with Trump to buy the silence of an adult film star and a Playboy model who allege affairs that Trump denies.

On Tuesday, he said that claim was “totally false”. He also dismissed Cohen – who worked for him for years as a personal attorney and who once said he would “take a bullet” for his boss – as “a PR person who did small legal work”.

Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump and see how Trump diminishes him because he can’t fucking do anything except tear people down.

I’m sure Cohen is motivated to take down Trump and I hope he has the hard drives and the data discs to get President PumpkinHead into an orange jumpsuit.

Lil’ Predator Kavanaugh groomed by his corporate daddy!

From here:

Ed Kavanaugh once hired John Roberts, now the Chief Justice, to fight regulations on the industry that Ed represented for most of his adult life — an industry that made him wealthy, and a fixture on Washington’s social scene as a member of the exclusive Congressional and Burning Tree country clubs, where he helped his son Brett connect with rich and powerful patrons who helped him reach the top.

Isn’t it fantastic that the Kavanaugh connection to Justice Roberts went unannounced during the confirmation?  Sure does make it seem like the whole machine is well in motion by the time the justice is named and confirmed.  It also seems more than a bit incestuous.

Secondly, this explains Kavanaugh’s epic whiny baby testimony before the nation.  He’s always gotten what he’s wanted and his daddy has set it up for him that way.

So now Kavanaugh can turn around and give all his corporate friends what they want.  I guess that’s what the ruling class is all about.

In conclusion, Lindsey Graham can fuck himself.

Everything solved with a Hollywood type conspiracy-plot!

Headline from CBS News:

Trump suggests “rogue killers” could be behind journalist’s disappearance

For a dude who supposedly hates the deep state President SkidMark sure does dabble in the Mission Impossible nonsense.

He did the same with the mysterious, not Brett Kavanaugh attacker that assaulted Christine Blasey Ford.

If we’re getting all deep state and shit, maybe Trump is a Russian stooge that has been funded and run by Putin.

You know, the Rogue Pumpkin.

Or the Manchurian Shithead.

Or the Hooker Pissing President.