Honorable Mention of 2013 Pick 7

Isaiah Toothtaker: Illuminati Thug Mafia.   I don’t usually enjoy the thug hop, but this is bouncy ass gangsta hip hop.  Both beats and rhymes designed to raise blood pressure.  The track below, Get Housed Home, is catchy as fuck.  I didn’t dig the rest of the record quite as much, but this track is hot.  Check it out.

All Pigs Must Die: Sancrosanct (Single)

I don’t know about you but I certainly enjoy a nice, sonic brain scrape especially during the holidays.

I found this record on CFUV’s weekly chart email, and I checked it out as they’re on Southern Lord and I dig the band Earth which is on that label as well.

Not the most brutal meltdown ever, but it straddles a nice line between that disciplined metal playing and bludgeoning the listener.

I would give the drummer a A- and drums are very important in metal.  The guitar player is solid — not too many pyrotechnics, nothing too memorable.  And really how do you rate a metal singer?  How fast they can rip their vocal cords?  Needless to say the singer in this band shares his bad feelings in a straightforward primal scream manner.  There’s also a decent bass solo in this tune, which is an anomaly to the usual thumping.

Check it out.

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John Vanderslice: Sea Salt (Single)

Mr. Vanderslice is an accomplished recording engineer.  I’ve seen articles about him and his San Francisco studio.  I dig the way his records sound — he really gets some great tones and creates a very intimate sound.

His arrangements are very complex, sometimes to the point where the arrangement overcomes the song.

This tune, Sea Salt, does not lose its focus as a song.  It’s very engaging, and the sort of demented one off piano notes/broken melody is really creative.  The whole tune moves and changes without feeling like too much.  It stood above the other tunes on the record, and any song that starts with the line ‘Sun shines on the Gaza strip’ gets respect for boldness.

Here’s some music I put out:

Two tunes I really liked this week

Tyler Ramsey:  The Valley Wind.  Title track off album of the same name on the Fat Possum label.  Beautiful voice, a little Neil Young a little shimmer-y downtempo, beautiful shit.

Matthew Sweet: Oh, Oldendaze!  Channels 1970’s Big Star at a slightly slower tempo.  I’m not a huge Matthew Sweet fan, but this tune really caught me ear.  Good tones on the instruments, a really strong musical vibe to the tune.

Remember, this is not the most adventurous music ever.  The point is to find high quality music and get the word out to whoever may be out there.


Grouplove: Naked Kids (Single)

Go into the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself (regardless of gender):

Am I a freak of a cubicle dweller?

Don’t lie to yourself and pretend to be a freak when you’re really not — us true freaks can see you poser freaks coming from miles away.

If you’re an honest cubicle dweller, and you like a happy tune, something to lift the cares off your cubicle world shoulders go buy this song because that’s what it does.  It’s a song about going to the beach and skinny dipping and hanging out with your friends during the summer, etc.  Musically it references the Beach Boys with some layered vocal harmonies and a general shininess, but it’s not a clone song.

If you’re a freak, and a music freak to boot, you try to help the cubicle people out even though I think you should think about getting up and walking out of your cubicle and not coming back to it.

Das Racist: Relax (Single)

Solid beat, a little dancehall reference with some percussion over it.
Good flow on the mic — solid rappin.

Then I hear the lines:

These days I’m mostly focused on my bank account
I ain’t backin’ out until I own a bank to brag about

Then I hit the stop button — I don’t feel Das Racist no more.
If I want to hear about business, I’ll read fucking Bloomberg or Reuters.

Man, why don’t you write a tune called:

‘I’m Bullish on gold, and I’m a buyer below $1800 an ounce.’

When I listen to music, I’d like to hear about an idea or a concept.
Man, this corporate mentality has sunk real deep — too deep if you ask me.